when do sam and dean find their dad in season 1

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Wincest is the term used to refer to slash pairing between the Winchesters.

The next time when Ellen wants to go to look for Jo. Dean doesn't like the idea, but Sam promises Crowley will get what's coming to him.

In The Man Who Would Be King, they argue over Castiel's loyalty and soon learn that he was the reason came back soulless since he brought Sam back from the cage. This confusion deepens further when Sam appears to let Dean get turned into a Vampire. Sam, who has fallen in love with her, is devastated but he kills her anyway. Dean feels sorry for his brother and tries to make it up to him by stealing presents from other houses.

John Eric Winchester is a fictional character on The CW's series Supernatural, and the protagonist of the comic book spin-off series Supernatural: Origins. Dean wants Sam to stay behind, but Sam refuses.

When Sam finally catches him, Sam begs the Trickster to bring Dean back.

As of Damaged Goods, Sam worries over Dean now that he knows Michael is within his mind and notices something up with him when given a hug. Both Sam and Dean have shot and stabbed Castiel at one point. The Dean with no memory of hunting displays even more unusual behavior, being jolly, playful and cartoon-loving. Dean took control of his body when Alternate Michael with help from Castiel and Sam. Sam on the other hand, wants Lilith to come so he can kill her. After Castiel returns to them after a long time and unexplained absence, Dean is the one furious while Sam is grateful to have Castiel back. The two initially thought of allying with the deities to stop Lucifer, though Dean learns from Gabriel that they stand no chance. Before leaving, Sam and Dean get into an argument and Dean points out how the bad things out there know how they sacrifice themselves for each other. This is proved false shortly after, when Sam goes after some demons the brothers encountered. Later on, Sam walks in on Dean talking to Bobby and stating the fact that Sam started the apocalypse. After procuring Kaia, Sam noticed some of Dean's ways such as threatening the girl and risking the extinction of angels as his brother reminds him of their purpose.

Sometime later, Sam gets a vision about their old home, and Dean gets upset with the idea of going back there. Thus he returns to the Bunker, but does not find Sam.

Sam tells his mother that's something Dean never does and soon deduces Dean's moves.

There is a string of weird murders in the building, and Sam and Dean team up to solve it. When a witch curses Dean to slowly lose his memory, Sam goes to Rowena for help. With Dean on the scene, he suggests they go to pick up supplies where Dean surprises Sam with his knowledge of baby stuff. The brothers put their disagreements behind them when Zachariah finds and chases them. Sam eventually forms a relationship with Madison, the victim Nate Mulligan's secretary, while he watches over her in her apartment, believing that she is in immediate danger of a werewolf attack. He expresses this when he and Sam are on a hunt for Dragons in Like A Virgin. In Tall Tales, Sam and Dean get into their first (on screen) fight. Although initially confused by this ominous warning, Dean discovers Sam using his powers, and realizes Sam has been lying to him all along. Although at times Sam is able to beat Dean, it was only due to Dean's feelings and Dean has overpowered his brother always when they fought with him at full focus.

Michael's true vessel. In The Song Remains the Same, after Cass tells them that Anna plans to kill Sam, Dean is outraged while trying to dissuade Sam from considering it. Then it gets switched when Castiel destroys Sam's wall inside his head (The Man Who Knew Too Much). There they meet Crowley who claims to be the one who brought Sam back, and forces the boys to work for him. Everything changes when Dean finds out that Sam has been drinking demon blood, Dean locks Sam away so he can detox. Because I have to." When he's about to stab the little girl, Dean stops him.

They get into the house and Sam heads upstairs. When Dean tells Sam this, Sam believes him over "Dad". Dean is surprised to see Sam again and gives Sam a big hug. Dean was tasked as Sam's protector and, as a result, views himself as such.

The Alternate Dean and Sam are still hunters who made a business of it but were spoiled by their father.

The brothers then asked the Avila siblings for the seal and returned to the bunker with the Seal of Solomon, they joked about Dean's experience before noting that the last ingredient is grace of an Archangel which soon comes as Arthur reveals a battered and still living Gabriel in his possession and are at loss as they believed him dead but Arthur says that wasn't the case. Despite knowing Sam is captured, Dean manages to keep his cool and figures out it's the Horsemen War doing this. When season nine begins, Sam is on death’s door. After Crowley reveals he can't get Sam's soul and is "killed" by Castiel, Sam tells Dean he doesn't want his soul back. Just as Dean is about to kill Sam, Bobby comes in and saves them. Lilith tries to kill him too, but her power doesn't work on Sam and she runs, leaving Sam with Dean's broken body. John was born in 1954, presumably in Normal, Illinois, as this is where we see John Winchester when he was younger at the start of As Time Goes By.

Later in the episode Dean saves Sam from the Wraith, and the go back to normal. Let's take a howl at that moon. After Michael renders their mother unconscious, Dean demands for Michael to heal Sam but the latter says they need to have a long awaited talk.

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