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This includes well casing and cementing, completions and work-overs, reservoir pressure tests and fluid analysis. 2) Non Special Sour Wells where 1 year has elapsed since the date of the last activity. We look forward to receiving your comments via the Website Feedback button to the right below. The Groundwater Protection Regulation (GWPR) protects groundwater quality and quantity by setting strict standards for the construction and maintenance of wells, establishing qualifications for well drillers and well pump installers, and requiring that most wells be constructed by qualified well drillers who are registered with the province. Get Adobe Reader. Locations of sump sites used for drilling waste disposal.

Search the databases for detailed information about authorized water use in B.C. for the selected dates. 1) Special Sour Wells where 6 months has elapsed since the date of the last activity. Drilling data for all wells in BC. This includes well casing and cementing, completions and work-overs, reservoir pressure tests and fluid analysis.

Consult with Land Owners & Rights Holders, Engagement & Consultation with Indigenous Communities, Natural Resource Aboriginal Liaison Program, Environmental Information Management System (EIMS), Application Management System (AMS) Guidance, Permit Operations and Administration Manual, Application Management System: Aug. 17, 2020. If you still need more assistance, Contact FrontCounterBC. This report shows the number of wells drilled by status in B.C.

Approved short-term water use approvals receive an authorization under Section 10 of the Water Sustainability Act. Each Thursday from 5:00pm – 6:00pm PDT we will be performing website maintenance and updates. Reserves data for all oil and gas pools in BC. Land authorizations representing the right of way for pipeline activities. Washtington Well Report (or Well Log) Viewer.

A Well Report describes the location, ownership, construction details and lithology of a completed well. Pipeline centre-lines associated with oil and gas pipeline activity and falling within the area representing the pipeline right of way.

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Monthly drilling statistics provided in two formats. This dataset contains polygon features for proposed applications collected through the BC Oil and Gas Commission's Application Management System (AMS). This dataset contains point features collected on or after July 11, 2016 for approved facility locations, This report summarizes the FN Consultation Summary for applications in progress.

Legacy Well Lookup & Data Downloads web application provides access to legacy pre-formatted reports, raw data, and well information query tools. This dataset contains spatial data collected on or after October 30, 2006. Submitting Well Records to BC Wells Database Is my well registered? Schedule 2 forms can be downloaded from the Ministry of Environment Ground Water website. Try your search again using a different set of criteria. BC Oil and Gas Commission © 2011-2020 Province of British Columbia. List of authorized wells by permit number, WA number, location, operator and an approval date filter. Production data for all wells in BC. Please choose your preferred download format. The Waste Disposal application requires that each company maintain an inventory of sump/pit data. A pit is an earthen excavation for purposes of containing drilling waste. The spatial data includes polygon data for approved and post-construction pipeline rights of way collected on or after October 30, 2006. Authorized wells by surface location including mode codes, operations types, and flow rates. Ground Water Data Specialist in the Ministry of Environment, at (250) 953-3408 or GroundWater@gov.bc.ca. Inactive wells are defined as follows: This report identifies wells that will become inactive in the next 6 months if no activity is recorded. Check to see if your well is already in the BC Groundwater Wells and Aquifers Database. As we continue monitoring coronavirus (COVID-19), we want you to have the digital tools and resources you need. PST. May 28, 2020 5:00p.m. Credentials to logon are required to view this report. 2) Non Special Sour Wells where 1 year has elapsed since the date of the last activity.

Report showing all active oil and gas operators in BC. Send us a message. Other types of works that comprise changes in and about a stream include stream diversion, stream bank erosion protection and/or stabilization, debris removal, beaver dam management, etc. The BC Oil & Gas Commission offers access to a variety of online reports. Point features for facility loations submitted to the OGC prior to July 11, 2016. All active facilities by permit number, operator, and facility number, Facilities by the facility status, including permit number, facility ID, operator and other facility details, Well publications posted on the FTP website by Records, Summarizes dormancy status at a well and site level as per the Dormancy Regulation, Provides a summary of production products from BC wells with an option to filter for time period, area and/or formation, This report identifies wells with a current status of Abandoned and Casing has been Cut Off, This report identifies drilling kicks and blowouts reported to the OGC. Please choose your preferred download format.

1) Special Sour Wells where 6 months has elapsed since the date of the last activity. Point locations for approved activities for changes in and around a stream. This report identifies Notices of Operation reported to the OGC. Well Lookup and Reports [BCOGC-40527] ... Drilling data for all wells in BC. Please choose your preferred download format. Provides non-confidential information about the surface location of a well. Water management basins define locations of water withdrawal when applying for a basin Section 8 application. A sump is a grouping of one or more pits found at a geographic location.

Common changes in and about a stream activities include the construction, maintenance and removal of watercourse crossings and crossing structures.

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