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The interviewing committee will delay such reference check ...

Steps to become a Foreign Service officer with USAID: 1. The interviewing committee ... Some of the questions asked when checking references are factual, centering around job title, salary, employment dates, etc. If an offeror does not wish for the current employer to be contacted as a reference check, this should be stated in the AID 309-2 form. If a candidate does not wish for the current employer to be contacted as a reference check, this should be stated in the AID 309-2 form. 4. made only for top-ranked applicants. Please check the website often to ensure that you are using the most up-to-date forms. The interviewing committee will ... Technical Selection Panel (TSP) interviews candidates. The ... about his/her past performance and abilities. Make a general inquiry or suggest an improvement. the manager will receive an email notifying them the report is available to generate ...

Help you assess the candidate’s potential for success in the po…

Performance indicators can help to track the progress of a project and measure actual results against expected results.

Direct Hire from Overseas Mission), AID 451-3 (Employee Exit Clearance: USAID Personal Service Contractor Departure from Washington), AID 451-4 (Employee Exit Clearance: USAID Personal Service Contractor Departure from Overseas Mission), AID 456-1 (On-the-Spot/Special Act (OTS/SA) Program), AID 460-7a (IDI Performance Evaluation Report for AID/W Training), AID 461-2 (AEF Foreign Service Employee Statement), AID 461-3 (Foreign Service Skills Assessment Worksheet), AID 461-4 (Foreign Service Quarterly Conversation Record (QCR) for Employees and Supervisors) [New], AID 461-5 (Foreign Service Annual Accomplishment Record), AID 461-6 (AEF Senior Foreign Service Instructions), AID 462-2 (AEF Civil Service Feedback Worksheet), AID 462-3 (AEF Civil Service Employee Statement), AID 462-4 (Appraisal Input Form for Non-Supervisory staff - Civil Service), AID 462-5 (Appraisal Input Form for Supervisory staff - Civil Service), AID 463-1 (Authorization for Release of Information Under the Privacy Act), AID 463-3 (Senior Foreign Service Promotion Application), AID 463-4 (Foreign Service Promotion Input Form (PIF)), AID 463-4a (Supplemental Instructions for Signing the Employee Promotion Input Form (PIF)), AID 463-5 (Operating Unit Context Statement), AID 463-6 (Foreign Service Promotion Waiver Request), AID 467-1 (Retention Allowance Recommendation and Allowance Approval Form), AID 467-2 (Recruitment/Relocation Incentive Approval Form), AID 467-3 (Recruitment Incentive Service Agreement), AID 467-4 (Relocation Incentive Service Agreement), AID 467-5 (Superior Qualifications and/or Special Needs Appointment Approval Form), AID 467-6 (Service Agreement for Payment of Travel and Transportation Expenses), AID 467-7 (Retention Incentive Service Agreement), AID 476-1 (Checklist for Employees called to Active Duty), AID 476-2 (Checklist for Employees Returning from Active Duty), AID 476-3 (Federal Employees' Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) Program Election Form: Extension of Coverage When Called to Active Duty), AID-481-1 (Family and Medical Leave Application Request), AID 481-2 (Paid Parental Leave (PPL) Request Form), AID 481-3 (Paid Parental Leave Work Agreement), AID 494-1 (Annuity Calculation Request Form), AID 495-1 (Foreign Service National Senior Advisory Corps Application Form), AID 5-7 (Supplies Equipment Services Requisition), AID 5-8 (Request and Authorization for Official Travel), AID 5-18 (Printing or Distribution Request), AID 5-52 (Express Mail and Courier Services Request, AID 5-236 (Unsatisfactory Equipment Report), AID 5-255 (Authorized Diplomatic or Official Passport Request), AID 500-3 (Security Investigation and Clearance Record), AID 500-8 (Agency Security Classification Management Program Data Reporting Sheet), AID 502-1 (Information Systems Inventory), AID 502-2 (USAID Records Management Exit Checklist for Employees), AID 502-3 (USAID Records Management Exit Checklist for Senior Officials), AID 506-1 (Request for Approval Under the "Generic Clearance for the Collection of Routine Customer Feedback"), AID 507-1 (Certification of Identity Form), AID 507-2 (Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Action Form), AID 508-1 (Authority to Release Diversity Information), AID 512-1 (Request for Business Cards for Official Use), AID 514-2 (Motorcycle Parking Application), AID 514-3 (Disability Parking Application), AID 514-4 (USAID Executive or Unusual Hours Parking Application), AID 515-1 (Application for Transit Benefit / Bike Share Program), AID 515-2 (Transit Benefit/Third Party Pick-up), AID 517-7 (Authorization to Provide Government-Furnished Space for Non-Direct Hire Personnel in Washington), AID 520-2 (Records Inventory & Disposition/File Plan), AID 520-2A (Records Inventory & Disposition/File Plan Continuation Pages), AID 522-2 (Premium Class Air Travel (Business Class) Certification), AID 522-3 (Justification for use of Foreign-Flag Air Carrier or Vessel), AID 522-4 (Justification Certificate For Using A Non Contract Or Indirect Air Carrier), AID 522-6a (E2 Change Request For Creation Of New Office(s)), AID 522-7 (Request for Actual Lodging Subsistence Expense Before Travel Has Been Completed – (Washington Only)), AID 522-8 (Request For Actual Lodging Subsistence Expense After Travel Has Been Completed – (Washington Only)), AID 524-2 (Personnel Accountability Exercise), AID 529-1 (Notification of Potential Hazard), AID 529-3 (Health and Safety Self-Inspection Checklist for Office Space), AID 529-4 (Occupational Safety and Health Protection for Staff), AID 534-1mm (Personal Property Disposal Authorization and Report *Main Menu*), AID 534-1 (Personal Property Disposal Authorization and Report), AID 530-3 (Credit Card Purchases Transactions), AID 540-3 (Vehicle Dispatch Analysis Form Instructions), AID 545-5 (Sensitive Data Nondisclosure Agreement), AID 545-10 (OFDA.GOV Computer System Access Request), AID 547-1 (Business Waiver Request For Additional Government Furnished Equipment(GFE) Outside Standard Equipment Package), AID 549-1 (Long Distance Calling Card Request), AID 549-2 (Audio Conference Account Request), AID 552-1 (Classified Processing Compliance Review), AID 552-2 (Classified Information System User Agreement), AID 565-1 (Request for Federal Identification Card / Facility Access Card), AID 565-2 (Participating Agency Certification of Candidate's Security Clearance and Duration of Assignment), AID 566-6 (Certification of Security Clearance for USAID Employee), AID 568-2 (System Authorization Access Request (SAAR) - JWICS Account), AID 590-7 (Development Experience Clearinghouse (DEC) Submission Form), AID 6-1 (Request for Security Action Instructions), AID 6-85A (Foreign Activity Data - Continuation Page), AID 621-1 (Application for Advance of Allowances), AID 7-7 (Miscellaneous Obligations Document), AID 7-49 (Notice of Allowable Travel/Transit Time), AID 7-128 (Notice of Collection/Adjustment), AID 760-23 (Travel Schedule and Projected Leave Charges and Post Differential Payments), AID 760-42 (Application for Advance of Pay for Overseas Assignment), Modified Acquisition and Assistance Request Document (maard), DS-1474 Request for Diplomatic or Consular Title, DS-1620 Claim for Private Personal Property Against the United States, DS-1620A Claim Investigating Officer's Report, DS-1622 Medical History and Examination for Foreign Service (For Children 11 Years and Under), DS-1838 Request for Building Pass Identification Card, DS-1843 Medical History and Examination for Foreign Service, DS-1921 Award/Modification of Interagency Acquisition Agreement, DS-1992 Allotment of Pay/Prior Service Credit (Foreign Service Employees) Application and Authorization to Make, Change, or Discontinue, DS-3069 Authorization for Medical Examination, DS-6558 Reactive Airway Disease/Asthma Evaluation Form, DS-6561 Pre-assignment for Overseas Duty for Non-Foreign Service Personnel, NA-14097 (Technical Description for Transfer of Electronic Records to the National Archives), OF-126 (Foreign Service Residency and Dependent Report), OF-306 (Declaration for Federal Employment), OGE-278 (Public Financial Disclosure Report), OGE 278-T (Periodic Transaction Report - non-fillable PDF), OGE 278-T (Periodic Transaction Report - Excel), OGE-450 (Confidential Financial Disclosure Report), OMB 83-C (Inventory Correction Worksheet), OMB 83-E (Paperwork Reduction Act Emergency Extension), OMB 83-I (Paperwork Reduction Act Submission), OMB 83-R (Executive Order 12866 Submission), OMB 1890-0014 (Survey on Ensuring Equal Opportunity for Applicants), OPM-71 (Request for Leave or Approved Absence), OPM-630 (Application to Become a Leave Recipient Under the Voluntary Leave Transfer Program), OPM 630-B (Request to Donate Leave to Leave Recipient Under the Voluntary Leave Transfer Program), OPM 630-C (Transfer of Leave Records for Leave Recipient Covered by the Voluntary Leave Transfer Program), SF-1 (Printing and Binding Requisition) DOC Format, SF-1 (Printing and Binding Requisition) PDF Format, SF-8 (Unemployment Compensation for Federal Employees (UCFE) Program), SF-1034 (Public Voucher for Purchases and Services Other Than Personal), SF-1035 (Public Voucher for Purchases and Services other than Personal - Continuation Sheet), SF-1038 (Advance of Funds Application and Account), SF-115 (Request for Records Disposition Authority), SF 1164 (Claim for Reimbursement for Expenditures on Official Business), SF-1190 (Foreign Allowances Application, Grant and Report), SF-120 (Report of Excess Personal Property), SF-182 (Request, Authorization, and Certification of Training), SF-258 (Agreement to Transfer Records to the National Archives), SF-270 (Request for Advance or Reimbursement), SF-30 (Amendment of Solicitation/Modification of Contract), SF-312 (Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement), SF-326 (Semiannual Report of Payments Accepted from a Non-Federal Source), SF-425A (Federal Financial Report Attachment), WH-380-E (Certification of Health Care Provider for Employee's Serious Health Condition), WH-380-F (Certification of Health Care Provider for Family Member's Serious Health Condition).

Offer additional information on a candidate’s skills, performance, knowledge, and work history from a source other than the candidate themselves.

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