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your own Pins on Pinterest Clarke simply raised her eyebrows before saying, "Whether you need one or not, you're getting one. I am pleased to see that you and your people have made a home here and are safe. "She made her choice as well," Lexa just said, barely managing to keep her tone even, but Clarke could read the despair that continued to cling to her heart, the despair she'd felt three years ago when she'd believed her first love had died, and the same despair that had re-ignited the moment she learned of the other girl's part in everything that had happened. endobj "I'm okay.".

Summary: Clarke thinks she'll never be able to forgive Lexa for walking away at Mount Weather. ), and I have an answer for you: yes, "Unbroken" is in fact almost over, there's just a few chapters left. "But now you're awake, and I should go check on everyone else," she said, giving Clarke's hand another squeeze. I am fine, and those who thought to hurt me are gone." His eyes were on her mother, but the moment the bed was in his line of sight, Clarke watched as they shifted over to her, and saw his expression relax just slightly, something akin to relief flashing across his face. She listened, and the more she heard the harder her heart pounded in her chest. "I can't," she began, and then had to stop when she heard the obvious waver in her voice. She had so much more she wanted to say, so many words that were caught in her throat that needed desperately to find a way out, but at the moment her throat closed up, unable to get anything else out. Clarke thinks she'll never be able to forgive Lexa for walking away at Mount Weather. Lexa knows that the one she truly needs to forgive is herself. I did know better, and yet I allowed myself to... Nia only took you because she knew what you meant to me, everything that happened to you, I could have prevented. You can try to argue with me all you want, but we're still going with you." "I don't understand, Clarke; how did this happen?"

endobj Eyes flickering back to Callie, she nodded, not letting her surprise show as she replied, "It is good to see you as well, Callie. 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Now to what I need to actually talk about. "Do I have a choice?" She got to the end of her story, and then stood up, and the movement seemed to break whatever spell they'd been under, both girls looking towards her as she stood. She felt her mother's hand against her own, felt it shift slightly, and gave the hand a small squeeze. By: Animegrl123. If nothing else, Clexa are back together again and they love each other, so that's good! I would like to know everything that has happened that's got you to trust in the person who already proved she can't be trusted. 7 0 obj She saw fear and worry and absolute relief, all the same things that swirled inside her own gut, and she felt something settle inside her, some energy that seemed to have been buzzing around for days now finally calming down. "Our people gave him a second chance after he turned on us, and then he turned once again. A few people have recently been asking me if the story is almost over, saying that they hope it isn't (you guys are seriously the best, all of you, just the best! Other than Clarke, she did not know that she could trust any of those who would be accompanying them. But Clarke is shattered now, broken, possibly beyond repair. Her own grip on the other girl tightened, too afraid to let go, and she felt the fingers on her neck rub against her, the thumb running soothingly along the nape of her neck. Her fists clenched harder behind her back, trying to fight against the way her hands trembled, and her teeth ground together as she desperately tried to hold back the hurricane of emotions that spun around her gut. It Takes as Long as It Takes by OForion4 . Her hands were pulled behind her back, one hand gripping the opposite wrist. My people have long memories. << /Type /Page /Parent 3 0 R /Resources 6 0 R /Contents 4 0 R /MediaBox [0 0 595 842] "Okay," Clarke agreed immediately, her voice still soft, and Lexa felt the arm still wrapped around her tighten.

Clexa in another (Love) war by CLForever12345 . The sudden panic that gripped her must have been obvious, because the next moment her mother patted her shoulder comfortingly, even as she stood up. I'm going to try not to, but I might. ", Lexa simply nodded, not knowing really what to say to that, and then her attention flickered over to Nygel as the woman shifted, leaning lightly on the spear she carried with her now as she had while they had been traveling together. Clarke asked, a little surprised, and saw her mother just lift an eyebrow at her.

Without really meaning to, her face softened, eyes looking back up at the Commander as she asked, "But when are we gonna see you again, Heda? Lexa nodded, and then stepped back, and without another word she returned to her horse, hoisting herself up quickly. Maybe even then she'd known her heart belonged to Clarke and that no matter what happened, she'd never be able to tear herself away from the blonde. Clarke watched her ride off, a sinking feeling in her stomach. Your review has been posted. Lexa bristled at the look, wanting to wipe it off his face, but held herself back. Please consider turning it on! ", Abby studied her daughter's face, not understanding where this blind faith in the person who had already turned her back on them once was coming from. None of what happened was your fault. Turning her attention fully to the young girl in front of her, Lexa informed her as solemnly as she could manage, "It is my hope that I will see you again very soon, Reese. She used us, our relationship, as the excuse, but that's just what it was: an excuse. �� � � ! So please, let me go take care of her, and when I get back we'll talk. 5. They were only three little words, three little words that couldn't quite encompass everything the two truly felt for each other, but they were enough: as Clarke and Lexa held each other close, as they allowed the words and everything they meant to wash over them, they were enough, would always be enough. I won't say anything more until this story is done, but I just want you all to know that I have thoughts, and that I don't think you should be too concerned. See you soon, I hope.". So I will be getting back into happy Clexa family sometime soon, but it might not be immediately. She sighed again, and then stepped back, pulling Thom with her. "Come on," she simply said, starting the journey back, "Let's get back to camp.". Reese's brow pulled down into a scowl, about to argue, when she noticed Heda's eyebrows raise almost imperceptibly. ", "I'm glad you're safe too," Clarke murmured, and then pulled away slightly so that she could meet her mother's eyes again. "No," she said, cutting her off, "I mean it: none of what happened was your fault. She hesitated for a moment, another question clearly lingering in her mind, and then she just asked softly, "How do you know she isn't just using you, honey?

As the door shut behind the Chancellor, silence spread through the room. << /Length 8 0 R /Type /XObject /Subtype /Image /Width 540 /Height 500 /Interpolate "I am perfectly capable of protecting myself, Clarke," Lexa informed her, but even so she tilted her head, giving the blonde the smallest of nods. "This," she murmured, her fingers running gently along Clarke's side, barely putting any pressure behind the touch in fear of hurting her.

Callie's smile was as easy as ever as she met the Commander's eyes, the warmth obvious in her voice as she said, "It's good to see you again, Commander. "How did you get here?" Lexa heard the two warriors move to follow them. She saw her mother's shoulders loosen slightly, her arms not held quite so tightly across her, even as her brow pulled down.

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