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We found out later that it was Bob, trying to slip in there to race.”. 1944 1991 1943

1940 1980 1977 1907 1918 1950

1968 1910 1908 1984 1906 1982

1997 1945 1960 1961 1989 “I remember it well,” Irvin said in 2007.

1937 But coming down that straightaway, you could get on up there. 2004

(His cousin Tommy Irvin is the longtime commissioner of the Department of Agriculture.)

1925 “I really hated to quit driving more than anything, but I remember my last two races really did me in. He took off through the field, and went up on the highway, with these police cars chasing him, and they took off down Lakewood Avenue. 1912 Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.


Chester Barron owned the car and started complaining I was going to blow the engine if I didn’t slow down, he told me sternly. 1914 Swayne was driving race cars so it was kind of natural I got started doing the same. Irvin raced locally in the late 40s and early 50s, and was one of the first drivers, along with his friend Swayne Pritchett, to obtain a license from NASCAR shortly after the sanctioning body formed in 1948. 1998 1951 2000 1927 2012 For all of his friends and all his admirers, there will never be another Tommie Irvin. They got down to the lower end, and had him hemmed up. 1907 2007 1953


1985 Irwin was involved in a crash during the qualifier for the 1960 Daytona 500 NASCAR Cup race and spun off … “Lucky for me most of them had only driven on the smaller tracks whereas I had been to Lakewood a few times. 1991 1952 1945 Please continue on for photos from Tommie Irvin’s life and career. 1997 1933 1938 After Dooley lost his life in a gas explosion at his home, Irvin began working out of Jack Edwards’ garage in Cornelia, Georgia. 1973 1946 NASCAR Cup Series Results (races) Click on the Race to see the complete …

1982 2015 1960 NASCAR Grand National Results Click on the Race Number to see the … 1948 The facility was owned by the city of Atlanta. 1963 That led to a day when legendary Georgia racer Bob Flock decided he was going to race, city ordinance be damned. 1911 1951 1966 Accessibility Policy He said ‘Well, if you don’t slow down you sure a hell will get your wish.’, “I got my wish,” laughed Irvin.

Click on the number of Races to see individual races for that year. NTT IndyCar Series The stuff made me so dizzy I had to crawl on all fours out of my car. 1986 1992 1990 1928 2020 ARCA Menards Series, Privacy Policy 2008

Stats. 2019 Terms of Use. 1958 After the track closed, Irvin continued to follow racing, and would be a life long supporter of the sport he loved so much.

1981 1939 1931

1905 2004 1958

In the same year that Irvin won at Lakewood, he opened Banks County Speedway near Baldwin. Last Page has results for Tommy Irwin from the August 17, 1958 (Western North Carolina 500) to the August 11, 1963 (Western North Carolina 500) 1916 He was awarded several medals, including a bronze star, and was honorably discharged in 1946. Irvin raced all over, including at the famed Daytona Beach road course, where he once ended up running out into the ocean. 1954


2005 1990 1940 1909 1946 He competed in ninety-nine Sprint Cup Series events in his career, coming between 1958-1963. 1975 In an attempt to keep out former moonshine runners, the city fathers passed an ordinance barring drivers who had been convicted of hauling liquor from racing at the speedway. 1967 You lost all your momentum going around that lower turn. 1979 It was fun.”. “There was a wreck on the back stretch and I came in the pits late in the race. 1939 Read the full post 2014

Pinty's Series

1922 1926 In those starts, Irwin did an amazing job. 2019

2009 1916 1964 “You got as fast as you wanted to go,” Irvin said in a 2007 interview. Xfinity Series 1963 1983

1944 1971 Despite never entering victory lane, Irwin would … 1962 1955 1956 2009 1934 I tell them I’m sorry, but it wouldn’t be fair to the rest of my friends who still race.”.

1979 1942 2010

1919 1928 “Like I said, the car was sweet that day.”.

Irvin was the Southern Racing Enterprises Association champion in 1954, but says his biggest win came at Atlanta’s famed Lakewood Speedway in 1955. 1922

Banks County Speedway is one of the latter.

Tommy Irwin, born April 27, 1928, is a former NASCAR driver from Keyesville, VA. 1935

1986 1912 Thirty-four years he worked for the State of Georgia Agriculture Department, and at a much younger age, against the State of Georgia playing in the white liquor business.

I still have people wanting me to sponsor their cars. 1920 1925 “I was playing football for the University of Georgia, but had more fun hanging out with Swayne Pritchett and Pee Wee Dooley,” Irvin told’s Eddie  Samples in a 2000 interview. 2017

1930 Nobody realized at first it was Bob, because he had a handkerchief tied over his face.

2018 2002 Edwards prepared race cars for Pritchett, and soon he and Irvin would be teamates. On Sunday, December 5, the Georgia racing world lost another dear friend, not to mention a true pioneer in the sport. 2006 Anybody could have driven that car. 1961 1941 1932 2003

1959 2002 1960

Tommy Irwin. 1927

1987 He competed in ninety-nine Sprint Cup Series events in his career, coming between 1958-1963.


You were really running.”. 2007 2009 Georgia Racing Hall of Fame inductee Tommie Irvin passed away at an Athens, Georgia area hospice in the early morning hours. 1918 1974 “There must have been sixty or so cars there that day,” Irvin told Samples in 2000. In those starts, Irwin did an amazing job. 2016 Click on the Site to see all races run at that track. I just remember my car was running perfect, and I could pass on the inside or the outside. Too old for that anymore. He had suffered a major stroke on Thanksgiving, and his condition had slowly deteriorated  since. 1980 1935 1955

Irvin was a constant competitor at Lakewood, where he would square off against some of the best racers of the day. 2010 1936


through 1910 1934 Want to narrow down the results shown below?Limit data to this range of years: 1911 1985 His best season was in 1959, when Irwin finished 14th in points, when he also earned his best career finish of 2nd at Columbia Speedway. Irvin raced locally in the late 40s and early 50s, and was one of the first drivers, along with his friend Swayne Pritchett, to obtain a license from NASCAR shortly after the sanctioning body formed in 1948. 2015 1947 DAYTONA BEACH, FL — February 12, 1960: Tommy Irwin’s 1959 Ford Thunderbird is pulled from Lake Lloyd as darkness falls over Daytona International Speedway.

2012 1936

“I was lined up out there, and this one car kept circling. 2017 2005

1968 1988 1965 1999

2008 1972 A wrecker operator helps remove Tommy Irwin’s 1959 Ford Thunderbird from Lake Lloyd.

1942 1950 I told him I wanted to lap the field. 2000 1926 1984 Irvin was born in rural Habersham County, Georgia, where he went to school and played football, basketball and baseball. “Pee Wee promoted Habersham County Speedway and owned a garage where we worked on our trip cars. 1970

1929 1923 1937 Posted in Feature Stories 12/10/10.

Despite never entering victory lane, Irwin would earn 23 top-fives, 52 top-tens, and two poles. 2003

1994 Click on the Year to see the standings for that year. Tommie Irvin is a former soldier, race driver and speedway owner. “He ran through the fence, and broke some boards. 1931 1921


One was at Hartwell Speedway and Russell Nelson did a squeeze play on me and forced me into the infield.


Click on the Race to see the complete results for that race. 1996 1976 1932 1973 1964 2016

It was built by Tommie Irvin (not to be confused with his cousin, Tommy Irvin, who was Georgia’s long serving Agriculture Commissioner). 1967

1995 1978 1962 1953 Along with winning the 1955 Southeastern Fair event, Irvin was present for one of the most legendary moments in the track’s history. And at Anderson’s East Park track, I was using that new fuel nitro propane. Pritchett raced the number 17 and Irvin piloted the number 18. 1994 1989 1976 By Brandon Reed

1949 It was something I had never done, and just once in my life I wanted to say I did it. 1969

1941 1998 1971

1913 1909 2001 “When you went into that upper turn, you would be running a good bit over 100 miles an hour, which was fast at that time.

NASCAR Cup Series 1981

1959 1929

1913 1954 2011 2001 1956 1908

Irwin was involved in an opening lap crash during the first 100-mile qualifier for the Daytona 500 NASCAR Cup race and his car became submerged in the lake after he got out uninjured.

Tommy Irwin. 1906



2013 2013

2020, Active Drivers' Career Stats

2006 1966 Irwin also finished second in two 1961 events and once more in 1962. 2011 1921 Year Age Races Win T5 T10 Pole Laps Led Earnings Irvin raced all over, including at the famed Daytona Beach road course, where he once ended up running out into the ocean.

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