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He "Doesn't understand how orange correlates with black in a way that is new." Upon arriving back at the Bunker, Kevin tells him that his cell lost signal and he was trapped in the Bunker. After waking up in the woods, Dean pulls out his cellphone to try to make a call, only to find it's been damaged beyond repair. On his way back to Jenna, he calls Sam to let him know he's going. Shortly after Dean tries to go to sleep his phone rings again. Dean calls Castiel from the Bunker to see if he has any leads on Sam. Dean then tries to call Sam, but Sam doesn't answer.

Castiel seems to trust them, so maybe she should. However, Castiel appears and tells him, "You can't reach him, Dean. After interviewing the girl who saw Coach Hollister attack a couple under a bridge, Dean's phone rings in the hallway. Anyway, thanks! Lisa isn't really as harsh as she probably could have been, but it gets worse. If you're calling about 11-2-83, please page me with your coordinates. When Dean and Benny arrive at Prentiss Island, Dean takes out his phone and writes a text to Sam. He's frustrated when he only gets her voicemail. He gets his voicemail and leaves him a message to call him back, because they're at their old house. Want to show us photos of your thriving plants? Dean gets the details, but as he's asking Castiel how he's been, Castiel rushes to hang up, because the slushie machine he's fixing starts spilling all over the floor. We don't hear any of their conversation other than John saying Dean's name. It's Sam with an update on the case. Unfortunately it's. As he's hitting on the bartender, his phone rings. Later, as Sam and Dean leave Jed's house, Dean is on the phone with Bobby.

While at the latest crime scene, Dean's phone rings. They hang up. Ano ang pinakamaliit na kontinente sa mundo? He's discussing the case with someone. He sends the boys to. He tells Benny he's not coming. While waiting in the woods with Sam, Dean tries to call Crowley. Shortly after Dean hangs up with Meg, his phone rings. He sees he has a message, but Sam hops into the car, so he ignores it and puts his phone away. Sam explains they are on their way to see the retired Man of Letters who had found the key originally. Dean is on the phone to Castiel, who is spying on the demon. After saying goodbye to Benny, Dean calls Martin and lets him know there was another vampire and he's dead now. Dean replies, "You first" and the scene cuts. He tells Martin Benny is long gone and Martin should leave too. Sam is trying to call him, but has to leave a message. He informs them that, Dean tries to call Jody after learning the vampires know where. Castiel's original cell phone was a Nokia 8800.. Castiel first uses a phone in 4.15 Death Takes a Holiday when he masquerades as Bobby Singer.In season 5, he uses a phone consistently, beginning in 5.02 Good God, Y'All.After engraving the Enochian sigils into Sam and Dean's ribs at the end of 5.01 Sympathy for the Devil, he is unable to sense their location, and needs to contact them by … Sam hears Cole coughing and realizes Dean is trying to dehydrate the parasite. Dean says they're on the way, but Crowley tells him to hang on a sec, and uses the brothers' code word. Dean asks where exactly Castiel is so they can come help, but he just tells them he will call them back and hangs up. After leaving the lawyer's office, Dean calls Sam and they discuss the case. When Andrew attacks Dean and Delilah, he takes out his cell phone and smashes it to stop the ghost. This Site Might Help You. Dean heads to a local bar. It's Dr Hikashi calling him back with the donor list information. Seemingly because he is uncomfortable around Sam, Dean suggests they work the case separately. Dean hangs up. They discuss the case and Ellen says Jo is working it in California.

He thanks Castiel for the heads-up on something else and hangs up. During it, his phone rings. RE: Any working phone numbers for supernatural the show? If you phoned the number early in the season, the following messages (spoken by Jensen Ackles) would play: "This is Dean Winchester. They discuss it and Sam asks for Dean's help, but Dean declines, saying he's close to finding Abaddon. Sam comments that his phone has been, "...blowing up..." and snatches it to check out why. When he sees his mom, he puts it away in his pocket.

They have 30 seconds to negotiate, because Crowley is already killing Jody. Sam says, "No. Sam pushes Dean to go find out what's going on, and Dean leaves. After Sam goes to interview the dentist, he calls Dean, who is back at their hotel. Dean is in the Bunker under the spell of the Mark again, while his phone rings. After speaking with the coroner and realizing Sam is hunting a. Dean's on the phone and as it's ringing he grumbles for Crowley to pick up. Suddenly, he gets another call through call waiting. Sign up and receive 15% off your first purchase! At the Bunker, one of Dean’s old cells rings in a box of old phones and Kevin answers it. I'm not entirely sure if this number works (I'm in Ireland and it doesn't seem to work from here) but you could give it a go anyway: John's email address: jwinchester1246 gmail, I don't think any new messages have been recorded for a while now so you might not get anything when you ring - but it's worth a go just to hear Dean's voice on the other end of the line ; ). Does Jerry Seinfeld have Parkinson's disease? Your message. If he's gone, he's going to strap Sam into the car and drive off the pier.

The episode opens with Dean alone, leaning on the Impala, talking to Ellen. After arriving at the cabin in Whitefish, Montana, and assaulting, hugging, then arguing with Sam, Dean pulls out a box of their old phones and goes through the voicemails. He wants to talk about the changes in Sam, but Bobby asks him to hold on, because Rufus is calling him on the other line. In Clip Show, Crowley plants a hex bag inside Dean's phone, killing Sarah Blake. Castiel is telling them that he has a lead on. He's attacked by a demon and during the fight, his phone is crushed, rendering it useless. We don't see him make the call, but he tries to play a prank on her, pretending to be a member of the public calling about a bear, which just turns into a Yogi bear dad joke. Later he calls Dean again to let him know about Chuck Lambert. As Dean arrives at the girl's place to meet Sam, he gets a call. He answers as his alias Agent Lee Ermey and gets information about another kill. ", "Dad, we really need to hear from you. Sam doesn't answer, instead asking where Dean is and Dean says the urgent care on fifty-four. The episode opens with Dean driving the Impala at night. He immediately asks if Castiel is okay, and informs him that they ran into a bunch of Demons. We don't see Dean, but we know he calls Sam after Evil Charlie kills Russell Wellington. He looks exasperated as he gets Castiel's voicemail. After the boys wake Bobby and are driving to find, Dean is sitting on a bench outside, talking on the phone through mouthfuls of food. Crowley says, "Juliet, it's papa. It's Bobby calling back with a way to take out their witch. Sam and Dean arrive at the house shortly after. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Sam tells him they have a lead, but is told the guy is dead. Dean is working in the kitchen, but instead of being productive, he's looking at something on his phone. When Sam learns Martin is dead and Dean tries to justify Benny's actions, Sam hangs up on him. After collecting the cursed porn, Dean calls Sam, who is collecting the phonograph. Soils & More.

After securing Tessa in the Impala, Dean calls Sam. In 7.17 The Born-Again Identity Dean's phone number is 785-555-0128. Later, at the bed and breakfast, when Sam returns with food he nods for Dean to leave the room with him. You don’t want to leave people feeling cynical,” added co-showrunner Andrew Dabb. Dean is still trying to make life work with Lisa and Ben, when Sam calls late at night. Get your answers by asking now. Sam thinks Dean isn't showing enough concern and he explains he wants to fight and stop the Angels from using them. Dean tells Castiel he's at the crime scene and says it was staged. Dean fills him in, and asks Sam to go check the place out. Tell Sam I love you boys." Dean asks Sam if he found anything, but he hasn't. As of 6.14 Mannequin 3: The Reckoning, Dean owned a Nokia N78.

After a moment he lets us know it's. below. Dean stays at the motel while Sam goes to interview the baby's mother's husband. As Sam and Dean leave the house where the janitor [Richard Beesome]] sent them, Jody calls Dean. We don't hear any of it, but next we see him, he's meeting up with Sam. He hangs up as he gets in the car. Well, I'm really bummed cuz I never got a chance to call Dean's number (785)555-0179 when it worked and had a voice mail message.

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