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With just 16 episodes, it was shortened from the original 22 as a result of the 2007 writer's strike. It causes a lot of tension between the two, but they bond over the course of the season. The eleventh season of Supernatural is all about The Darkness, also known as Amara.

The season was rated #1 best season That shortened season seems to work in the fans' favor. The witch turns out to be Crowley's mother, and it's Rowena that rids Dean of the Mark of Cain, releasing the villain that comes into play the next season. Not all were perfect, just like any TV series.

So turn on your AC, get yourself a cold glass of your favorite drink, sit back and enjoy. This season also sees Sam and Dean cross paths with their grandfather as the man uses a time travel spell to get to the future, expanding on the story of the Men Of Letters, which becomes a big story point for the show moving forward. In season two, Dean makes a deal that would send his soul to Hell a year later. While you can argue this was an early realization of shorter seasons working better for shows like this, the narrative still seemed to work out. votes. A little about me I am a marketing student in Paris. The season even features an homage to fairy tales in "Bedtime Stories" that remains a fan favorite episode full of Easter eggs. Sam is meant to become Lucifer's vessel, while Dean is meant to become the angel Michael's.

of Supernatural from 781 And if the series HAD ended with the Season 5 finale, Swan Song, then the show could’ve had one of the best series finales ever, in my opinion, with a few adjustments. The season was rated #1 best season of Supernatural from 68 Best: first 5 seasons, then 7,11,10,8,6,9,13, and the worst was season 12-First 5 were perfect.-Season 6 was not so good but soleless Sam and God Castiel saved it a little bit.-I liked season 7 because the storyline with Dick and his plans to farm humans was interesting and plausible.

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