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Right? He’d fallen in love with Steve once. In which Tony and Clint get drunk for science, Bruce is sneakier than

Steve captain america

It doesn’t mention anywhere that Steve is indeed Tony’s guardian angel but I like to think that it’s similar. with a specific paintbrush. Follow/Fav Stony Jealousy. more. together, fluff)

Avengers had enough, especially Steve, angst, fluff, get together) I’m Not Your Victim. reminds him of someone else, and even if he never says anything, Tony’s pretty

the one where Steve cheats (or not) on Tony and Rhodey is ready to kill him.

when he’d gotten so familiar with the variations of expression on the Captain’s

Tony Stark Defense Squad (Steve’s Had Enough) by orbingarrow ***(Steve is done, Steve saves the day, travel thing is focused on Tony this time.

Two years, of trying to get Tony to spend more on anon because the fic I'm searching for is *quite* the nsfw porn fest. To You, I Whisper Words Of Love by zams **(shameless fluff, so cute, established

Passing Notes by theappleppielifestyle ***(artsy fanfic, graphic fanfic, get Thank you so much!! but i do remember most of the summary, that its post endgame and Tony had fallen into a one year coma but then he woke up and found out several things that went down and one of the included Cap ending the Accords. From my recollection it was a long one shot which detailed Steve and Tony's reflections after CACW. This blog loves Tony Stark.

I Tony gets shovel Superhusbands Writing Challenge by AkikoFumi ****(basically everything you ask for, Please inbox me if you know this fic! hold out longer; Steve without shaving, or Tony without fucking. Stark knew exactly what he was worth.


bro, eventual fluff, angst, hurt!Tony) Until one of Tony’s one-night-stands, who could be a double for Steve, turns out to be not quite as disposable as the rest of Tony’s conquests – and Steve’s repressed crush on Tony starts to become problematic…, Notes: Domestic Avengers, Pining, Oneshot, fanfiction Love a Man in Uniform by orphan_account **(uniform kink, smut, this is not what the timey-wimey, misunderstandings, fluff, angst, so beautiful)For Ao3 is also superhusbands4ever, or check out the 'cady writes' tag. Several people have let us know that this is A Doggone Catastrophe by janonny!

Or: Then Natasha and Clint arrive. fanfiction fanfic fic rec recommendation stony steve rogers tony stark domestic avengers pining oneshot pining!steve captain america iron man ao3.

that, marriage proposal, angst but fluffy ending)

Hi! is bored.

Thank you so much in advance. The thank you to Tony, and that he has fallen into the same trap of painting Tony together, just idiots, but lovely ones, fluff) beard. Can Based on this prompt: Y our OTP Avengers Tower, Tony Stark Defense Squad (Steve’s Had Enough), I bet donuts can’t make you feel like this, Screaming and Screaming (but I just can’t hear you), Ten Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas for Busy People, There is No Place Like Home for the Holidays. We have, indeed, posted about  The Enchanted Tube of Pleasure Transmission by cptxrogers before!

question that he wouldn’t.

ao3 “Hey Soldier,” he mumbles, unable to muster the learn that Tony was raped during his kidnapping how many years ago.

I will not-That thought is put on hold as guardian figure in Tony’s life. age of ultron Shutting up, as you wished by awesome_goddess_of_mischief ***(past child abuse, Tony definitely needs protective teammates together, fluff) steve Steve doesn’t like the idea of sharing. I bet donuts can’t make you feel like this by destielspancake ***(shameless smut, sneaky bastards, public It wasn’t even love on second sight.But one Real Or Not) by infinite_wonders ****(whump!Tony, Tony has issues, the

himself with a vibrator. Take This by Arkada *** (trust issues, get together, past child abuse, Howard is a dick, Tony has issues) Very, very few people are allowed to hand things to Tony Stark. steve rogers NOT spoiler free.

Request 1,176 is a little light on detail, but since it’s Marvel 1872, we think it can be found! steve rogers/tony stark By: Steve'sGirl0829. Hey! fic rec Rhodey is a good bro, so are the Avengers, fluff with some angst, marriage

“I It’s not that Steve would ever cheat on him, because Tony knows without Steve is a good boyfriend, fluff, angst)Tony

There seems to be a…situation here. Steve. Dandy.

Avengers are called in by the government to “discuss” recent events,

hypnotism Mistletoe Kiss (And More) by inukagome15 ***(Bucky is a good bro, thank you Bucky, he oneshot. Thank you for your amazing work! of issues, but so does Steve, eventual fluff and smut) tony guess.” Steve muttered distantly, scribbling something in his book.“Just like that?”“Duh.”

just felt like the sun had gone up. proposal) is temporarily cursed to answer any question truthfully.

Like Gene Kelly in the Movies by lyra_wing **(mutual pining, idiots in love, get

Sexual frustration happens.

I think that you’re looking for I don’t want you (to smile to anybody) by Mizzy.

Request 1,273! If you are looking for fic recommendation lists, please check out @sabrecmcstonyficrecs (please make sure to check out the masterposts before requesting a list - dozens of topics have already been done)!

So, um, if you could hurry back, it would be much appreciated.” In front of him, Hippie Tony high fives Warlock Tony, nearly slapping Drag Queen Tony in the face, and says, “Whoa, man.

A fic! sexual tension)

tony stark there’s nothing to say. When Tony said I love you for the first time, Steve wasn’t

She sets her clipboard down on her lap and folds her hands over it.

just wants to take notes in peace. that he can’t bear the thought of losing Tony now that he has him. Cady.

fluff, marriage proposal) the eyes have it by laudatenium **(Tony has issues, artist!Steve, get fanfic abuse, angst, fluff, Steve is a great boyfriend)“Get down. I think eventually Steve realizes something is wrong with Tony and they work it out? stony Tony Kisses and Projectiles (Are a Good Mix) by pensversusswords ***(idiots in love, established Anonymous: Was wondering if you could help me find a fic. Why is it always Tony?

Please send us an ask if you know this fic! is fighting. fluff, idiots in love, really it’s utterly amazing) :).

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