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Please consider turning it on! When Stiles was bitten, he didn't turn into a werewolf as was to be expected. Stiles shot back at him. Stiles is pushed out of the pack and is now pregnant with the packs pups. ", "That's stupid Whittemore."

Nine years ago, Scott kicked Stiles out of the pack. Inspired by the works of Littleredridinghunter. Derek stated snapping his teeth at the human. Thanks to Tessa's strangely long list of contacts, all legal issues were sorted quickly and easily. "Oh will you shut up!" (Or the one where they go on a road trip, find themselves, and maybe fall a little bit in love during the process.). Isaac said worriedly as he stumbled into the Derek's house. You killed Aiden. "Get lost you little loser.". However, Jackson could see very clearly the unimpressed looks of the people around them. But now his dad has been hurt, so Stiles returns to take care of him. Pushed to his limit Stiles decides to take a temporary break from the pack, but will he want to come back. Nothing.

by everyrose. "Good luck Stiles." That is not going to happen, Jackson Whittemore never directly helps Stiles Stilinski. This is primarily a story about Stiles fighting through all the odds to adopt the entire pack and cuddle them to death, whilst also feeding them healthy food because yes I know you've got werewolf metabolisms Peter but good eating habits are still important ok! The author would like to thank you for your continued support. First of all, he is being escorted by a pair of police officers. During those times nobody questioned human pack members on what they did and didn't do, they were accepted and treated as equals. Scott snapped yelling loud enough for everyone in the hall to hear him. ", "Shutting him out of pack business means shutting him out of all aspects of our lives and avoiding him as much as possible."

Derek kicks Stiles out of the pack Jackson is the only one that has a problem with this. After realizing their mistake the pack wants him back, but will the Stiles they try to help be the same boy they knew before? He thought the Enforcer could stop me? Derek said with a grunt. Stiles asked urgently like all of them were playing a cruel joke on him. Synopsis: Stiles gets kicked out of the pack after the Nogitsune's possession and the death of the Sherrif. "Duh, Jackson. (is it chill that you're in my head? His emotions hadn't returned yet from last night. "Hey guys!" What the hell are you talking about?" Gerard is dead, and so is Victoria but the Alpha pack hasn't arrived yet and to be honest the timeline is shot to pieces. He fell asleep in the back of the cab as the cabby drove onto Isaac's house. Isaac shrugged looking away from him in a clearly dismissive way. It's one of the laws of life. The only downside is we can't hear them either." "This table is full, go somewhere else." Erica replied not even looking up at him as she ate her meal. "What?" Scott is less than understanding and pushes Stiles out of the pack, and stops talking to him all together. Jackson felt a slight, almost nonexistent, twitch in his heart when he saw Stiles' eyes fall directly to the floor. Stiles shrugged. "We are keeping him out of pack business." Rated T for violence and mentions of previous abuse. Danny said in an obvious tone of voice. “There was some kind of werewolf distress call. Nearly two years after Derek left Beacon Hills and then Scott kicked Stiles out of the pack, Stiles found himself answering a call for help from his old friend. ”, OR, the fic Steter where, after being distanced from the pack, Stiles's magic starts going off the fritz, and the only person able to help her control it is Peter. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. No one knows the truth of what happened back then, not even Scott or Stiles. After being beaten, tortured and helping Lydia save Jackson's ungrateful ass, Stiles gets kicked out of the pack and discovers he's a mage. "This is not up for discussion Stiles."

"We need to kick Stiles out of the pack." Without him, this pack is nothing. ", "The only time I jump into a fight is when you guys start doing stupid shit and almost get yourselves killed. Why is he being singled out?".

Peter shrugged.

Derek said roughly coming up behind everyone. ", "Kicking him out of the pack will ensure that he's safe from any pack like problems." Danny, Allison, and Lydia came from upstairs where they had been waiting for the pack to come back from a night of patrol. "She's only been doing this for how many months? Derek's late family had several humans within it, humans that were considered just as much a part of the pack as the werewolves were. "So let me get this straight." Lydia said defending her friend. Jackson stopped banging his head against the wall to shoot Derek a smirk. actually no i won’t say that because then i’ll never update it, more like on hiatus until i’m back in a place to write this one, even then it’ll be slowwwww updates. The Hale-McCall pack needed him again, so Stiles, along with his eight-month-old daughter Mariana, headed back to California. He just couldn't believe what they were saying. What are you doing here?" "Where are you going?". Stiles said shooting Isaac a friendly smile. Language: English Words: 221,251 Chapters: 30/30 Comments: 1023 "You killed Allison. Stiles blinked at him before turning his eyes to his best friend. "That's debatable and depends on the situation, but whatever. Jackson found himself gaping at all of them once again. "Those werewolves seemed to know where we usually patrol."

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