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Are you counting the value of the land underneath it? we have one person claiming that we are uneducated, I’m very disappointed in them. Almost like 50 Shades of Gray. And there are several ways to join in with what we’re doing here.” Seems to me that if there is no formal membership, then there is no one for the leaders to be accountable to. What Noble did to James Duncan is insidious. Documentation for this claim, please? It might do this because its leader is a good at fundraising and at gathering a following. I am a Christian attend church weekly.

@ Marge Sweigart: I have friends who got involved with the children’s ministry and they were not required to sign a confidentiality agreement. To much of a distraction now.

Remember, he must decorate it, furnish it, and there are always overages. Spangler Jr. Charlotte, Total square feet: 6,169; tax value: $1,407,200, • Businessman, wealthiest person in North Carolina, James Goodnight, Cary, Heated area 7,510 (total square footage not available); tax value: $4,977,270. We are telling the truth about the people who use the faith to get rich and to live excessive lifestyles. Personal Life. Go out and bring in people who have left the church due to people like Furtick. But, I'll let you figure out what that is. . I have to admit, I’d love to own that house. I assume he and spouse have benefits, like insurance, through the church. This board bases Furtick’s salary, Corbett said, on a “compensation study formulated by an attorney’s office” that’s not tied to the church. I don’t envy the house…I want one too!

Homes in NC that aren’t falling down but need work in the major metro areas cost at least $100 per square foot. More like an Estate. Their pastor lives better than the richest man in North Carolina (Jim Goodnight-the owner of SAS). Furtick will live in "only" 8,400 square feet of heated space. In decent condition or to build with nothing special about $200/sf. If we claim to have Jesus as our Lord and Saviour we should test the word preached to us but sites like this are part of the problem not the solution. 80×100 feet. Good night! Why don't you study the word? we don’t have a praise band but a choir, no guitars and drums but a nice pipe organ and grand piano kept up and used regularly, we have Sunday morning Bible Study and even a monthly business session though that may change to quarterly and we generally know what comes in and goes out even what staff salaries are and no confidentially agreements and threats. when a church has grown as fast as Elevation has. We feed those who come to us in need, support missionaries including a couple from our church who are full missionaries in the Ukraine and more….. point is all this that Furtick and similar are doing does not put christianity, the church, and more importantly, God in a good light. @ Anon 1: They could have at least added “gossipy women”. If you want YOUR Pastor living in a double wide, then LEAVE! The pastor at my church is 77 years old and works like a man of much younger years and the church is 125 years old – a traditional church – the kind these guys like to kick around yet we still get things done with a lot less.

Anonymous wrote: He is an parasite, plain and simple. The world can see there is no unity because we are behaving just like them so they don’t want any part of it. Name one person that goes in front of a crowd & tells them that he is a scammer & wants everyone to give their money to him so that he never has to work hard? His issues with the Catholic church in 1521 are the same issues that people have with Furtick. After posting that, it hit the news: Pope Suspends “Bishop of Bling”. Isn’t that bishop in hot water with the Pope over this? (They live in Charlotte so I am going to us a Southernism-one North Carolinian to another). BUY! I’m sure Furtick would be more than happy to open his home to anyone in need . Nuts. The world can see there is no unity because we are behaving just like them so they don’t want any part of it. How to Resign from a Church

I have attended the church for over a year now and I had some concerns, none regarding finances. @ Sharon Long:

Trying to do more on following some of these stories. Any body can sit behind a computer and criticise, it doesn’t take much faith to tear people down.


And in the past (and even the present) too many of these “men of God” have used their authority to deceive their congregants and enrich themselves in the name of religion. Sounds like Richard Dawkins and Madelyn Murray O’Hare are making more and more sense by the day. Keep prophesying Dee and Deb! This was about 50% of all the recorded Furtick's in the USA. @ Sharon Long: Then there is triple dipping. I can’t tell if Sharon Long is the real deal or playing around. This is not right! Pastor Steven spoke about the anointing and how it flows from him to us and he quoted recently from Ps. Pogo said it best “We have met the enemy and he is us.”.

The only name I remember off his list was movie actor Harrison Ford (who played Indiana Jones, Han Solo, among many other characters). Mileage will definitely vary. (We’ll ignore the other 8000sf.) Too nice, too round. Actually, nobody “belongs” to Elevation. There is good reason to be especially wary of anything that looks like inurement. The most Furtick families were found in the USA in 1920. He tells us up front he really likes nice things and I for one don’t have a problem with that! MINE! Maybe the Word that is being preached is actually understandable and reaches our youth, adults and seniors in a way that many have not been able to? He is exploiting people for his own wealth and monetary gain, but claiming it is in the name of something “good and holy.” It is not good and it is not holy. I thought Furtick’s was 8000 heated sq feet and Edwards was 10K. We're waiting to hear from the church members who so generously give to the church. Could it be that Furtick thought his generosity (remember, its all about him, not the little guy) would buy him some grace when he built his house? And with Social Media(TM), the crazies can link up with each other and organize into a Movement. The issue is that he represents himself as a man of God. when a church has grown as fast as Elevation has. Also, I would not be part of a church that did not have undershepherds (elders, deacons, whathave you) helping to lead the church who were members of your congregation and who would answer any question that you might have about how the church is run, how the money is spent etc. why does all the concerns and worry come about when it involves a church, any church, and the preacher? With business execs, you can get this information.

Don’t forget that this is a lifestyle he’s buying into. He will really appreciate it. If people are upset by it the best reaction would be to apologize and sell the darn thing. the over 10 million dollars the church has given over the 7 years to outreach partners and charities.

PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME! @ JeffT: I think he lost points with the Hey Haters video. And I bet real figure is easily over $10,000,000. As in, I’m not believing it without documentation. The report I watched says that the leaders at the church do not belong to the church. Is it a lack of critical thinking skills? Pastor Steven knows his haters…and talks about this and where the money came from for him to build his home which is from his book sales. Probably “I never said the exact words ‘I make this demand’.”, Semantic word games, like “It all depends on what the meaning of ‘is’ is.” I can’t tell if Sharon Long is the real deal or playing around. Why should Furtick have it and not me? He totally lost the cool factor.

Maybe the Word that is being preached is actually understandable and reaches our youth, adults and seniors in a way that many have not been able to?

when a church has grown as fast as Elevation has. We are boycotting him because if an NFL player signs a contract, it’s public knowledge. Sounds like that bishop’s in some really hot water. Shoulda said “God Willing”. BUY! Complete with view blocks around the entire property line. How do they feel about their pastor's extravagance? @ Marge Sweigart: I think many charismatics go way overboard, particularly when it comes to speaking in tongues, but they have a very legitimate point – the old spiritual gifts did not cease with the death of the Apostles. They utilize the same lingo and think they are being very clever. There will be a follow up story tonight about the men who determine Furtick’s salary. It is not guys like Furtick who bother me the most. I have been on the news side and know all too well how many stories are not researched enough just to make the story worth listening to. Do not be in such a hurry. And Furtick is most assuredly, not one of those. (This was the year “My Life Without God” came out and the family was feeling rather put upon, Robin was only 16 and in college, and Madalyn wanted to make her feel better despite the betrayal she was feeling about her father’s book.) He does not make demands and I have never been to a service where they push tithing. This makes people who could possibly be saved not want to step into a church. Welcome to TWW . Steven Furtick’s House Bigger Than Wealthiest Family in North Carolina! I would be sooooooooooooooo much more impressed if any of you were studying the word and sharing it the way you believe God is ministering to you, the way you obviously believe these people are lacking. @ Kristin: My sister, who has always barely kept her head above water financially and lives in rented condo type places or apartments often less than 800 – 600 sq ft, has let run-away kids (who she knows from work, who are having issues with their families) and, older friends who are in trouble, sleep on her couch in her den for days to weeks (she would let them sleep on a bed in a guest room, but she usually does not have a guest room/bed… she has had a guest room at a few places, but either didn’t have a bed, or it was too filled with clothing, etc to hold a person, and she is not a totally hoarder,just lives in tiny places). Sharon Long is the wife of my prankster great-nephew, Bill Rogers. A side note, I am a single mom with 5 kids that would love to have the better nicer things in life, yet I work hard and educate myself in order to have those things one day. There will always be doubters esp. That’s because in an Age of Extremes like today, as far-out and crazy as you get for parody, there’s some True Believer out there twice as far-out, twice as crazy, and DEAD SERIOUS. I know everyone is entitled to their opinion and I am probably not going to bring mass change but just for a second look at what you are saying and doing on this website It’s exactly actions like this that are causing a decline of the church in Western culture. “MINE! Or just Jim & Tammy? I know for sure. A need for some sort of identity through someone else on a stage? Shouldn’t a pastor be above reproach? I know that he is doing what he can to reach as many people that are far from God so they can be introduced to God. @ Headless Unicorn Guy:

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