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The Spartoi Born of the Ismenian Dragon Hyperenor 2 (Apd.3.4.1-2). The Theban commander Epaminondas, who in historical times crushed the invading Spartan army at Leuctra, dying of wounds several years later at Mantinea (362 BC), and whose innovative strategic ideas put an end to the military supremacy of Sparta, was believed to belong to the race of the SPARTI, which was shown on his tomb; for there, they say, stood a pillar, and on it a shield with a dragon in relief, the emblem of the SPARTI. The sons of Chthonius 2 replaced the descendants of Cadmus in the throne of Thebes for many years. "And Agenor's son Cadmus, sowed the teeth on the Aonian plains and founded an earthborn people ..." (Apollonius Rhodius, Argonautica 3.1185). During his time the Thebans marched against Sicyon and subdued it. Her afstöbning i Kunstmarmor udfört 1980.

(One of the SPARTI to Cadmus. The SPARTI were born from the teeth of the dragon of Ares which were sown by Cadmus. Chthonius 2 was father of Nycteus 2, to whom the government of Thebes at the death of Polydorus 2, son of Cadmus, was entrusted. In Greek mythology the Sparti were a tribe of warlike, earth-born men which sprang fully grown and armed for battle from the sown teeth of a Dragon sacred to the war-god Ares.The first of the Sparti were sown by the hero Cadmus from the teeth of the Dragon of the Ismenian Spring of Thebes. Their first appearance was in the founding myth of Thebes by Cadmus . They dedicated their lives to the power of military, with a focus on quality of their warriors rather than quantity. When still at the dawn of the short Heroic Age (for these events took place aproximately 200 years before the Trojan War) Cadmus was about to found the city of Thebes in Boeotia in mainland Greece, some of his men were taken by surprised, and killed by a dragon sacred to Ares (or perhaps the god's own offspring) when they came to a spring, Dirce or Castalia, to draw water. It was also the only city-state in Greece where women had ele… Sparta was a city-state in Ancient Greece, in the region of Laconia in the Peloponnese, that turned into the dominant military power of ancient Greece. The Spartoi were a mythical people in Greek mythology, who sprang out of the earth. Spartans were familiar with philosophy as they were aware of the importance of training the mind of a warrior, not only the body. 9302: Warrior from the Temple of Athena at Aegina. She was one of two daughters of King Eurotas of Laconia , with the other being Tiasa . Sparta was a respected and most feared militaristic city-state in Ancient Greece. In Greek mythology, Spartoi (also Sparti) (Greek: Σπαρτοί, literal translation: "sown [men]", from σπείρω, speírō, "to sow") are a mythical people who sprang up from the dragon's teeth sown by Cadmus and were believed to be the ancestors of the Theban nobility.

Most of … The region of Sparta was also called Lacedaemon, after the name of the mythical king of the region. Polydorus 2 had married Nycteis, daughter of Nycteus 2, and their son Labdacus 1 was still a child when his father died. Cadmus then, having gone in search of his comrades, discovered the dragon of Ares and killed it, a deed that costed him dear, for he was forced to serve Ares during an eternal year, which is eight years of our reckoning, and in addition he and his wife were transformed into serpents at the end of their lives, many years later. Udaeus. It is said that the first love poems to women originated from Sparta. Cadmus' men killed by the dragon. The Thorvaldsen Museum, Copenhagen.

It is also told that the SPARTI themselves exhorted Cadmus, who was preparing to take his arms, not to intervene: "Take not your arms ... and take no part in our fratricidal strife."

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