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Baltimore schools were shut down temporarily in January 2018 after heating units failed during bitterly cold weather. You have permission to edit this article. What the Victorian government’s decision not to sign on to the Gonski reforms means for schools in the new year. The Fair School Funding Plan is comprised of three steps: a base cost, state and local share and categorical aid, said Michael Sobul, a retired school treasurer, who acted as a consultant on the plan.

The plan also would direct more money for economically disadvantaged students; route public charter school funding directly from the state rather than through local districts; and provide funding so that all students in first through 12th grades have laptops or digital devices, they said. It’s not fact that private schools get better results than public schools. “Because we know what the base cost is, because we know what the land valuation is and because we take the wealth as based on [income], we know exactly what that local district ought to be able to pay,” he said. Each district also stands on its own under the formula, instead of being compared to other districts like they are currently, Sobul said. But they said it wouldn't set a minimum district funding capacity because doing so could be unfair to the poorest districts that wouldn't have the money to meet that bar. Governments usually measure outcomes by standardised tests, such as NAPLAN. Fixing that is a priority for Republican House Speaker Bob Cupp, who helped assemble the overhaul proposal before he was elevated to lead that chamber this summer. By making funding dependent on school outcomes, the government is intensifying an audit culture that marginalises vulnerable students. Were the Victorian Greens correct about pubic school funding?

Public schools actually outperform private schools, and with less money, Three things Australia’s next education minister must prioritise to improve schools, What makes a school good?

The National Weather Service says parts of northern Arizona will have snow and strong winds this weekend and into Monday due to a series of storms. These places are the best in America for educating students at all levels. If no funding fix is passed this year, expect to see the proposal again next session, Lehner said. In 1997, an Ohio Supreme Court case, DeRolph v State, found that Ohio’s school-funding system violated the state’s constitution. Plentiful sunshine. Upcoming Webinar: Inside the Best Hospital Rankings, Inside the Best Hospital Rankings: Nov. 13 | 1:00 - 2:15 p.m.

Winds SSW at 5 to 10 mph.. Clear skies. Victorian schools could potentially be without federal funding after 31 December if the state government refuses to sign up to the Gonski 2.0 funding reforms. Now's the time to do something about it, an education scholar argues. Private schools are set to get a boost of billions under a new formula that links government funding to parents' incomes rather than the socioeconomic profile of where they live.

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