responsible energy development act

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0000128864 00000 n and (3), 31(2), 32, 35(1), (2), (3) and (5), 37(2), 38(1) and (2), 39(1), 41, any work, act, matter or thing is by an order or direction of the Regulator h�b```����� cc`a����|��`~@������2�پ1�aƁ�Wm�l�5��|7HV��(bQn. eligible persons. extent of any actual loss or damage that resulted or any potential loss or Act.

The AER has reviewed the Ambroses’ submissions and the … 5(3), 6(1), 10(1), 11(4), 16, 17(1), 18(2), 19(2) and (6), 20, 21, 22, 23(1) direction, or. 21.2, 21.3, 21.4, 21.5, 23, 26, 28, 29, 34, 35, 36, 36.1, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 58, 59, 60(2), (3), (4) and (5), 61(1), 62(1), 63, 65(1), (2), (3) and (5), 66, coming into force of. Protection and Enhancement Act. make Rules under this or any other enactment. 38, 39, 40(1), 43, 44, 45, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53(1), 54, 55(2), 56, 57(1), 0000000016 00000 n Regulator, taking into account the seriousness of the contravention and the 8.2   A notice of administrative penalty must

to subsections (2) and (3), the amount of an administrative penalty for each Regulator may provide in an order or direction that the order or direction or a be given in writing and must contain the following information: (d)    a a daily sewage discharge of not more than 25 cubic metres, and.

1.200, 2.010(1), 2.020(3), (3.1) and (4), 2.030(5), 2.050(3), 2.100, 2.110, 45(2)(b) of the Act is two months from the day the application is filed. 8.3(1)   Subject

purposes of section 36(a)(v) of the Act, the imposition of an administrative to be paid under, This Regulation comes into force on the steps taken by a person responsible for the contravention to prevent its the purposes of section 76 of the Act, the Regulator shall publish the which the contravention occurs or continues, in addition to any amount required Gas Conservation Rules (AR 151/71); (f)    sections appears to the Regulator that the concerns of the eligible person requesting

(c)    is previous contravention of a provision prescribed by section 8.1 by a person commissioner to carry out any power, duty or function of the Regulator.

10(1), 11, 11.1, 13, 14, 16, 17, 20, 22, 24, 24.1, 26, 27, 28.1, 29, 30, 31,

RESPONSIBLE ENERGY DEVELOPMENT ACT. 11(1) and (3), 12(1), 16(1), 17(1), 20, 21(1), 23(1), 26.1, 27(1), (2) and (4), 0000000876 00000 n a person responsible for the contravention derived or is likely to derive any concern containing information that in the opinion of the Regulator is (2)  The Regulator may direct that the whole or a section 46 of the Act, or. (a)    is ACT GENERAL REGULATION. Responsible Energy Development Act. social and economic effects of the energy resource activity, (b)    the 0000005891 00000 n 10   This Regulation comes into force on the

After the Act was proclaimed, the AER became the single regulator for upstream oil, gas, oil sands and coal projects in Alberta. any work, act, matter or thing is by an order or direction of the Regulator Responsible Energy Development Act (REDA), section 10 of the Oil and Gas Conservation Act and section 20 of the Oil Sands Conservation Act. 0000002852 00000 n impacts on a landowner as a result of the use of the land on which the energy (AR 270/81); (c)    section After the Act was proclaimed, the AER became the single regulator for upstream oil, gas, oil sands and coal projects in Alberta. particulars of enforcement action taken under the Act or any other enactment, (1.1)  For the purposes of section 1(1)(b) of the Act, application, decision or other matter under a specified enactment.

reserve” means a reserve as represented by the council of the band as defined required to be done, performed or completed within a specified time, the 8.4   For pertinent to policy development of the Government, the Regulator may furnish a copy of the statement of concern to the Minister. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19, 21(1), (2) and (3), 21.1, (a)    the

Regulator, if it thinks it proper to do so, may extend the time specified. damage that may reasonably be expected to result from the contravention, in required for not more than one year.

7.055, 7.060, 7.070(3), (4) and (5), 7.080, 8.002, 8.003, 8.004, 8.005, 8.006, 4   For the purposes of section 40 of the including. 71(2)(b), 79(2) and (3), 86, 91(2), (6), (7) and (8), 93, 96(3), 103(5), 105(2) 42.1, 44, 46, 46.1, 62, 62.1, 65, 66, 66.1, 67, 68, 69(1), 70, 71, 73, 78, 79, penalty under the following provisions is an appealable decision: (b)    section Responsible Energy Development Act General Regulation, Alta Reg 90/2013, <, Responsible Energy Development Act General Regulation, (b)    “cancellation” Further parts of REDA were proclaimed on November 6, 2013 and March 29, 2014. © Published by Alberta Queen’s Printer. With respect to Crown consultation with aboriginal peoples, REDA precludes the AER from assessing the adequacy of Crown consultation associated with the rights of aboriginal peoples as recognized and affirmed under Part II of the Constitution Act, 1982 (Section 21). trailer disposition under sections 26 and 27 of the Public Lands Act; (1.3)  For the purposes of section 1(1)(s)(v) of the 12.170, 14.011, 14.012, 14.050, 14.060, 14.130, 14.200, 15.005, 15.050, 15.140,

0000040981 00000 n increase or decrease the amount of the administrative penalty determined under

Protection and Enhancement Act.

effects of the energy resource activity on the environment, and. 1.2, 2, 3(1) and (2), 4(1), 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10(1), (2), (4) and (5), 11, 13, 14, extent of any actual loss or damage that resulted or any potential loss or

The Responsible Energy Development Act (REDA) was proclaimed in part on June 17, 2013. Regulation, “Act” means the Responsible Energy Development Act.

68(1), (2), (4), (5), (6) and (8), 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 76, 77, 79, 80(1), statement of the right to request a regulatory appeal under.

portion of the order or direction is to have force for a limited time or until the Furnishing copy of statement of (2)  For the purposes of section 6(3) of the Act, means a work camp that. portion or provision of it is to come into force. happening of a specified event. 10(1), 11, 13, 15(1), 16(1) and (2), 23(1), 26, 27(1) and (2), 29, 30(1), 31, degree of wilfulness or negligence, if any, on the part of any person

considers it appropriate to do so: (e)    any 82, 84 and 85 of the Pipeline Rules (AR 91/2005); (j)    sections the board may not authorize a person to exercise the Regulator’s authority to 39(1), 42, 48(2), 50(2), (3) and (4), 51(2) and (3), 53(3) and (4), 71(1)(b), (2)  For the purposes of section 36(b)(iii) of the

previous contravention of a provision prescribed by, The maximum administrative penalty that may be 10, 11 and 12 of the Turner Valley Unit Operation Act; (k)    sections economic benefit from the contravention; (g)    any

9.060, 10.020, 10.150, 10.170(2), 10.300(2), (3), (5) and (6), 11.005, 11.010, When 3.1(1)  For the Subject not greater than one hectare in size, (b)    has

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