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As a result of the resurvey, some addresses have changed, including a change in the governing state. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1941.

An agreement reached in 1730 called for the boundary to start 30 miles south of the mouth of the Cape Fear River and run northwest parallel to the river. The state claims jurisdiction of the waters of the Atlantic to a distance of "one marine league eastward of the extreme low-tide mark." 3/23/2012. The Albemarle Sound settlements were separated from Virginia when Charles II granted the new province of Carolina to the Lords Proprietors. North Carolina-South Carolina Joint Boundary Commission. NCpedia will not publish personal contact information in comments, questions, or responses. In April 1993 the NC Geodetic Survey and the SC Geodetic Survey signed a Memorandum of Agreement to co-operatively establish the boundary. Byrd noted the plight of planters whose lands were divided by the line, "which made the Owners accountable to both Governments."    (accessed November 23, 2015). He also wrote that many settlers in the area preferred to belong to North Carolina, where the grasp of the government was weak and taxes for the province and the church were lower. "NC and SC join to resurvey their odd state line." (November 1, 2012). Thompson, Gary; NC Geodetic Survey. Marvin L. Skaggs, North Carolina Boundary Disputes Involving Her Southern Line (1933). After an additional 50 miles were surveyed, the North Carolina commissioners left for home, declaring that it was a waste of time to survey so far inland and so far from any settlers. "North Carolina-South Carolina."

1728, and 73 miles were surveyed when work halted six weeks later. Comments are not published until reviewed by NCpedia editors at the State Library of NC, and the editors reserve the right to not publish any comment submitted that is considered inappropriate for this resource. "Dispute over North Carolina/South Carolina border." Work was resumed in the fall. Further surveys in 1749 and 1779 traced the remainder of the boundary. By 1680 Virginia authorities were becoming irritated by residents along the boundary region who refused to pay their Virginia quitrents.

WBTV. Blythe, John. The boundaries shared by North Carolina and neighboring states were the cause of controversy and violence during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and minor disagreements were still being addressed during the twentieth century. After roughly 20 years of debate, North Carolina legislators are getting close to resolving a border dispute with South Carolina.

North Carolina ceded its western lands that became the state of Tennessee to the federal government in 1789. The location of much of the boundary was of little importance until settlers began moving to the area after the Cherokees were forced off of the land in that region in 1836. By the 1750s, both provinces had issued grants to some of the same properties. North Carolina Museum of History., January 1, 2011. (accessed November 23, 2015). Georgia had ceded its western lands to the United States and in turn received a 12-mile-wide strip of land ceded by South Carolina south of the 35th parallel. The State [S.C.]. Label vector designed by Ibrandify -

"Tar Heels or Sandlappers: The NC-SC Dividing Line Settled Soon." This article is from the Encyclopedia of North Carolina edited by William S. Powell. Darin E. Fields, William Byrd's Histories of the Dividing Line betwixt Virginia and North Carolina Run in the Year of Our Lord 1728: A Genetic Text (1992). "Border Shift Between North and South Carolina Switches States for Some." Go back to see more maps of North Carolina Go back to see more maps of South Carolina  U.S. Maps. North Carolina Miscellany (blog). A survey in 1815 completed the far western part of the boundary, ending at Ellicott's Rock on the Chattooga River, the meeting place of the boundaries of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

Taylor Thompson, Government & Heritage Library. The terminus of the 1737 survey, which later surveyors used as their starting point, was about 11 miles too far south of the 35th parallel. The act of cession decreed that the boundary between the two states would begin at Stone Mountain, on the Virginia line, and follow the highest ridges of various mountain ranges until reaching the Georgia boundary. Feb. 12, 2012. (November 1, 2012). It took several years before the two states could agree on the location of the boundary. North Carolina borders the Atlantic Ocean to the east, Virginia to the north, Tennessee to the west, and Georgia and South Carolina to the south. (November 1, 2012). (accessed November 23, 2015). Are the boundaries of North Carolina officially recorded somewhere, as a parcel of land is recorded at a county register of deeds office?

A member of our staff will be in touch with you via e-mail soon. Collins, Jeffrey; Associated Press. As the lands west of the end of the 1737 line were settled, conflict between the Carolinas grew. Collins, Jeffrey/Associated Press. Governor Arthur Dobbs later bitterly denounced South Carolina sheriffs and tax collectors in the disputed area as an "invasive force.". Temple, Robert D. "Troublesome Boundaries: Royal Proclamations, Indian Treaties, Lawsuits, Political Deals, The Virginian point of view of the 1728 survey was set forth by William Byrd II in his famous History of the Dividing Line betwixt Virginia and North Carolina (published in 1841). Used by permission of the publisher. I currently live in Ga,and i've been informed that the NC border is either on my northern border or running through my building. In 1728 commissioners and surveyors from both provinces began work on settling the location of the boundary. Work began in 1995 with teams of surveyors. Nothing was done to settle the location of the boundary until North Carolina and South Carolina became royal colonies. State of Sourth Carolina. Alexander S. Salley Jr., Boundary Line between North Carolina and South Carolina (1929).

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