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I'm bigger than you." Bellamy added, "Thank you for sparing my sister". ", Lincoln was now grinning slyly at her. Clarke thought as she felt the love she had for this little one strengthen her resolve to survive this battle. Set after 3x16...SPOILERS. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

They wrapped themselves around each other like they were each other's lifeline. At the last clearing you've managed to find a little alcove.". Clarke had the feeling that the next few days will be quite interesting. ", Clarke gasps, "The embodiment of death? Indra looks a little annoyed but nods. The pairing will be a weird one. Clarke actually gasps this time, "What? Clarke feels shock and desire flood through her, "I want to become the Embodiment of Death. Clarke grunted in pain as she looked down at the hits she took from her side. It was flexible like Lexa's (good for speed) but was more durable (like Roan). Clarke stared out of the window, letting her gaze wander over the city lying beneath her. "I'm Clarke." You wouldn't want me around for a lot of your life. And most recently Clarke had the chance to regain some trust when they were supposed to return to Arkadia before the blockage, but she didn't come. She says. She knew he was there somewhere. Death says. Clarke was glad for the short time she had for herself. Clarke asks, trying to keep her voice steady. She was forced to suffer for a decision her mother made that Clarke paid the price for. Clarke gritted her teeth as she said this to the fallen dictator.

"Good, then maybe we all can continue searching for the plants we have planned to collect. Clarke had been silent for too long and finally answered with only half the truth, "I am hoping that Bekka Pramheda will know where we can go to find safety.". Her attention was brought back to the other nightbloods as she saw movement out of the corner of her eye. Her father had been out in the woods to collect new firewood. She keeps her distance." Clarke was only slightly faster. But he must lack something that Lexa didn't. She had just hoped they wouldn't give her a hard time while she worked out a plan to stay alive. Your review has been posted. Clarke was born with Nightblood. The wraith nears her, causing Clarke's skin to crawl. He was around her age and they'd been friends ever since she could remember. Her only friends are the Blake family, who help her hide from Jaha's men. After leaving enough traces of herself on the ground the blue-eyed girl circled back and almost flew over the ground until she found what she was looking for. Ai laik kom skai. "We are the last of Humanity, and this is how we will end if we do nothing… in three months, this will no longer be our home but our tomb" she seems so grief stricken, she seats on a chair across from me but still looking at the planet. The man who had held her in his grip let her go and looked after his comrade.

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