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British freighters; Observers state that the German gunnery was accurate at first, but commenced to deteriorate after 8 to 10 salvoes. At 2208/24 HMS Victorious commenced launching 9 Swordfish in position 58°58'N, 33°17'E. West Cheswald (American, 5711 GRT, built 1919), M.S.

St.J.A. At 0140/27 a message was received that a large number of Junkers bombers were coming to her aid as were U-boats but the Bismarck was beyond their help besides that the aircraft did not find her. The Eskimos did not think their ship was in need of a refit but their objections were overruled and the ship proceeded to Durban. After the line of approach had been adjusted by two alterations of course, the Bismarck was sighted at 0843/27 bearing 118°, range about 25000 yards. The Prince of Wales altered course to starboard to avoid the wreckage of the Hood. The Cossack turned away under the cover of smoke, shortly afterwards resuming her course to the eastward. P.F. Black, RN) and the destroyers HMS Cossack (Capt. Meanwhile HMS Bramham was sent to the Dorset but soon afterwards German bombers came again and the ships were attacked repeatedly until dark. At 0537/24 HMS Hood and HMS Prince of Wales were turned together 40° to starboard towards the enemy. HMS Norfolk and HMS Suffolk loose contact at 0306/25. None had seen anything. R.W. It was hoped by the Germans that while she was nearing the French coast strong forces of aircraft and submarines would come to her assistance. Commemorating Canada's Great War flyers. In June 1941, the destroyer was in need of refit so she was dispatched to Green and Silley Weir in London. (3). HMS Eskimo was a Tribal-class destroyer, laid down by the High Walker Yard of Vickers Armstrong at Newcastle-on-Tyne on 5 August 1936. At least one hit was claimed on the starboard side abreast the bridge. E.B.

These ships were escorted by destroyers from the 8th Destroyer Flotilla; HMS Faulknor (Capt. (16), 14 Feb 1943HMS Sturgeon (Lt. A.W.
The damaged tanker Ohio was slowly catching up. (Retd.) The position of the enemy was passed to the Commander-in-Chief. Sinclair, DSC, RN) and HMS Nubian (Lt.Cdr.

The survivors picked up were later transferred to the destroyers HMS Keppel, HMS Malcolm and HMS Venomous that were to escort HMS Furious back to Gibraltar. E.N. N. Lanyon, RN). Giffard, RN), HMS Somali (Capt. This was however most likely HMS Liverpoo which reported firing on a surfaced submarine at exactly this time. The Commander-in-Chief decided not to make a dawn approach but to wait until daylight while approaching from the west taking advantage of wind, sea and light. Gray, RNR). Eaton, DSO, DSC, RN) and HMS Calpe (Lt.Cdr. Three torpedoes were fired at the wreck of which the third torpedo struck aft. The search therefore had to be undertaken by Swordfish, the only aircraft available. R.A. Fell, RN). P. Maerte), Volta (Cdr. J.M. Eskimo managed to steam back to Plymouth at 20 knots using only one boiler. She then gave them the approximate position of the Bismarck.

She reported that there was no doubt that the submarine was sunk but no Axis submarines were operating in this area so the attack must have been bogus. Range was now 18000 yards. And they also travelled hundreds of kilometres north of their own settlements in Greenland to summer hunting grounds, where they killed polar bears, narwhals, and seals, trading the pelts and ivory with Europe. M.J.M. These six sumarines had no contact with the enemy. It was just now that the cruisers lost contact with the enemy in a snowstorm and for some time no reports were coming in. The Lothringen was sent to Bermuda and was put into service by the MOWT as Empire Salvage. Also around 1645 hours this day the German submarine U-435 reported being shelled by three destroyers.

By 0630/24 she was approaching HMS Prince of Wales and Rear-Admiral Wake-Walker, signalling his intention to keep in touch, told her to follow at best speed. Heavy air attacks were expected that day, but only four enemy aircraft appeared, one of which bombed the screen while another one jettisoned her bombs on being attacked by a Blenheim fighter. Harkness, RN), HMS Firedrake (Lt.Cdr. Aquitania (British, 44786 GRT, built 1914, carrying 2638 troops), Sinclair, DSC, RN) in position 09°23'N, 85°17'E. C.D. B. Bryant, DSC, RN), HMS P 222 (Lt.Cdr. ‘ (12), 2 Sep 1942HMS H 34 (Lt. J.P.H. Connecting the past and present. The Port Chalmers, Melbourne Star and Rochester Castle arrived in Grand Harbour around 1800 hours with the force of A/Cdr. Sinclair, DSC, RN), HMS Kempenfelt (Capt. Ships that participated in this patrol were; battleships HMS Nelson (Capt. This was the final blow, the Bismarck heeled over quickly to port and commenced to sink by the stern. A signal was then passed to the destroyers that when the capital ships would turn to the south they were to continue northwards searching for the enemy. Force H was sailed around 0200/24 from Gibraltar to protect this important convoy on the passage southwards. She was now to the south-west of the Bismarck. HMS Speedy and two A/S trawlers with nine merchant ships (stagglers) from convoy PQ 14 returned to Reykjavik. They were escorted by the destroyers HMS Intrepid (Cdr. All however missed the Bismarck. E.R. Servaes, CBE, RN) was in position 42°45'N, 20°10'W and had been ordered to leave her convoy and close the enemy.
Her exercises were uneventful and by May, she was assigned to the 10th Destroyer Flotilla based at Plymouth, England. B. Jones, RN) and HMS Punjabi (Cdr.

H.G. (Operation Berserk). HMS Suffolk replied with nine broadsides before turning away behind a smoke screen.

(15), 3 Feb 1943HMS Sturgeon (Lt. A.W. Vice-Admiral Holland, on his way to Iceland was told to cover the patrols in Denmark Strait north of 62°N. As stated above ships from the Home Fleet departed Scapa Flow on this day to provide cover for convoy's PQ 14 and QP 10. Empress of Australia (British, 21833 GRT, built 1914, carrying 1235 troops), P.H. Prince of Wales was ordered to join the King George V and Repulse. P.V. R.S.G. P. Somerville, RN), HMS Ilex (Lt.Cdr. Waldegrave, DSC, RN) and HMS Shearwater (Lt.Cdr. After fuelling they departed for Scapa Flow later the same day. Meanwhile HMS Rodney was zigzagging across the Bismarck’s line of advance at a range of about 4000 yards firing her main and secondary armaments. Faulkner, RN) and the destroyers HMS Foresight (Cdr. On seeing the Suffolk being attacked, HMS Norfolk turned towards and she and HMS Prince of Wales opened fire, the latter firing 12 salvoes. and the American tanker; Damage was chiefly confined to the main electric cable runs and it took a week to repair the damage. Hopemount (British, 7434 GRT, built 1929), At 1740/26, HMS Sheffield, sighted the Bismarck in position 48°30'N, 17°20'W and took station about 10 nautical miles astern and commenced shadowing the enemy. At 0509/27 an aircraft was flown off from HMS Ark Royal to act as a spotter for HMS King George V but it failed to find the Bismarck in the bad weather. 5 May 1941HMS Manchester (Capt. Saumarez, RN) and HMS Impulsive (Lt.Cdr. A.W.S. Her salvoes fell short, but one or two shorts came near enough to cause some minor damage to her hull plating aft. R.E.H. When abeam of the enemy, who then appeared to be altering course to starboard Maori fired a star shell to see what he was about. On this day convoy QP 10 of 16 merchant vessels departed the Kola Inlet in northern Russia for Reykjavik, Iceland. Indeed the air attacks started around sunset, 2045 hours. But the memory of their conduct will remain an inspiration to all who were privileged to sail with them. They seem to have crossed astern of the enemy's track about 0800/26. HMS King George V deployed to the southward at 0859/27 when the Bismarck was 16000 yards distant. Ravenhill, RN) departed Rosyth and proceeded north at high speed to try to cut of the enemy warhips if they were to enter the Atlantic. Two of the guns on the Prince of Wales malfuntioned again. A.F.C. It was at 1030/26 that one of the long range Catalina's of the Coastal Command sighted the Bismarck in position 49°30'N, 21°55'W. She lost all steam and electric power, but continued to fire while HMCS Huron circled her with smoke. The convoy went on leaving the Dorset behind with the Ohio and two destroyers. Dicken, RN) which were on the Northern Patrol were to concentrate near the Faroes where they were joined by HMS Colombo (Capt. She saw a torpedo hit on the enemy's starboard side, reached a position on the starboard bow, withdrew to 5 miles, then came in just above the sea and just outside 1000 yards fired a torpedo which did not hit. HMS Sikh was some distance to the southward, not having received any information regarding the position of the Bismarck since 0025/27. HMS Eagle was on the starboard quarter of the convoy. They were then some 90 nautical miles north of the Bismarck. P.M. Sonneville), which was on patrol off south-west Norway was ordered to proceed to position 61°53'N, 03°15'E and HMS P 31 (Lt. B. Kershaw, RN) was ordered to proceed to position 62°08'N, 05°08'E which is to the west of Stadtlandet. Northey, DSC, RN), the minesweepers HMS Hebe (Lt.Cdr.

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