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The island is surrounded by an exclusive economic zone of about 400,000 square kilometers, but covers an area of only a bedroom at high tide. International law of the sea states that “rocks which cannot sustain human habitation or economic life of their own shall have no exclusive economic zone.” Above right: This image shows the concrete slab surrounded by huge tetrapods to prevent erosion around Okinotorshima. If the swell is greater than 3 to 5 metres, then landing is not possible so on average ferries can only dock about once in every forty days. The current occupation of the Liancourt Rocks by Korea is found to be legal and valid. The Liancourt Rocks consist of two main islets and numerous surrounding rocks. “Return our Island and the Sea” Although Japan’s MOFA attempts to make this a historical dispute about past sovereignty over Takeshima, Japan’s real motives are to acquire exclusive rights to the rich fishing grounds and potential natural gas reserves located around and under Takeshima. Okinotorishima (沖ノ鳥島) is an atoll, which in English has multiple designations.

The image to the right shows the concrete slab surrounded by huge tetrapods to prevent erosion around Okinotorshima, Under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, an island is “a naturally formed area of land, which is above water at high tide”.

The Japanese meaning of the name is “remote bird islands” and they are sometimes referred to as “the southernmost islands of Japan.”. This leads us to believe some other countries did not concur with U.S. foreign policy toward Dokdo Takeshima. The map aobve shows a 12 nautical mile boundary around Dokdo if Japan were ever to have sovereignty over Dokdo. [5] The Liancourt Rocks lie in rich fishing grounds that may contain large deposits of natural gas.[6]. Although this portion isn’t related to Takeshima it shows how the allies deliberated before reaching their decisions. Even if Japan were to impose a modest border of 12 nautical miles around Dokdo Takeshima, the results are hardly equitable.

However only 1,793,055 square kms of this actually comes from Japan’s proximal adjacent waters.

American policy on Dokdo – Takeshima was just a reflection of her military policy in Northeast Asia during the Korean/Cold War.

A total of 37 of these islets are recognized as permanent land. However, this is shown not to be the case here (link). (click images). Given the distance of Anyongbok’s Usando (Matsushima) 50 ri from Ulleungdo this Usando cannot be Jukdo Islet located only 2.2kms from Ulleungdo’s shore. Japan’s past reasoning for annexing Dokdo Takeshima cannot be considered as an equitable premise in solving this territorial dispute in today’s modern world. This was due to repeated invasions by Japanese pirates and the devastating effects of the Imjin Wars. The map from Shimane’s brochure is on the left.

Japanese boats plied coastal areas of Korea at will and plundered Chosun waters. The Okinotori Islands are sometmes called the southernmost “islands” of the Japanese archipelago. Not so long ago the Japanese government’s homepage declared Matsushima was an island that was bestowed upon the Oya and Murakawa families in the 17th Century. It was stated in this correspondence that the islands were not part of Tottori or Inbashu. These maps also illustrate the Japanese government is systematically backing these political lobbying efforts from the private business sector. Above right: While in the process of installing military watchtowers on Korean land, the Japanese warship Tsushima’s logbook (above) records the command to survey Liancourt Rocks for telegraph installation on November 13th 1904, three monts before the island was annexed. He was made Assistant Secretary of State for Far Eastern Affairs in 1950 and played an influential part in the US decision to become involved in the Korean War. A career naval man, he was the director of the Japanese Imperial Navy’s Hydrographic Dept. There are two large caves giving access to the sea, as well as a crater. The allied powers did not indicate why they chose to remain silent on the outcome, but the varying positions taken during the deliberation process indicate that the decision was made either because not enough information had bee provided regarding the historical events surrounding Japan’s incorporation of Dokdo Takeshima or because the Allied Powers felt themselves incapable or inadequate adjudicators…”. At high tide, one area of the reefs is roughly the size of a twin bed and pokes 7.4 centimeters (2.9 inches) out of the ocean. Shimane Prefecture’s Takeshima Propaganda Brochure. The Peace Treaty’s mere omission of mentioning Tokdo as part of Korea’s territory does not amount to the cession of Tokdo to Japan.

Secondly granting Japan sovereignty would cause the boundary of Japan and Korea to encroach on Korea’s Ulleungdo Island. Above right: An Yong Bok’s “map” of Korea, ishows Takeshima (竹島) and Matsushima (松島) as part of Gangwan Province (江原道). These events all occurred as Japan quietly annexed Takeshima. [23] Efforts have since been made by both public[24] and private[25] organizations to help curb the level of pollution surrounding the Rocks. There is a serious concern for pollution in the seas surrounding the Liancourt Rocks. Furthermore, the Korean government contested Japan’s annexation of Dokdo at different governmental levels and through local media immediately upon being informed in 1906. The sewage water treatment system established on the islets has malfunctioned and sewage water produced by inhabitants of the Liancourt Rocks such as South Korean Coast Guard and lighthouse staff is being dumped directly into the ocean. Copyright © 2009-2020 All Rights Reserved Under United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, more even-handed methods are used to determine territorial ownership of islands and international boundaries. By this point Korea’s Foreign Affairs Office had been dismantled starting in August of 1904. In 1981, Choi Jong-duk changed his administrative address to the Liancourt Rocks, making himself the first person to officially live there. The Liancourt Rocks dispute is a territorial dispute between South Korea and Japan.Both countries claim sovereignty over the Liancourt Rocks, a group of small islets in the Sea of Japan which are referred to as "Dokdo" (Korean: 독도; Hanja: 獨島) in Korean and "Takeshima" (竹島) in Japanese. However, as this documents shows, the allies considered giving the Cheju Island to Japan for fears the Korean peninsula would fall to communist forces creating a military disadvantage. The Liancourt Rocks consist of two main islets and numerous surrounding rocks. It states that “rocks which cannot sustain human habitation or economic life of their own shall have no Exclusive Economic Zone.” Japan signed the Convention in 1983; the Convention came into force in 1994?1996 for Japan. Japan’s EEZ is the worlds seventh largest and about 2,600,000 sq kms of her EEZ is generated from small outlying islands. The water around the islets is about 10 °C (50 °F) in early spring, when the water is coldest, warming to about 24 °C (75 °F) in late summer. Even if Japan were not to declare Dokdo Takeshima an EEZ, she would of course put some boundary around the islets.

Thus the term “The So-Called Usando” began to be seen on late 17th Century maps but it’s not clear if these maps are the Usando of ancient times.

Moreover, the approach Japan has used regarding other uninhabited islands in her surrounding waters gives Japan’s neighbours grave concern. Most importantly, most, if not all, historical maps of Japan fail to include both Ulleungdo (Takeshima) and Dokdo (Matsushima) as Japanese territory. But does the 1905 annexation of Dokdo make sense in this era? [3] Tadao Kuribayashi, another law professor, disagrees, arguing in part that rocks and reefs differ in composition and structure, and that the intent of the provision was geared toward the former. Japan’s claim for Dokdo has no place in modern Asia. Japan currently has the seventh largest EEZ in the world totalling 4,479,388 square kms.

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