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[5][6] His death ended the Julio-Claudian dynasty, sparking a brief period of civil wars known as the Year of the Four Emperors. [30]:257, Jürgen Malitz writes that ancient sources do not provide any clear evidence to evaluate the extent of Nero's personal involvement in politics during the first years of his reign. [61] As a result, the conspiracy failed and its members were executed including Lucan, the poet. Answer to: How did Emperor Nero die? The Great Fire of Rome broke out one night between July 18 and 19 in the year 64 AD. How did Nero die? 5. Image courtesy of Interspot Film. Updates? Nero then toyed with the idea of fleeing to Parthia, throwing himself upon the mercy of Galba, or appealing to the people and begging them to pardon him for his past offences "and if he could not soften their hearts, to entreat them at least to allow him the prefecture of Egypt". Nero complied — but it was too late. He cried, "Have I neither friend nor foe?" Even later Nero was capable of conceiving grandiose plans for conquests or the creation of public works, but for the most part he used his position simply to gratify his own personal pleasures. [60] The freedman Milichus discovered the conspiracy and reported it to Nero's secretary, Epaphroditos. [11] Nero's inheritance was taken from him and he was sent to live with his paternal aunt Domitia Lepida the Younger, the mother of Claudius' third wife Valeria Messalina. [30]:258 However, Nero's "conduct became far more egregious" after his mother's death. Nero had planned for his mother’s ship to sink, and  depending on the writer’s account, Agrippina either died at sea, or survived the incident only for Nero to send soldiers to her villa to finish the job. He reduced the weight of the denarius from 84 per Roman pound to 96 (3.80 grams to 3.30 grams). Answer to: When did Nero die? When Tigranes attacked Adiabene, Nero had to send further legions to defend Armenia and Syria from Parthia. In 65Ad, a plot to replace Nero arose which he learned of and thwarted. Caligula's beloved sister Drusilla had recently died and Caligula began to feel threatened by his brother-in-law Marcus Aemilius Lepidus. Various plots against Nero's life developed, and Nero had many of those involved put to death.


Nero and Britannicus. She then married her uncle, the emperor Claudius. Shotter says this parallels other divine designations that were commonly applied to Nero in the East including "The New Apollo" and "The New Sun". He writes of peace and prosperity under Nero in contrast to previous war and strife. She was also able to convince Claudius to replace with a single commander, Burrus, two prefects of the Praetorian guard who were suspected of supporting Brittanicus. Nero’s father, Gnaeus Domitius Ahenobarbus, died when he was only 2 years old. In 56 Agrippina was forced into retirement. [99] This belief came to be known as the Nero Redivivus Legend.

And why would anyone believe that someone impersonating someone as reviled as Nero could help them seize power in Rome? The Senate actually was still reluctant and deliberating on the right course of action, as Nero was the last member of the Julio-Claudian Family. It is uncertain if it was an accident or arson; however, the fire burned for several days and nights, destroying most of the city. His extravagant, empire-wide program of public and private works was funded by a rise in taxes that was much resented by the upper classes. There was a problem. [124], Tacitus was the son of a procurator, who married into the elite family of Agricola. Get exclusive access to content from our 1768 First Edition with your subscription. [citation needed]. By 48 AD, Agrippina the Younger had married her Uncle, Emperor Claudius and in 50 AD, the ailing Emperor adopted his great-nephew as his son. On June 9th, 68 AD, Tiberius Claudius Nero Caesar— better known as Emperor Nero — died by his own hand after being declared an enemy of the state by the Roman senate. [96] It was said that the common Roman hailed Otho as Nero himself. Upon his death in A.D. 59, the officials appointed by Nero ignored it, seizing Iceni land. Suetonius and Cassius Dio alleged that Nero sang the "Sack of Ilium" in stage costume while the city burned.

According to the Annals of the Roman historian Tacitus and to the Nero of the Roman biographer Suetonius, Nero in response tried to shift responsibility for the fire to the Christians, who were popularly thought to engage in many wicked practices. He also thought that existing writing on them was unbalanced: The histories of Tiberius, Caius, Claudius and Nero, while they were in power, were falsified through terror, and after their death were written under the irritation of a recent hatred. Seneca himself wrote Nero’s report on the murder to the Senate. She gave him no heir, and the two were estranged by A.D. 62. Nero felt a strong connection to Baiae, and he began to covet the villas of others there, including those of his family.

(1990). After poisoning her second husband, Agrippina incestuously became the wife of her uncle, the emperor Claudius, and persuaded him to favour Nero for the succession, over the rightful claim of Claudius’s own son, Britannicus, and to marry his daughter, Octavia, to Nero. [18]:54 Agrippina's involvement in Claudius' death is not accepted by all modern scholars. To the Romans these antics seemed to be scandalous breaches of civic dignity and decorum. According to Suetonius the gymnastic contests were held in the Saepta area of the Campus Martius. What do you personally think?

The Senate declared him a public enemy on June 9th, 68 AD. [11]:22 Miriam T. Griffins suggests that Nero's decline began as early as 55 AD with the murder of his stepbrother Britannicus, but also notes that "Nero lost all sense of right and wrong and listened to flattery with total credulity" after Agrippina's death.

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