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This double feature showcases two low budget horror films from 1963, shot in crisp black and white. User Ratings This knowledge made digesting Party Beach a bit easier since the film itself is, well, not good. It is an all time classic turkey. Party Beach seems like it’s ripe for the picking there but, honestly, I don’t enjoy comedic commentary during my clunkers; let me find whatever enjoyment I can in this stupid sludge and mine it for myself. Features some suprizingly decent surf/rockabilly tunes by The Del-Aires. I saw a pretty gory version of it compared to what ended up on Mystery Science Theater years later, I'm happy to see from some fans of this movie, that I didn't imagine all those scenes that were obviously cut. In the special features there is a photo of a marquee over a cinema complex. The monsters also seem to be angry about some ping pong balls that got lodged in their eye-sockets, as well as some hot dogs they got stuck in their mouths, and are now (this is only a theory of mine) looking for mustard and relish so they can swallow the hot dogs. A kindly old scientist races against time to figure out how to kill the critters, which are you basic men in rubber suits. Black levels are closer to dark gray once night falls which, again, you sort of have to expect. It’s the Living End: An Encounter with The Del-Aires – Interview with Band Members Bobby Osbourne and Ronnie Linares – Catch up with these old timers as they reminisce about getting the film gig and play some tunes. I didn't find anything in it that would cause me to watch it again. Other than that, it's not very notable. _g1.classList.remove('lazyload'); He discovers by accident( the family maid Eullabelle spills some salt onto a severed limb left by one of the beastly denizens) that sodium can destroy them. This is one of the most memorable films from my childhood! 4 out of 5. Return to Party Beach: A Retrospective Documentary on The Horror of Party Beach – Covering the early days of Tenney, highlighting his penchant and talent for showmanship over filmmaking. It is actually pretty good, as well. These include an audio commentary with Del Tenney for each film, a very interesting interview with Del. Switch to the light mode that's kinder on your eyes at day time. I know it is drekk but it's definitely good drekk.What startled me at the time was how fast it got to the point. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. Classic camp drive-in horror of the 60's is a gem for those who love these kind of flicks. It's sad that they didn't get in the credits.

Get the latest horror news straight into your inbox! She may have been 'only a black character actress' to some people, but to me she had more character than any role she ever played. So for many years today's movie only existed as that magazine version, relentlessly advertised in Famous Monsters. It’s campy as hell and packed with just enough weird insanity to maintain interest but Tenney knew he had a (literal) turkey on his hands. }

I guess I am nostalgic. The running time for "Horror" is 78 minutes, and the running time for "Curse" is 84 minutes, which add up to a grand total of 162 minutes not including the Special Features. Here you'll find all collections you've created before. _g1.setAttribute('src', _g1.getAttribute('data-src') ); What better way to entice love-to-be-scared ladies and macho men to the theater than by making a big to-do about having patrons sign a “Fright Release” before viewing the picture? On Broadway, Eulabelle had been directed by Elia Kazan twice, Otto Preminger, Robert Rossen, and George Abbott. One of the reasons she and I 'bonded' was that I have always been as attached to my skillet as she was to hers, since the one from which I have had my fried bacon and eggs for breakfast all my life goes back to the 17th century and was used by my Leonard ancestors almost daily since they made it in their own iron works, the first in America, at Taunton, Massachusetts. Creature design leaves plenty to be desired, if my shrewd observation on their appearance didn’t make that already obvious. As the beach party teens dance and sing (doing "The Zombie Stomp"), offshore a chemical spill re-animates a skeleton at the bottom of the sea into gill man (yes with hot dog looking protrusions from the mouth) and the creatures go on a killing spree! But can Hank and Dr. Gavin get enough before more citizens are brutally murdered? I intended to purchase these movies seperately, but if they were offered in a combo, then even better! If you like off-the-wall horror, this is definitely a must have. Metacritic Reviews. She carried her skillet (old iron frying-pan) with her everywhere she went, along with a miniature portable stove and pan to boil her vegetables in.

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The big number from the show was "Zombie Stomp" which became an instant flop . I have come to enjoy some of the worst movies ever made - - > low-budget drive-in monster movies from the 50's and 60's! As for the monsters, they have googly eyes and what appears to be a bunch of Hummel hot dogs wedged in their large, perpetually open moths, the better to drink human blood, I guess.

Top subscription boxes – right to your door. But if you just can’t stomach a cornucopia of camp, then even at a brisk 78-minutes “Party Beach” will be anything but a good time.

It rocks, it rolls and there is camp value galore as this tale unfolds at a brisk pace. Reviewed in the United States on May 14, 2017, There is another (and better) version if this movie out there somewhere. These movies actually did show together as a double feature. Not that they’d actually need it, of course. _g1.classList.remove('lazyload'); In those days of segregation, she tended to be type-cast as the black maid, which after all were often the only parts available for black women on the stage. } catch(e) {}. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. Later that night, numerous girls are killed during an attack at a slumber party. It wasn't exactly Joan Baez and company, but they weren't bad. if ( localStorage.getItem(skinItemId ) ) { The fun part is to observe the early '60s hairdos and outfits. Things get really serious when the monsters attack and murder over 20 teenage girls at a slumber party. It’s a trip to think that some twenty-odd years earlier, Del Tenney and his low-budget band of misfits were making a schlockfest on beaches not far from where I used to romp as a child. This combines with the amount of attacks in the film makes it standout as a particularly silly and charming monster film, that has less of the boring sections of nonsense plot which plague similar films.

She soon became a favourite character actress on Broadway and was frequently described as the Hattie McDaniel of New York. If only the creatures looked more realistic. However, this film isn't as bad as a film that came out around the same time, The Beach Girls and the Monster.

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