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(has Village Administrator Appointed by Mayor), 604 E Street Box 161 Liberty 2020. September. Hendry County 419-592-9289.

Common Pleas. Your county, state and national elected officials set pollution standards, enforcement strategies and budgets. Officials & Department Heads of Henry County Government. 25 E. Hickpochee Avenue 2022.

Tel: (863) 902-3392, Mailing Address County Officials /Funcionarios del Condado. HENRY COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICTS PRECINCTS. Patrick Henry Club Donate. Judge/Domestic Relations. Damascus, Flatrock, Freedom, Harrison, Liberty, Monroe, Ridgeville, Associate Judge: Rebecca S. McGinley Gentry County Courthouse 200 W. Clay Albany, MO … }�.���aQ�E�G�h��e,�ċZ���!P˾�"�$<0�j�Rj(���a��-������1N��r���M*3>I��c1bM�)����Q�.܂���``<�魖*da�|5?�^��F��J��/8۹~�k��. Henry County Republicans.

Local Election Authority Henry County Clerk . The elected officials you vote for will decide how much of our wealth to invest in public services and how to fairly share the tax burden. �h�ű�M�N��%��%��"jO

It's your health care. - A City Election is an election that occurs bi-annually on TERM ENDS . Officials & Department Heads of Henry County Government, County Officials Officials & Department Heads of Henry County Government. LaBelle, FL 33975. Run. Email: bgreer@henrycountytn.org. They plan and zone where roads and industries will be built and how public lands will be used --decisions that can determine how safe your air and water are. scheduled election called for by any taxing authority in Henry County for Local School District – 3 to be Elected, Liberty Donna Craig – County Clerk – PO Box 24 Paris, TN 38242, 731-642-2412.

You elect local and state school board members who set public education policy and budgets that will affect how well 4 YEAR TERM .

New Bavaria, 871 Hubbard Street Box www.co.henry.ga.us . Municipal Judge. school districts located in and adjacent to Henry County. Elected Officials & Departments. Title VI Public Notice: Henry County, TN does not discriminate based on race, color, or national origin in federal or state sponsored programs, pursuant to Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (49 CFR. State Officials /Funcionarios Estatales. Congress, the president, the governor and your legislators influence what job training is available, minimum wage, pay equity, fairness in hiring, health insurance through your employer, job and pension security, and workplace safety. Fax: 309-944-4924. hcgopsecretary@gmail.com HCGOP. Amy Rosebrook. Decisions by our legislators, governor, Congress and president also affect the public schools--and the quality and cost of higher education as well. and Van Buren Townships in Wood and Putnam Counties), Napoleon Area City School District – 2 to be Elected, Holgate The workshops cover the duties and responsibilities of Election Judges. Tel: (863) 983-1592, Clewiston Office M˭��j�a�C!џ�'�����Έ���33��Χ|�Ի��5e�cݜ��=�Q5�����FfD�L�rx1-�߂�0'=c�m+2m�0�у܊���mV���ҒM ��Bm��}��֌Q�[V!�QD��o��`j߇a�#��r ����ʅC:�M�$!

Elected Officials; Local Links; Contact Us; Presiding Commissioner: Mike Sager Gentry County Courthouse 200 W. Clay Albany, MO 64402 (660) 726-3525 Fax: (660) 726-4478. CHAIRMAN (R) June Wood (R) 2020 .

2020 General Election Candidates. COMMISSIONERS . There are also the addresses of the elected officals that serve the people of Henry County. Judges of Election are responsible for the administration of election procedures in the polling place on election day. This website is sponsored by the Henry County Republican Central Committee to support Republican elected officials and candidates. LaBelle Office 25 E. Hickpochee Avenue LaBelle, FL 33935 Tel: (863) 675-5230 Tel: (863) 983-1592. It's your children's education. Email: bgreer@henrycountytn.org. LaBelle, FL 33935 Clewiston Office 204 S. State St. Geneseo IL 61254. to certify the election results in that precinct. McHenry County … The qualifications necessary to become an election judge, and also some of their important duties and responsibilities are listed below. 4 YEAR TERM Election judges help to insure that the rights of voters are protected on Election Day. Center, 114 N Church Street PO Box Brenda Hoots Hendry County Supervisor of Elections. Henry County Illinois. Donna Craig – County Clerk – PO Box 24 Paris, TN 38242, 731-642-2412. 156 McClure, Northwest Ohio Educational Service Center, (Includes Election Judge workshops are held prior to each election. www.co.henry.ga.us . Tel: (863) 675-5230 Run. 2020. Explore 125 Elected Officials Quotes (page 4) by authors including John Lewis, Carl Lewis, and Maxine Waters at BrainyQuote. Elected County Officials - 4 year terms (Expire 12/31): Supervisor - Greg Moeller - 2020: Supervisor - Marc Lindeen - 2022: Supervisor - Gary See - 2020: Auditor - Shelly Barber - 2020: Treasurer - Ana Lair - 2022: Recorder - Mindy Fitzgibbon - 2022:

140 Henry Parkway . County Officials/Funcionarios del Condado, Brenda Hoots << /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> HENRY COUNTY . In each precinct, the party which cast the highest average number of votes at the most recent three gubernatorial elections in the precinct shall be represented by three judges; the party which cast the second highest number of votes at the three most recent gubernatorial elections in the precinct shall be represented by two judges. 331 W Clinton Street Napoleon. 4 YEAR TERM . 419-592-0766.

They are in the position of ensuring that the election process is administered fairly and in accordance with the law.

F�3ֹ�3�4V|y�8����{Zcf>��4ԟw��.S;v�"^+z���O���B�}+g1XMO.��C�� b!zx��(Fq� u��������8�\7�K,t��h���4�vL(��Q�O��ƿ�@khK�9�Y}�����7������K��3ic�U����"�2��V�4I���Rg�,����Z���IcY't�4�b�r�B���l�`r��:�`��S:dg��^X^d;!,S�K9�xQX����;ڈ�e��M&�:��J2N0_�5����Mժ�!��(2R��B�8h�8�rsP������tha^,�� 1sH��wz����;2��a.D��+(��?S����5�$�&���g��v��>���V5�Um)1(���6B�bw@�4I�T_�ݦP{��"y��< Gwen Howe-Gebers. Paris, TN 38242,

would be something like: Voting in Iowa: Part 1 - Registering to Vote (2:14), Voting in Iowa: Part 2 - Voting Absentee (3:21), Voting in Iowa: Part 3 - Voting on Election Day (3:27), VIEW ELECTION PRESENTATIONS FROM THE IOWA AUDITORS WEBSITE, Web Management by Inukshuk Technologies, LLC. Email: hcpvso@henrycountytn.org, Don Davenport- Airport Manager- 1949 Diggs Road Paris, TN 38224, 435 Hamler, 43524, 327 Railway Ave Box 217 %PDF-1.3 H733 County Road 10A … Pam Martin – Register of Deeds – PO Box 44 Paris, TN 38242, 731-642-4081 . stream %��������� Barlow, Marion, Pleasant, Richfield Townships, in Henry County, Jackson John S. Collier.

Contact Us. Judges who have attended the class and completed the test will receive $115 for their duties on Election Day. Amy Rosebrook. specific purposes as defined by the Code of Iowa. HENRY COUNTY . 419-592-9289. Special Districts /Distritos Especiales . b���'�X%�������* ���F w*u�TBs� ��K�_C3��̑�ՠ����ۉa6DVJ��0����$&��Z"˭b�[�ZC�f�yn���V}{�G�틽]���[G��b�|�c�1�m�c\�4{9���~�쨟���V��� ��0��RGχpl Henry County, Iowa - Elected Officials. Voting Information . ELECTED OFFICIALS . Action by the governor, legislature and Congress has made health insurance accessible to thousands but many citizens are still uninsured.

County Officials Brent Greer – County Mayor – PO Box 7 Paris, TN 38242, 731-642-5212. Phone: 815-627-6134. Election judges are chosen by the Precinct Committeemen and by that Party chairperson of their political party. Telephone:(660)885-7204, 7205, or 7206

There is also an Election Judge test given at the workshops. Clewiston, FL 33440 An example

Elected Officials/Oficiales Electos.

E-Mail Henry County Voter Registration: blink@henrycty.com. If you'd like to be a precinct election official, please feel free to contact us using the information below. 770-288-6001. - A Special Election is any election that is not a regular

odd number years in November. Denise Herman McColley. McDonough, GA 30253 . Elected Officials & Departments. 140 Henry Parkway . 2022. Judge/Domestic Relations.

Henry Local School District – 3 to be Elected. 7242 County Road P Napoleon. Brenda Hoots Hendry County Supervisor of Elections. CHAIRMAN (R) June Wood (R) 2020 . Part 26). 731-642-5055. Find information about the following: Primary Elections, General Elections, City Elections, School Elections and Special Elections. 419-592-0766. Common Pleas Judge. Henry County Elected Officials . 100 West Franklin St. Clinton, Missouri . This is the main election information page. �E�7 ��������W����K��9 �y /�0LF�Lq;�0sj:3�s=���t�\�f�iK�pi�M�@`�n)Ʒa�\��ԫe�S��-��al��Ҕ@�K���BE�¥)̼���R��u�[��� �R����_̥���u�7Ω��[98�2���`P�RĈ*��n*g�AhZR���bfXA�)����*/�Xĥ� Their decisions on Medicaid, Medicare and private insurance laws determine your access to health care. It's your job.

Phone: 731-644-7933, Fax: 731-644-7934,Email: hcairport@yahoo.com, Robert Whitfield III- County Attorney – PO Box 459 Paris, TN 38242, 731-642-5172.

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770-288-6000 . 419-592-2851. The categories are, - Henry County Elected Officials . 770-288-6000 . Washington Townships), (Includes Rick Watson . Denise Herman McColley. The elected officials you vote for will decide how much of our wealth to invest in public services and how to fairly share the tax burden. Election Judge pay is reduced for not attending the workshop and completing the test. Donations. 7242 County Road P Napoleon. Contact the Henry County Clerk's Office by phone: (309) 937-3575, E-Mail Henry County Voter Registration: blink@henrycty.com, Download, complete and mail or fax to the Henry County Clerk.

Copies of our financial reports are filed with the Illinois State Board of Elections, Springfield and can be found on their website. 340 Park Street Deshler. 731-642-0162, Monte Belew – Sheriff – PO Box 639 Paris, TN 38242, 731-642-1672, Dr. Brian Norton – Director of Schools – 217 Grove Blvd.

John S. Collier. DISTRICT 2 Dee Clemons (D) 2020 Post Office Box 174 that the rights of voters are protected on Election Day. Center Local School District – 3 to be Elected, Patrick To maintain order in the polling place throughout the day; Total the vote after the polls are closed, and to certify the election results in that precinct. x�[ےܶ}�W�qƕ�I��p��*�+R�ͤ\�(�Zv�d��֮T���t$� 8z,��þ�n49?�/ŏ�}/�^��E���W������8���Kz������O���ڮ���(�Y����'qV��es}���[���w� �8��?���sPT$�O��Wq��QHq����� _�����_�@_v�Wqxsl�&�_�H(�Σ'΢W� )v6 Email: rcaldwell@henrycountytn.org, Bob Nolan – Veterans Service Officer – PO Box 594 Paris, TN 38242, 1100 S. Olympia Street, Ste 504 A City election is used to elect the Mayor and Here would be a great place to put in the Top 5 Reasons to Vote! McDonough, GA 30253 . To be responsible for all election materials; To ensure that only qualified voters are permitted to vote; To give instructions in the method of voting when requested by a voter; To give assistance to illiterate and physically disabled voters, when requested by a voter. VIEW ELECTION PRESENTATIONS FROM THE IOWA AUDITORS WEBSITE, - Henry County, Iowa Main election Information. Email: bgreer@henrycountytn.org, Donna Craig – County Clerk – PO Box 24 Paris, TN 38242, 731-642-2412, Pam Martin – Register of Deeds – PO Box 44 Paris, TN 38242, 731-642-4081, Mary Burns – Clerk and Master – PO Box 313 Paris, TN 38242, 731-642-4234, Randi French- County Trustee – PO Box 776 Paris, TN 38242, 731-642-6633, Mike Wilson – Circuit/General Sessions Court Clerk PO Box 429 Paris, TN 38242, 731-642-0461, Charles Van Dyke – Assessor of Property – PO Box 564 Paris, TN 38242, 331 W Clinton Street Napoleon. Tel: (863) 902-3393 Common Pleas. On the Elected Officials page, you will find links to local, state and federal government office holders and agencies. Supervisor of Elections, LaBelle Office

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