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Death appears again in "Appointment in Samarra", in which Dean attempts to convince him to retrieve Sam's soul from Lucifer's cage. Originally trapped with Lucifer, Mary is captured and tortured by the archangel Michael, the ruler of Apocalypse World. Kevin aids Sam and Dean with finding a spell to communicate with animals and is later asked by Dean to find a way to suppress an angel. When it turns out the hotel is actually haunted, he is forced to occupy the guests and the hotel staff while the Winchesters and a pair of cosplayers destroys the ghosts.

In the pilot episode, six months after Sam's birth in 1983, Mary was awakened by sounds of him crying in his crib. After catching Kaia's killer, dubbed Dark Kaia, the three learn of her identity as Kaia's alternate counterpart who admits that Kaia's death was an accident as she was aiming for Claire. Lilith on the other hand was hinted to be immune to holy water and proved highly resistant to Sam's psychic powers.

Both Walt and Roy return in season 12's "Who We Are" as two of the hunters called in to help deal with the British Men of Letters situation by Jody Mills. She is the original propagator of the majority of supernatural beings.

Kevin learns that in order to close the gates, someone must complete three trials and recite an Enochian spell after each one.

Edgar (played by Benito Martinez) is the first Leviathan introduced in the series, taking the form of a demolitions expert and working under orders from "the Leader" - which will be later revealed to be Dick Roman - sent to lead in those feeding indiscriminately and to kill Sam, Dean and Bobby when they interfered on his plans. As her operatives prepare to strike against the hunters, their families and any bystanders, an assault team of American hunters led by Sam Winchester attacks the British compound. The only known white-eyed demons are Lilith and Alastair. It was a different phone call from Robbie, because last season he called and said, “hey, you’re coming back!” and I said, “no way!” “Yeah, here’s the bad news, it’s just one scene.” I said, “hey, one scene is great!” He’s like, “yeah, but it’s just one line.” I was like, “okay!” So it was great, because we’ve been doing these conventions now for a long time and all these guys, all the other actors are some of my dearest friends. Its later shown that Kevin also lied about perfecting the spell for Michael and that the lie was a part of the trap as Michael had no way to open a rift until Lucifer provided him with the spell from the Demon Tablet in "Exodus.". Red-eyed demons are said to have the power to alter reality. After a failed attempt to use Kevin as leverage, the escaped ghosts, aside from Kevin, are trapped in a crystal by Rowena.

I can only give a Rob Benedict theory, which I’m sure is not as good as a fan theory, but I will say that Robbie did deliberately put it in there, and in the script it’s called the “Samulet” – we call it the “Samulet” in the script, and he deliberately said, “God starts to say where it’s been this whole time and then Metatron cuts him off, so he never gets to say.” Suffice it to say it’s back, and it’s glowing. In season 13's "Patience," the Winchesters are called by psychic Missouri Moseley after a monster starts targeting psychics. Wanting to get rid of the traitor, Asmodeus sends a demonic messenger to warn Luther and to ask Luther to tip off Asmodeus if Barthamus arrives. She is slain by Dean wielding the First Blade when the Mark grants Dean new powers that enable him to overcome her attacks. After the angels fall, Kevin is left trapped in the bunker as it locks down and he panics, nearly shooting Dean with a crossbow when he arrives.

Finding the rift on the verge of closing, Jody agrees to allow Claire to go through with Kaia and stop overprotecting her. Cain slaughtered all of the Knights, but when he got to Abaddon, she possessed Colette and tricked Cain into killing his wife. Earl Johnson

Chuck eventually reveals to Metatron that He is, in fact, God.

Dean expressed skepticism initially (due to hearing the story in the midst of a drinking game inspired by the exploit) but he later confided to Sam that he believed Asa to be a 'legit' hunter, evidenced by his armory, complete with an angel blade. once both demons are dead.

His friend Richard rushed him to the hospital, where the doctors told them that had they been a few hours late, Rob would have died.

Ennis later tells the Winchesters about what he witnessed with Marv's face and Sam identifies him as a wraith and explains how mirrors and cameras can sometimes reveal a monster. At the Kendricks Academy, Mick was best friends with a boy named Timothy. Lucifer warns Castiel of the danger of Kevin working to open another rift for Michael who intends to invade their world.

Adam Milligan, portrayed by Jake Abel is the illegitimate son of John Winchester and the half-brother of Sam and Dean Winchester. Afterwards, he agreed to tell the FBI that they were in the helicopter when it crashed.

Reunited with Jody, Kaia accepts an invitation to return to Sioux Falls with her and is pleased to learn that Claire, out seeking Dark Kaia at the time, will be home soon.

The British Men of Letters saw potential within Mick and sent him to the Kendricks School. Returning home, Eldon tells his father of the Men of Letters bunker and its stash of supernatural knowledge and suggests they raid it. Rob Benedict (b. September 21, 1970) is an American actor who portrays God (and his identity as "Chuck Shurley") on Supernatural. Dark Kaia, also portrayed by Yadira Guevara-Prip, is the alternate reality counterpart of Kaia from The Bad Place. In the season 6 premiere "Exile on Main St.," Dean is targeted for revenge by three djinn a year after quitting hunting in revenge for the death of the djinn in "What Is and What Should Never Be" who they identify as their father.

With all other hunters stating that there is no cure, including Bobby Singer, Madison has a reluctant Sam kill her to keep Madison from hurting anyone else. Unlike common lore, they do not actually grant wishes. Dagon continues her role as protector of Lucifer's child in "The British Invasion". Claire Novak, portrayed as a child by Sydney Imbeau and later in the series as a young adult by Kathryn Newton, is the daughter of Jimmy and Amelia Novak. Eileen battles a witch's ghost until Dean puts the witch's soul to rest. Drexel coordinates the search for Lucifer and his son for Asmodeus and is told about Asmodeus' history with creatures known as the Shedim, a history that caused Lucifer to inflict lasting scars upon Asmodeus' face. During season 7, hunter Bobby Singer became a ghost for a time after his death to look after the Winchesters and help stop the Leviathan threat. During the fight that followed, Hydeker began feeding on Sam, but Dean caught his attention and shot Hydeker in the head, killing him.

Vampires play a major role in season 8, mainly through Dean's vampire friend Benny who has a recurring role. Later, Ramiel tells the Winchesters that Dagon has taken an interest in Lucifer's unborn Nephilim child, though Ramiel himself couldn't care less.

He wishes to return to his family, but Sam and Dean insist that he would put them in danger from the demons hunting him down for his association with angels. She claims to have conceived him during a winter orgy. Later in the season during "Freaks and Geeks," the Winchesters encounter a group of teenage hunters that are chasing vampires that supposedly killed their families.

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