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This may be a useful source of information to assist dutyholders with the safe operation of the premises and to inform the assessment of fire risk. The guide does not apply to premises used for overnight sleeping accommodation and does not apply to premises used for child-minding, for which other guidance has been produced [1] . Scottish Government has provided additional funding of £870,000 to the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service for each of the last two years to install these alarms in the home of people assessed at high risk from fire as part of a Home Fire Safety Visit. Given the impact of COVID-19, and the difficulties this is likely to create for people seeking to install new smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, we will be seeking the Scottish Parliament’s approval to delay the implementation of this legislation for a period of 12 months. A: The regulations are due to come into force in February 2021, however, in light of  difficulties caused by COVID-19 we are seeking the Scottish Parliament’s approval to delay the implementation of this legislation for a period of 12 months. Regent Road Contractors and volunteers working on site may also have some responsibilities through their degree of control or responsibility for safety systems.

in major sports grounds - the local authority. There is no requirement for alarms to be fitted in communal areas such as entry halls and stairways. Q: How will the new regulations impact my household insurance policy? uses cookies which are essential for the site to work. Penalties for non-compliance would be determined by the Tribunal. Part 3 of the 2005 Act, along with the Fire Safety (Scotland) Regulations 2006, sets out the fire safety duties in respect of the majority of non-domestic premises in Scotland. General guidance is available on the Scottish Government Firelaw webpages . For example, fire safety in sports grounds is governed through Part 3 of the 2005 Act and not through sports grounds certification. There is also a right of appeal to the court against a Prohibition Notice, Enforcement Notice or Alterations Notice, within 21 days from the date the notice is issued. A: Yes – the requirement is to have all alarms interlinked.

Examples are large transport hubs, enclosed shopping centres, and certain industrial premises which contain special processes or hazards such as high bay warehouse, automated retrieval system, explosives, petrochemical plant; and power generation.

If the SFRS is not satisfied with the outcome of a dutyholder's assessment of fire risk in the premises, or the action taken by a dutyholder, or the fire safety measures in place, it may send out a letter which requests or specifies that certain action or measures be taken and may request that a dutyholder draws up an action plan for implementation of the measures. Q: I own my home – who will pay for these alarms?

A: All homes will be covered by the new standard, as it is important that all homes should be safe for occupants regardless of tenure. 13. This guide has been produced to assist those who have responsibility under this Act for ensuring fire safety in premises in Scotland.

The SFRS policy towards enforcement is proactive and it adopts an enabling approach to assist dutyholders in complying with their obligations. Any data collected is anonymised. 15.

But it is possible for a standard higher than that required by Building Regulations to be necessary as a consequence of assessment of risk. The SFRS has the power to take more formal action in certain situations. When looking to contract a specialist, it can be difficult to judge the competence of companies and persons who advertise their services. You can get rid of household or garden waste by composting or recycling it. Additionally, the SFRS has power to issue an 'Alterations Notice' that requires the recipient to inform the enforcing authority before making specified changes to the premises.

25. out more about cookies, Coronavirus (COVID-19): what you need to know. In these cases, specific sector information and advice may be applied and this guide used for general principles. Nothing in this guide should be interpreted as permitting a reduction in the standard of fire safety measures where the measures have been incorporated to comply with Building Regulations. ventilation systems to dilute or remove flammable gas or vapour; selecting equipment that will not be a source of ignition; and. Section 71 of the 2005 Act provides that terms, conditions or restrictions in such licences - including statutory certification or registration schemes - have no effect if they relate to fire safety requirements or prohibitions which are, or could be, imposed under Part 3. The SFRS as an enforcer of the legislation, cannot undertake a dutyholder's risk assessment obligation. A: Following the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower in London, a Ministerial Working Group on Building and Fire Safety was established to review Scotland’s building and fire safety regulatory frameworks. A: Most home owners want to make their homes as safe as possible and compliance will also form part of any Home Report when you come to sell your home. When deciding what fire safety measures are appropriate for premises, the benchmarks can be used as a comparison against what exists in the premises. 5. 35.

Both the Scottish Government and the SFRS recommend that dutyholders who wish to contract the services of an external fire safety risk assessor, select an assessor from a list of competent fire risk assessors maintained by a professional body or a UKAS accredited third party certification body. A: Different home insurance policies provided by different insurers will have varying terms and conditions which a homeowner must comply with in order for their home insurance to be valid. Generally, reviews of a risk assessment should be carried out regularly by the dutyholder to ensure it remains valid.

30. The assessment of risk needs to be specific to the individual premises.

Q: How will you check that home owners comply? However, installing alarms at the earliest opportunity, will provide improved fire safety in your home. This includes entering premises, inspecting, requesting information, records or assistance, copying or removing documents; carrying out measurements or tests; taking samples, dismantling articles, and taking possession of an article for examination or evidence. This could involve: 31. Dutyholders should consider their own capabilities and circumstances in respect of assessing and managing risk, and factors such as the size and use of premises and the number and type of persons involved. 39.

There are types of premises which, due to their complexity and use, require or will have involved specialist consideration for fire safety. 10. Technically, garden bonfires aren't actually illegal.

Certain premises which pose a risk of major accident are also subject to the Control of Major Accident Hazard Regulations 2015 (" COMAH"). Guidance on complying with these general requirements is considered in the remaining chapters: 12. However, where significant changes to premises have occurred or if the dutyholder continues to feel that they lack the time, knowledge or skills required to undertake a thorough review, it may be advisable to seek specialist advice to review and revise the initial assessment. Fire protection for the protection of property is not within the scope of this guide.

Further detailed information on the requirements of the standard, including types of alarms, is set out in the Tolerable Standard Guidance Chapters 16 and 17. In 2006, the Fire (Scotland) Act 2005 ("the 2005 Act") introduced changes to fire safety law in Scotland and repealed previous fire safety legislation. 38. Never light an open fire during prolonged dry periods or in areas such as forests, woods, farmland or on peaty ground or near to buildings or in cultural heritage … A: Any costs will be the responsibility of home owners and landlords. If you do wish to light an open fire, keep it small, under control, and supervised - fires that get out of control can cause major damage, for which you might be liable. 33.

A: As the new standards for fire and smoke alarms extend those which currently apply in the Private Rented Sector PRS to housing of all tenures, your landlord should already be complying. As this will be a minimum standard for safe houses, local authorities.

2. Part 3 of the 2005 Act, along with the Fire Safety (Scotland) Regulations 2006, sets out the fire safety duties in respect of the majority of non-domestic premises in Scotland. 18. The benchmarks should not be applied prescriptively to premises, they are not minimum standards nor are they provisions that are deemed to satisfy the legislation. It consolidates and supersedes a number of individual Scottish Government guides, and introduces a substantial number of editorial changes in the revision aimed at improving dutyholders' understanding. Q: I am a tenant of the local authority or a housing association, when will my home have these alarms? This guide extends to fire safety measures intended to protect life. in premises occupied by the armed forces or visiting forces - the Defence Fire and Rescue Service; in ships under repair or construction and in some construction sites - the Health and Safety Executive; in nuclear installations - the Office for Nuclear Regulation; and.

The standard will be monitored by the Scottish Housing Regulator, who may intervene as they deem appropriate for any non-compliance. 16. A: In a shared property such as a tenement or block of flats there is no requirement for different properties to be linked to each other. Contact your local council to find out how to dispose of garden waste and about recycling in your area.

Bonfires have been banned across Edinburgh during the Coronavirus lockdown in a bid to keep the air clear for people who are self isolating.

Design guidance in respect of building regulations is contained in the Scottish Building Standards Technical Handbook for Non‑Domestic Buildings. SFRS are still taking requests for visits to be scheduled at a later date and tailored advice can be accessed by using their online Home Fire Safety Checker .

Where an enforcement officer considers that additional fire safety measures are necessary in premises, this decision should be based on risk, taking likely cost benefit into account. Q: Are the requirements different for people who need specialist alarms, for example hearing impaired? But it has a statutory requirement to provide general advice on request about issues relating to fire safety and should be able to provide information and advice which will assist dutyholders to understand their obligations under the law.

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