environmental protection act bc

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(i) preventing, mitigating or reducing potential flood hazards, (ii) protecting the environment and the public from damage caused by flood waters or potential flooding, and.

(d) specify persons or organizations or classes of persons or organizations who are responsible for paying the reasonable costs of developing, reviewing, testing and updating the geographic response plan.   On an appeal under this Division, the appeal board may. (b) specify persons and organizations or classes of persons or organizations whose input must be invited and considered, (c) require the plan leaders to carry out a public consultation in accordance with the regulations, and.

(2.1)   (1) The minister may approve, with or without amendment, an area based management plan ordered under section 89 [area based management plans — plan development]. (B) establishing requirements and standards in relation to the incident command system.

(5) If a polluting substance escapes or is spilled or waste is introduced into the environment other than as allowed or authorized by, (a) (iii) locations and profiles of the biological and other resources that could be affected by a spill, including, without limitation. (a) approve, by order, a recovery plan submitted under subsection (4), or. 9 (3) Subject to subsection (4), a person to whom a permit or an approval has been issued and who has exercised a right under it to discharge waste may abandon the permit or approval by sending or delivering to a director notice that the person elects to abandon the permit or approval.   The minister and other persons the minister designates in writing have for the purposes of this Act the right to enter any property except premises or a part of premises occupied solely as a private residence. The Act supports and promotes the protection, enhancement and wise use of the environment by designating proposed activities for which an approval or registration is required. 1999, c. 33, s. 3; 2001, c. 34, s. 27(E).

(ii) for different classes of persons, operations, activities, industries, trades, businesses, air contaminants or works. 91 (d) undertakes activities or receives information prescribed in the regulations. (i) prescribing procedures for making a determination. Whereas the Government of Canada seeks to achieve sustainable development that is based on an ecologically efficient use of natural, social and economic resources and acknowledges the need to integrate environmental, economic and social factors in the making of all decisions by government and private entities; Whereas the Government of Canada is committed to implementing pollution prevention as a national goal and as the priority approach to environmental protection; Whereas the Government of Canada acknowledges the need to virtually eliminate the most persistent and bioaccumulative toxic substances and the need to control and manage pollutants and wastes if their release into the environment cannot be prevented; Whereas the Government of Canada recognizes the importance of an ecosystem approach; Whereas the Government of Canada will continue to demonstrate national leadership in establishing environmental standards, ecosystem objectives and environmental quality guidelines and codes of practice; Whereas the Government of Canada is committed to implementing the precautionary principle that, where there are threats of serious or irreversible damage, lack of full scientific certainty shall not be used as a reason for postponing cost-effective measures to prevent environmental degradation; Whereas the Government of Canada recognizes that all governments in Canada have authority that enables them to protect the environment and recognizes that all governments face environmental problems that can benefit from cooperative resolution; Whereas the Government of Canada recognizes the importance of endeavouring, in cooperation with provinces, territories and aboriginal peoples, to achieve the highest level of environmental quality for all Canadians and ultimately contribute to sustainable development; Whereas the Government of Canada recognizes that the risk of toxic substances in the environment is a matter of national concern and that toxic substances, once introduced into the environment, cannot always be contained within geographic boundaries; Whereas the Government of Canada recognizes the integral role of science, as well as the role of traditional aboriginal knowledge, in the process of making decisions relating to the protection of the environment and human health and that environmental or health risks and social, economic and technical matters are to be considered in that process; Whereas the Government of Canada recognizes the responsibility of users and producers in relation to toxic substances and pollutants and wastes, and has adopted the “polluter pays” principle; Whereas the Government of Canada is committed to ensuring that its operations and activities on federal and aboriginal lands are carried out in a manner that is consistent with the principles of pollution prevention and the protection of the environment and human health; Whereas the Government of Canada will endeavour to remove threats to biological diversity through pollution prevention, the control and management of the risk of any adverse effects of the use and release of toxic substances, pollutants and wastes, and the virtual elimination of persistent and bioaccumulative toxic substances; Whereas the Government of Canada recognizes the need to protect the environment, including its biological diversity, and human health, by ensuring the safe and effective use of biotechnology; And whereas the Government of Canada must be able to fulfil its international obligations in respect of the environment; Now, therefore, Her Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate and House of Commons of Canada, enacts as follows: 1. [8THMARCH2000] WHEREAS, the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (hereinafter called “the Government”) is committed to developing a national strategy for sustainable development, (2) A PRO, in accordance with the regulations, must review, update, test and republish an area response plan prepared under subsection (1). Their recommendations included establishing a farm-free migration corridor in the Broughton, allowing an orderly transition plan for the 17 salmon farms in the Broughton area, and plans for creating employment and other opportunities for local communities and workers. (3) A bylaw referred to in subsection (1) or (2) must include an appeal mechanism from a decision of the officer or employee.

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