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Being able to pull a long grade on the interstate in traffic, and not having to worry about going lean or incurring any spark knock make my daily commute that much easier and more fun. -J. Orrand, This review of my tuning experience with Mike Doban at OST Dyno is long overdue because of work and personal obligations but here it is.

By the time we were done, Mike wrote a custom tune for the car putting about 369 hp! ***Additional pricing and licensing may be required based on your modifications, please contact us with any questions. Awesome first pass after Mike tuned my car for E98 fuel!

It is worth a few 100 mile trip for an experienced reputable shop/tuner. to make an appointment regarding your vehicle. It's great to have someone I can trust to remote tune these vehicles and get them dialed in perfectly for both power and reliability. Thanks, guys. Thanks Mike for a great tune and all the support you gave me. We use the dyno for wide open throttle tuning and do all the drivability stuff on the street. Dyno based on their extensive experience, skill, knowledge and enthusiasm for tuning I also had to go through more therapy but this time it was from Mike. For any and all your performance and tuning needs from mild to wild, don't trust your car to anyone else. for our Bonneville Salt Flats land speed racer we again chose Mike and Micah at OST I own a 2006 Chrysler 300 SRT8. http://www.camaro5.com/forums/showthread.php?t=395103, http://www.camaroz28.com/forums/cars...-c-lt1-691328/, https://www.instagram.com/__jon__athan__/. The part throttle and mid-range response seems to be the biggest improvement with this revision. The tuning from the tuners came to a conclusion possibly due to exhausting undesirable results but I ended up with the problems... for example: Idles too high, unstable dashpot, loss of performance, using too much gas 11MPG (street) etc. I would recommend them to everyone. I also have complete confidence in the safety of the tune, as Mike spends the time to ensure the most power is made without detuning the knock sensors. This was a tuning therapy straight from Hell that haunted me on a daily basis. If customer returns within 30 days of dated invoice the startup tune price will be deducted from the full tune price), Rate starts at $1000. I was amazed at how much better my 300 performed after everything was installed and properly tuned. Not only did OST tune and correct my mechanical problems but the car has never performed so well. Sorry Micah if my early arrival and lots of talking held you back.

He's using old school technology on the new engines. Mike knows how to make power on so many platforms. Testing and Tuning; News; New To The Garage; Road Less Travelled; Where We are Going; In The Loop; Support. Dyno far exceed our expectations and we have earned 5 land speed records using the perfection in a very fast and cost effective manner. I decided that if I wasn't going to drive it I may as well race it. We also added a 180 degree thermostat on it. I went to Authentic Performance in Toronto for a dyno session with Mike.

2012 Modern Street Hemi Shootout – Super Stock class winner

We tune multiple platforms on most all stand-alone EFI’s and OEM domestic vehicles. My local guys had worked with you on a few other cars and were impressed enough that one day in July they told me I could forge the engine now and turn the boost up because they knew a guy who could tune it. The team's experience with OST I got in contact with Mike and gave him a brief description of my vehicle and the problems I was dealing with.

With the datalog we can then make changes to make sure everything is happy and working together as it should.

Holiday hours and dyno tuning special! I dropped off the car and picked it up 2 weeks later. Vehicle must be stock or stage 2. Mike even called while I was at the track to see how everything was going. His tunes have worked extremely well from the initial startup tune to the latest revision. I would highly recommend Mike at OST Dyno for any tuning development. I suggest you guys get your Mopar tuned by none other than Mike Doban. The next time I took it to the track it ran 13.20 and by end of day was running 12.97 and won the class. Mike Doban at OST Dyno is a pimp; a very talented, knowledgeable, and patient dude.

So we got the forged block in, did the build and while we ran into delays along the way, you were always there, ready and accommodating to all of our issues. Much better than when it was stock. It's all about efficiency and I've recommended him to many people. Just wanted to take a minute to thank Mike and Micah for the time they spent with me and my jeep. We use a Mainline DynoLog 2500hp hub dyno and lab grade widebands to make sure the data we are getting is as accurate as possible. Mike attended ChallengerFest4 where I had him verify the street tune on the dyno and it was spot on; not one change was needed. We also put a set of Dynamic Grounding Cables on the battery & engine and this change alone was good for 5 hp on my car. 1247rwhp - 8.73@162 on street tires through the mufflers It's a 6 speed Jeep making an additional 120ft-lb of torque and 80whp to the 37" tires.

I attempted to have another shop correct the problems only to no avail. Mike’s attention to detail, methodical approach, and descriptive e-mails that accompanied his tunes really made it an easy process. They have provided a nice balance of performance, and drivability. Worth it to me. Using data logs setup to Mike’s specifications we had the car dialed and running perfect in no time. I am DEFINITELY happy with my car and will be going back to him for future modifications. The exhaust looks and sounds great. We feel if the engine is basically stock spending the extra money for the dyno tune just isn’t worth it. Looking to fill out our online store and need dyno graphs for tunes. The car had some basic performance modifications, but I wanted to get a bit more done this past year. We then put in race fuel & he set me up a very nice race tune.

I took it to the track and the best it did was an ET 13.54 at 103 miles per hour. Your very quick to respond to emails & make any tune adjustments I requested, along with a great one time price to boot. My builder and tuner are both in Houston, 300miles from me. Mike has also been a great friend and someone I can rely on for his opinion for different tuning and HP making decisions. Personal best of 9.72 @139.98mph and that is with me getting out of it on the top end because of almost crossing lanes. Hi Mike and Micah, ", 2011 NMCA/Modern Hemi Shootout – 5.7 N/A Class Winner They also made my Hellcat one of the quickest and fastest in the country. You Finished off the 2015 season with a bunch of passes in the 10's, and managed a new PB of 10.72 @ 130.15 at St.Thomas Raceway. Phil. Of course I was very happy to see the real numbers for a car I’ve worked on for years but could only guess at the results. If your car/engine isn’t listed on our store we are offering 40% off dyno tunes. Thanks for the awesome work Mike! After purchasing a 2016 Wrangler and putting on a lift with 35" tires, I was in need of better engine performance. As for the tune, well lets just say it is running better and smoother and pulling harder than ever! Everyone at OST is outstanding and exceptionally knowledgeable. I might look for a tune shop in a city where OP has family or friends and turn it into a mini-trip. Hope to see you guys around.

Those I trailered my car over 600 miles to Mike so he could do the tuning on his dyno. Thanks I plan to have Mike do the same thing once I have my supercharger installed. At that point we decided to do a few small things to it, added an LMI cold air intake and a trinity tuner. Thanks!

WOW what a difference!!! Mike is knowledgeable and takes genuine interest in helping me reach my goal. My experience with Mike & OST Dyno has been outstanding.

© Copyright 2020 DBR High Performance. I spoke with Mike at OST and decided to get baselines on since it was stone stock and had never been touched. I have a 2019 ZL1 and I am from Pittsburgh, PA. Can anyone refer me to a local tuner that has a Dyno? In addition to what I already had planned, they touched up and cleaned my engine block, as well as installing a grounding kit for the cars electrical system. We aim to prove how we maintain that notoriety on each and every vehicle that comes into our shop. A tune is really all about the data. Website created by: $ 350.00 (this will require an unlock service for $199 or a new TCM for $399.99), Startup tune $150 (This is only for a start-up tune. Increased MPG (14 MPG Street) / (17 MPG highway) far better than before. Their methodical approach to tuning gives me confidence that I will leave their shop with a safe tune that makes great power.After making any significant changes to my power train, I always go back for more dyno time. I told him I wanted a street car & part time track car that would run in the 10s. After spending thousands and being disappointed I was contemplating trading in the car when I learned of your shop. So with their input and suggestions we moved forward with completing the upgrades. A tune is really all about the data.

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