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Amy Pond, played by Jewel Staite, had a long history with the brothers, as explored in Season 7. Sam didn't do anything to hurt Amy, but later, Dean killed her. The Winchesters did not confirm their suspicions until "The Man Who Would Be King", when Castiel slipped and revealed he had been spying on them. Misha Collins. The gifted psychic impressed us with her abilities to read objects, communicate via telepathy and experience premonitions that left us glued to the screen. Jessica Heafey played Gwen Campbell, a hunter and cousin of the Winchester brothers. Dean then got up and helped their dad. Tessa, played by Lindsey McKeon, appeared intermittently throughout the first nine seasons.

The Darkness, or Amara, played by Emily Swallow, is the most powerful entity in existence, and when choosing to take on human form, becomes a woman. Our Privacy / Cookie Policy contains detailed information about the types of cookies & related technology on our site, and some ways to opt out. Mary Winchester, played by Samantha Smith, is Sam and Dean's mom and there is just something so cool about the family being reunited. Wanting to follow in her family's footsteps, Jo was an interesting fighter, with her initial naivety. While that maybe wouldn't make for a great real-life BFF, it made for some great TV and fans were disappointed when she departed the show. Balthazar went back in time and stopped the Titanic from sinking. We love Meg because even though she's a demon who tried to kill off our beloved Dean, she's amusingly evil and fiery as anything. it). The Misha character was very funny. Lou Bollo was the stunt coordinator on "Supernatural." And, the third had locusts eat their way out of his head. And, Adrianne Palicki played Jessica Moore, Sam's girlfriend that was killed in the "Pilot" episode. Ellen Harvelle, played by Samantha Ferris, is the cool owner of Harvelle's Roadhouse and a retired hunter. Which episode revealed to the viewers that Castiel and Crowley were working together? From "Shadow", how did Sam get them out of the apartment? The character died from wounds inflicted by Crowley and Castiel in "The Man Who Knew Too Much". It was revealed in "Exile on Main Street" that he had lived with Lisa and Ben for a year. Plus we love that she sort of became slightly less evil toward the end, leaving us truly sad when she was killed off at the end of the eighth season. Sam and Dean later saved her from demons, and she accompanied Dean when he wore Death's ring in order to retrieve Sam's soul. Then, at the end of the "Mommy Dearest" episode, the viewers witnessed a scene with Crowley and Castiel, confirming that the two were working together. Él les enseño sobre el mal que vive en los rincones obscuros y en las carreteras secundarias de América... y … Dean mentioned putting Nair in Sam's shampoo as a prank he had pulled when they were younger. Most episodes in season 6 had some connection or reference to the soul, and this was no exception. Yet despite these setbacks, she was an incredible hunter, confident and independent.

In the second half of Season 13, fans fully expect to fall in love with Sister Jo, a well-known faith healer. Bob Singer was an executive producer and director and was played by Brian Doyle-Murray. However, Fate threatened to kill the Winchester brothers unless Balthazar went back and allowed the ship to sink, so Castiel had him do so. RIP Gabriel. RELATED: 13 reasons we're obsessed with "Supernatural" in honor of its 13th season. Eve told Sam and Dean that Crowley was still alive during "Mommy Dearest". The brothers thought they killed 'the trickster' in "Tall Tales" and Sam tried to kill him in "Mystery Spot". He and Sam are standing near the door talking when Sam pulls the shotgun on him and shots him, making him fly back through the door. This character spent a year living in suburbia, was poisoned by a djinn, was turned into a vampire, was abducted by fairies, and spent a day doing the job of Death. After years of her being dead, Mary, the matriarchal hunter in the family, was resurrected as a favor to Dean, who had reunited God and the Darkness. It was also this episode where they learned that Christian Campbell was under the control of a demon. I mean, how can you not love a girl who drunkenly got a Princess Leia tattoo? Kim Johnston Ulrich played Dr. Eleanor Visyak, who was actually a creature from Purgatory. The motherly sheriff, who has appeared in every season since Season 5, generously adopted Claire and Alex Jones and is a positive — albeit strict — influence on both girls. In episode 7, "Family Matters" Dean and Sam joined the Campbells on a hunt for the Alpha vampire. Quiz: Likes and Dislikes of the Winchester Brothers, Quiz: The Fractured Angels on "Supernatural", Quiz: "Supernatural" Name that Actor or Actress. Henrickson will be back in the 3rd season to cause more mischief for the boys. it). 's 2008 hit 'Whatever You Like' is now a pro-Biden meme, more news, Kourtney and Scott spark reconciliation buzz, plus more celeb love life updates this week. (click to play Mark Sheppard played Crowley, the King of Hell.

Eileen, who appeared in seasons 11 and 12 before meeting her demise at the hand of Arthur's hellhound, overcame so much in her life, which was incredibly inspiring. Who played this character? While Bela was certainly not a good person, stealing occult objects to sell and always using her knowledge of the supernatural world to her own advantage, she makes the list because she represented a fascinating foil for Sam and Dean. That year, we got to see a budding romance between Ruby and Sam that we wanted to root for, wanting to believe that Ruby really did care for him and wasn't the traitor that she showed herself to be. All three officers were killed. See all the stars who launched their careers on soap operas, T.I. Aleks Paunovic Gunner Lawless / ... 3 episodes, 2006-2016.

Her powers are seemingly endless and the fact that she pre-dates both God and Death is incredibly cool. Maybe we like her so much because we're so jealous of her abilities? The bag Dean pulled out was a large bag of peanut M&Ms, which he later used to make a trail for Sam to follow. The hacker-turned-hunter, who appeared on seasons 7 through 10, had a sweet brother/sister-like relationship with Sam and Dean and was a proud geek — a most endearing quality. Posteriormente, su padre los crió para que fueran soldados. Which actor played the King of Hell in season 6? The wildly knowledgeable psychic helped Sam and Dean whenever they needed her, even after Castile blinded her. Bela Talbot, played by Lauren Cohan, appeared on the third season. Who played the reaper?

Jody Mills, played by Kim Rhodes, is an ally of Sam and Dean's, so she's hard not to love. What did Dean bring for provisions?

Which of these was NOT a way that a police officer was killed during "The Third Man"? Cuando eran niños, Sam y Dean Winchester, perdieron a su madre debido a una misteriosa y demoníaca fuerza supernatural. As time went on though, Jo finally became the tough chick we wanted her to be, acting as a leader shortly before her death in Season 5. His reactions to the atrocious acting by Sam and Dean were also classic. Dr. Eleanor Visyak, played by Kim Johnston Ulrich, was a professor of medieval studies in San Francisco who knew all about the supernatural world.

This character was a reaper. Eby Luking Denise 1 episode, 2009. He was the only crew member that played himself. RELATED: "Supernatural" actors ranked: The hottest members of the cast. Becky Rosen, played by Emily Perkins, was a fantasy character for all fans of the show. The demon had supposedly been killed by Castiel in "Caged Heat", so the brothers began to question Castiel's loyalty. This caused Fate to step in and kill all the descendants of the people that were supposed to die on the ship. If you find Seeking to buy himself time and to distract Dean and Bobby, Castiel broke the fragile wall that Death had put up in Sam's mind to protect him from the time he was in the Cage. ... Sydney Imbeau Leticia Gore Actress 1 episode, 2009.

Question by author. Becky, who appeared in seasons 5 and 7, was a fan of the "Supernatural" books and wrote fan fiction about the brothers.

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