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They discover that “a Khan worm is infecting men and turning them into killers. Cole is a former marine with a vendetta against Dean Winchester for the murder of his father, Ed Trenton on June 21st, 2003. Dean talked Cole down and informed him that the night he saw him over his father's body, that hadn't been his father. We want to hear your thoughts on this topic!

Actor Johnny Depp has announced via Instagram that he has been asked to resign from the Fantastic Beasts film series. Cole believed in the worst of humanity, and that humans were all damned. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Cole saw Dean leave the house, and although he didn't know it, his father was a monster and Dean had killed him. His comfort level among the Winchesters seemed to help, as he was angry and revenge-driven in his previous appearances.

Read Poor Cole from the story Supernatural Sickfic Oneshots by bbgirl18 with 2,855 reads. At the cabin, Kit attacks Cole and a Khan worm, leaves his body and enters Cole through his mouth. Cole took what he said to heart and went back to his family. Wade was a real-life US Marine before he started acting. He was a soldier that had been on duty overseas in the middle east but was now back. by 2Paragraphs in Culture | March 18, 2015, Travis Aaron Wade as Cole Travis in "Supernatural" on CW, The writers of Supernatural give a nod to literary writer Tim O’Brien as the next episode is named after O’Brien’s short story collection “The Things They Carried.” O’Brien’s much-honored stories are about the physical and emotional struggles of a platoon of American soldiers in the Vietnam War.

As a boy he witnessed Dean Winchester standing over his dad's bloody body with his dad's blood on his knife. After receiving an Honorable Discharge, Wade went to college and discovered theater. Cole is shown to be loving and deeply loyal towards those he cares deeply about, particularly his wife and son and his lifelong friend Kit Verson. One day, Cole set off to hunt Dean. At this time, D… Travis Aaron Wade was born September 27, 1975, in Los Angeles, California. He is portrayed by Travis Aaron Wade. ‘The Dragon Prince’ season 2 quotes highlight humor and hope, The 25 best ’90s movies streaming on Netflix in 2019, ‘The Walking Dead’ Daryl Dixon quotes: ‘I’m better on my own’, Loved ‘The Fault in Our Stars’?

The Winchesters aren’t often thanked for the work that they do; they’re far more likely to be run out of town than have appreciation directed their way — and Cole recognized that. Cole finds out that Kit may have gone to his father's cabin, and takes off to find him. It also goes a long way to showing Cole’s growth; he’s able to put the past behind him with some understanding of the thankless life of a hunter. Write a comment below or submit an article to Hypable.

On Supernatural, brothers Sam and Dean team up with former US Marine Cole Trenton to investigate a new murder case. When he finally found a lead on him, he went after him. William Jackson Harper is heading to HBO Max for his next project. What was a pleasant surprise to see, though, was Cole’s interactions with Sam; Dean is usually the brother who gets to bond with the guest stars, but Sam and Cole also shared some nice moments in this episode, like the casual burger toss above and the final scene of Cole not blaming Sam for Kit’s death. When a Khan Worm possessed him and his friend, he was given a first hand look at how the Supernatural could change normal people into monsters. Cole let Sam go to lead him to Dean and then finally found him but couldn't kill him as he was a demon. He is played by Travis Aaron Wade. He also appears to be haunted by the atrocities he saw and felt remorse over those that he committed during his work in Special Forces, getting emotional when describing what he witnessed to Sam. Or maybe Cole's father doesn't come from lore at all, but is a new creature made with love by Supernatural for its loyal, ravenously curious fans. His mother, Daphne Royle Maddison is from Manchester, England; and his father, Dennis Wade, is from Rosemead, CA. By continuing to use this site you agree to the use of cookies. When Cole first appeared in the series, he was hunting Dean out of revenge for his father, who Dean had hunted when Cole was younger. That loyalty served him well and gave him more depth as a character, which was welcome. When Cole was first introduced at the beginning of Supernatural … On Supernatural, brothers Sam and Dean team up with former US Marine Cole Trenton to investigate a new murder case. First he tried to get him through Sam Winchester but unknowingly to him, he had become a demon and didn't care to fall into a trap by Cole for him. Cole Trenton is portrayed by actor Travis Aaron Wade. He was a soldier that had been on duty overseas in the middle east but was now back.

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