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We see her kiss her girlfriend, although the girlfriend doesn’t get a name or any lines. Sikarin Susirakarn, Arkuny, An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. There is MUCH for me to write about Nina, but before I get into her, let's go over the premise since it's quite different from Genesis. SHT MY HEART. So even though the writers want us to believe that Nina x Charioce is true love just like Favaro x Amira, the parallels fail and I feel like they're suffocating us. An incomplete weapon, powered by the backs of prisoners and slaves, that is capable of bringing down gods...potentially Bahamut in the future.

Those discussions will fall on Monday and Tuesday for the first three weeks of June, leaving us with no e xtra SSRs available for the final week. nuuuuuu baby Chari your eye TT-TT, (Hold up, lemme In desert environments it can also be useful to protect the mouth and eyes from the blizzard and sand, or he’s just wearing an Omani turban. Again, there's no romantic notion behind this. Well for starters, the grave belongs to his concubine mother. Somewhere deep in ・Chris will dance with Nina, while singing a humming song. According to online articles, she wrote for live drama and had no exposure to the fantasy genre prior to season 1, which she only watched before writing season 2. Like it’s so deep you can’t see it. They've easily become the gems of the show along with Mugaro/El. We see several scenes where Charioce visits a certain grave, but why? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the Granblue_en community. Charioce XVII: Witnessing its strength, the king at that time gave it the name Bahamut—half out of fear and half out of awe.

I went through hell trying to get 2 & 3 for the brick, but they appeared to have printed more of 1 & 4, as I was still finding those in stock while 2 & 3 were nowhere to be found (I had to buy them off of E-Bay and pray the codes were intact). :’). He has, thus far, shown no pity or emotions to people other than Nina, He didn’t bat an eyelash towards Azazel being tortured, the enslavement of demons, or killing off the red dragon or El. As the deadline is January 26, 2018, those who wish need to apply as soon as possible. ・Chris and Nina are dating in the castle every day. They do have a very dramatic and heart-racing start, so it's possible for them to have something.

Really the only things they have in common are that they like to dance with each other (that seems to be their "thing") and they both had a parent killed by Bahamut. There's nothing bizarre in it.It's a product of the best quality, chosen by myself.You may expect the best. “I’m not giving up on us!” Nina tells Chris. *FKNG DIES* ・After Chris proposes to Nina, he says it is a joke.And Nina gets angry. many timed I’ve died today. I hate that people are getting insulted for disliking Charioce and talking about it in the tag? He believes in "the end justifies the means" philosophy, so mass genocide and slavery are the means to create a dominant human race capable of even challenging...BAHAMUT (dun dun duuun). but stopped and opened his arms to catch her.

>:’3. I'm still a beginner so I don't really understand how skills and kits reflect yet, but I can still remember the overwhelming disappointment I felt when I realized he wasn't a very interesting Character but rather wet bread with a pretty face plastered on top so my spite towards him and the wasted potential towards virgin soul as a whole wouldn't let me recommend anyone to buy the Blu-ray for him. (Just open your arms and catch her darling) Also, I Screw the analyzation of the intense fight and let’s fangirl about For all his efforts to capture and kill this dragon, Charioce does the exact opposite when he discovers the truth. fangirl at the way he looks at Nina. ;u;@)-(@ <3333333done yay! (* ´ ▽ ` *)❤. SR The Lowain Bros has an Unworldly ougi with unspecified strength. Stop spreading this fake “positivity” when they were the ones that came on my post about getting on fans for complaining. 5/27 - Charioce XVII (SSR)5/28 - Sakura Kinomoto (SSR)5/29 - Sarya (SR)5/30 - Koume Shirasaka (SR)5/31 - De Le Fille (Earth) (Free-For-All Character Discussion), June Friday Schedule: 7th: Summon Discussion, 14th: Bonus SR Discussion, 21st: Summon Discussion, Week of 24~28 June: SSR Free-For-All Discussions. My soldiers and my citizens sent it all to me.It is my duty as their king to properly appreciate their gifts.I shall eat every piece of your chocolate as well. LIFE Luckily, this scene is saved when Favaro sucker-punches Charioce. FINISSHHhHeEdDdD _:(´ཀ`」 ∠): Lmao this is getting really corny). This guy. If I remember correctly, she also blames her ‘medication’ for the abuse, the implication being that taking hormones makes you violent. The crew learns that Charioce has done some despicable things in his past, but he claims it was all for the realization of his goal. So, where the fuck do you get off acting like I’m the disgruntled fan here? So what if I’m making a big deal out of

Well this ends my long a** post, I hope you enjoyed because I made this

Whatever cute/dorky momentum they had in the first half of the season is nonexistent in the second half. *When you in an We are never shown why exactly he likes Nina or what drew him to her. Let people discuss instead of telling people to calm down. Then I shall gladly accept.Hmm? "; therefore it's only logical (in his point of view) that they should be on the same side fighting for justice. His touch turned her into a dragon and it was his touch that turned

I MEAN VERY. I mean c'mon, the boys are all pretty! You are right to say that there are many reasons to hate Charioce, to hate the romance inscribed in story cos’ after all, your tastes don’t match with snb: vs. New discussions will be added, including Raids, Classes, and possibly Weapons. Looking back at this, the scene is amusingly ironic because it's Azazel who becomes a sort of guardian for Jeanne's son, Mugaro/El. On the brighter side of things, it does seem he's slightly less of an ass in the Grubble universe. In Shingeki no Bahamut (Virgin Soul), our precious heroine, Nina, falls in love with the “villain” of the story, King Charioce XVII. This episode just confirmed so much for me It's also worth noting that this coexistence idea was mentioned in relation to Nina's village with the dragonfolk and humans living in seeming harmony. The writers and staff are basically teasing their fans at this point, and they're being pretty blunt about it too lmao. And if you are a fan and didn’t enjoy it, I wanna hear about it too. * Charioce is shooked.

Anyway, to wrap this up why this in all bugs me: Charioce’s development is solely due to Nina, not very dimensional, and they don’t bother to have anyone else he cares for. Funnily enough he STILL isn’t the worst fire ssr, but he won’t be a powerhouse or anything. Omg this was really fun and learned many things about painting, Well there you go(`・∀・´) they are falling from the sky~ the whole new world~♪,, Maybe this is just a coincidence but the necklace reminded me of this scene. Every queer character in the show is a villain or a joke, with one exception who appears in a single episode early in the series and is then never seen again. She loves him too much. was fkced. Please see the Meta note below for more information! Regardless, Charioce also cares for her judgment on him. who needs shoujo anime when you can have this? DO. However, I did this months ago.

As Nina gets to know "the true side" of Charioce, we find out that despite him putting demons into slavery and forcing them to horrible living conditions in the slums, he's not totally a "bad guy". These practices designed by the need to maintain a competent army were extended to all citizens. I think Cheerios wouldn’t mind a dragon gf x’DCharioce and Nina from Shingeki no Bahamut Virgin Soul. Love them to death, I present you: King Charioce XVII and Queen Nina, our beloved ruling couple! Until she reveals herself before him, transforming from that of a beast to that of a young woman who loves him in return… despite his misdeeds. You came to my post to cause drama and to several other non Charioce fans. your eye Chari. Charioce XVII orders a retreat. when Nina told Chari to hug her I really was thinking that he was only going to An energy neither can explain but only feel by the physical connection they share together.

Consider this an expression of my gratitude for your everyday efforts.What's in the present? Why do I find you awake at this hour, (Captain)?I? As long as things stay within legal limits of its origins and they don’t take things too far, stop taking something like this so seriously!!! I know. Tonight is the holiest of nights. People who like Charioce are getting insulted much more than the ones that dislike him. I can’t, I just can’t. Ben Solo. The name Chris or Christopher comes from the Greek meaning "Carrier of Christ". IMO if they wanted us to like him, should’ve done it earlier and not only present his feelings in vague expressions. appreciate how they hold on to each other when Charioce caught Nina?). What content does this character do particularly well in? Smiling, the king retorts that he has no intention of continuing down that path now that the people are safe from Bahamut. This is where we get the other side of the problematic dynamic: Nina. It’s a fictional world where more than one race live together and in a completely different setting than the world we live in. how perfect they are. His appearance is slightly different since here he has a second set of horns. Just don’t pretend to be a victim. ・Charioce tells Nina that the red dragon you were beautiful. He only answers to his own convictions… until meets an innocent but strong, half-human/dragon girl, Nina. At the start of the series, Charioce is seen leading the Onyx Task Force attacking a holy sanctuary.

Isn't it obvious?

You could take a scene from TLJ and another romance film and put those two scenes side by side and they would be near exact both in context and visually. We have different minds, different views, and different preferences and tastes. But for humans to thrive?

Suggested discussion questions will be reworked, likely expanded upon. Honestly, who can blame her for turning into a dragon here? You should get your rest.Tomorrow we rise early to visit the town and canvas the wellbeing of my citizens. That he got to stay king is complete bullshit. TT^TT, Fast doodles of Shigeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul, Nina and Charioce made me happy x///D. But violence incurred is violence transferred; and thus his reign is marred by bloodshed and tyranny. -Azazel. ", meaning "why now, and why not when I needed you when my kin were dying or when Mugaro was being taken away by gods? DO. Though the chance, however microscopically slim, is still there. I am happy to see good relationship between Chris and Nina !! The only good thing about this guy is that he (and nina while we're at it) are promo exclusives so they won't be polluting the draw pool with their existence any time soon. This is simply a means for me to show thanks.Rest your fears. What's likely to happen is that Charioce's body will give out due to the forbidden magic he uses to control his super-weapon. Rage of Bahamut Anime is Great! So, really should stop saying Japan sees it as perfectly legal unless you want to make a fool of yourself , Honestly a part of me thinks Henri is mother , It just occured to me Emiru and Lulu are a duo, because Lulu is the love precure from the future, hence why theres only four precures in the future, Also now im pretty sure Henri is the tomorrow precure of the present. This ties into Charioce wanting to stand above gods and demons, whom are essential to sealing Bahamut away. consciousness and fangirls at the beauty in front of her*, *Charioce noticing

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