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The first American explorer-trapper to travel through the area that is now Campbell County was probably Francois-Antoine Larocque in 1805, trading with the Crow Indians on behalf of the Montreal-based North West Company. An older site from perhaps 10,000 years ago is the Carter/Kerr-McGee site north of Gillette, Wyo., excavated in 1975 before the opening of the Carter/Kerr-McGee coal mine.

The Casper Star-Tribune, in a Jan. 28, 2013 article, "Wyoming coal production, jobs cut in 2012," reported that three percent of all Wyoming coal workers lost their jobs in 2012, a result of an eight percent decline in production. In 1975, consultants and developers were hired to study the problems inherent in providing housing and community services such as schools and medical care. The marker stands in the paved turnout on the south side of the highway. To protect the white travelers, the U.S. Army was ordered to patrol the trail, and for four years there were many fights and skirmishes in what came to be called Red Cloud’s War. Wright was incorporated in 1985, making it Campbell County's second incorporated town. Rebecca Hein, assistant editor of, is the author of more than 100 published articles and essays, in journals as diverse as The Writer, the CAG Quarterly (California Association for the Gifted), and the American Reporter online. 272 or (307) 687-5211Foster Care (307) 687-5237, Serves Campbell, Crook and Weston Counties, Youth Emergency Services – YES House(307) ", The Wyodak Mine cut more than 40 percent of its work force, from 116 in 2011 to 67 in fourth quarter 2012. The primary work for these 100 or so men was to fight the underground coal fires that had been destroying veins for some years. Most of this growth occurred in or near Gillette from 1965 to 1970. Like any good host, we know the importance of food during your visit, so our local chefs and restaurateurs have worked hard to earn our reputation as an up-and-coming regional foodie destination. The growth and planning of Wright was more orderly than in Gillette during its boom years, probably because issues of city planning, including housing, zoning, water and sewer, and recreation were extensively studied by the Atlantic Richfield Company (ARCO) before the opening of the Black Thunder Coal Mine and the resulting influx of workers. Office Hours Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 5: 00 PM The stresses, as reported by Kohrs, included a higher rate of school drop-outs, more people on probation, and more arrests than in more heavily populated counties. Eighteen oil and gas producers are listed, including two in Rozet and one in Recluse. Kohrs, ElDean V. "Social Consequences of Boom Growth in Wyoming." Kornfeld, Marcel, George C. Frison and Mary Lou Larson. For more information, visit the website linked above or call (307) 464-1222. Then, in 1828, Robert Campbell and a party of men from the Rocky Mountain Fur Company traveled through, trapping for beaver along Powder River. In the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868, the Powder River Basin was relegated to the Sioux, Cheyenne and Arapaho. The earliest cattle drive from Texas to Montana passed through northeast Wyoming in 1866. ), There is some dispute about who the county was named for--either Robert Campbell, the early fur trader mentioned above, or John A. Campbell, the first territorial governor of Wyoming. There are 2 Campgrounds in Campbell County, Wyoming, serving a population of 48,116 people in an area of 4,802 square miles.There is 1 Campground per 24,058 people, and 1 Campground per 2,400 square miles.. In 2010, Black Thunder produced 116.2 million tons of coal, making it the top producer in the U.S. This represents some 10,690 acres of rural land and property for sale. There, a bison butchering area was found and, nearby, an arroyo that probably formed a natural trap into which the animals could be driven. She is the former principal cellist of the Wyoming Symphony Orchestra and wrote arts columns for the Casper Star-Tribune from 2000-2006. The Great Depression and dust bowl years caused a decrease in total county population to 4,839 by 1950. John Bozeman first attempted to open the route from the North Platte River to the Montana gold mines in 1863. This was a gesture of sheer public relations, since Kerr-McGee had no financial interest in the Black Thunder Mine. 2 Recreation Board, Indigenous People in Wyoming and the West,,,,

… Town councils were overwhelmed with demands for water and sewer taps for housing developments.". When you travel to the edge of the West, you expect the unexpected.

Since 1990, when the Clean Air Act was amended to require electric utilities to reduce sulfur emissions from their coal-fired power plants, Campbell County’s low-sulfur coal has enjoyed distinct advantages in the national market—despite the long distances the coal is often shipped to utilities in the Midwest and South. First, however, in 1890, Weston County was created from the southern half of Crook County, with a boundary stretching from the Nebraska state line to Johnson County. Some of the coal deposits in the Powder River Basin are so close to the surface that early settlers could dig their own coal. Campbell County’s population, meanwhile, had reached 6,720 residents in the 1930 census.

Still, the railroad brought an influx of settlers—farmers, ranchers and townspeople. Progress in general community services was more noticeable. Later oil strikes at the Dead Horse Field on the Johnson-Campbell county line in the 1950s, at Belle Creek north of Gillette in 1955, and at Hi-Lite in 1967 created a long-term economic boom. Senator, was 30 when he was elected Mayor of Gillette in 1974. For more information about our sponsors and the people behind, visit our About Us page: Civilian Conservation Corps Camp Miller established near Gillette.

Although the winter of 1886-1887 destroyed many large herds and ended the open range era, some cattle ranching continued. Taylor as editor. The first Wright post office, recognized in April 1906, predated Campbell County in what was then Weston County. Between 1960 and 1970, the county's population more than doubled, from 5,861 to 12,957. For entertainment, the CAM-PLEX Multi-Event Facilities venue hosts everything from Broadway productions to PRCA rodeos. Indices such as employee turnover, accident rates and labor grievances improved. The total of citizens in Gillette plus the study zone was 17,877. Later, Kerr-McGee assumed half the financial interest in the recreation center, that half amounting to $212,242. In Wyoming, Campbell County is ranked 21st of 23 counties in Campgrounds per capita, and 19th of 23 counties in Campgrounds per square mile. Before 1976, there were only two buildings at the junction: the Three-Way Stretch gas station and the Long Branch Saloon. 501 Running W. DriveGillette, Wyoming 82718(307) 687-1501CLICK HERE to visit the Wyoming Child Support Program website. The Future of Coal in the Powder River Basin. Carol Ullrich, a heavy-equipment operator, noted in her Rumblings From Razor City interview, "I can keep my job probably as long as I will want to work…If I had not come to Gillette, I would never have bought my apartments or this house. Unlike many malls in larger cities, Latigo Hills had a small medical clinic, a branch of the Campbell County Public Library, the Wright Post Office, and a 200-seat auditorium. We’ll show you around with our historic downtown, buffalo ranch, museum and ranch tours.

The planning team also considered the addition of parks and a community center. Campbell County, in northeastern Wyoming, is part of the Powder River Basin, which stretches from the crest of the Bighorn Mountains to the western Black Hills.A perfect habitat for the North American bison and other large mammals, for generations the region was a valued hunting ground for American Indians, especially the Lakota Sioux. The Campbell County Rockpile Museum, located at 900 W. Second St. in Gillette, owns a collection of more than 8,000 historic photographs. The Ruby Site near Pumpkin Buttes in the southwest corner of the county is one of the best known. Campbell County’s coal is low in sulfur compared to coal mined in the eastern United States. Future Campbell County would occupy the western half of this area. Click here, select “Campbell County” from the drop-down menu and search for “Astorians” to read the text of the marker. Outside, our pronghorn antelope hunting is some of the country’s best. Attacks by the Cheyenne, Lakota Sioux and Arapaho were common, earning the trail its nickname, the Bloody Bozeman. Reporter Adam Voge noted that "the vast majority of the job cuts came from mines in the Powder River Basin. In his 1974 paper, "Social Consequences of Boom Growth in Wyoming," University of Wyoming Sociologist ElDean V. Kohrs coined the term “Gillette syndrome," to refer to the myriad pressures felt by so many residents—and use of the term spread widely. The population was then approximately 1,100.

Also in 1978, construction began on the Wright Community Recreation Center. Accessed Jan. 30, 2013 at. Prospectors and settlers began using it more heavily in 1864. It was probably used by the Besant hunters around A.D. 100 or shortly afterward. Demographics also changed, with 11 percent of the population employed in mineral extraction in 1960 and 27.5 percent 10 years later. Coal and oil development in Campbell County nearly doubled its population again between 1970 and 1980, from 12,957 to 24,367.

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