calotropis procera habitat

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C. procera in typical habitat, Morocco. hamiltonii (Asclepiadaceae). [] ]. ; Hardikar, B.P. ; Gupta, P. Evaluation of some plant lattices against Heterodera cajani in cowpea (Vigna sinensis). C. gigantea grows taller (4.5 m and above) and has smaller leaves borne on thicker leaf-bearing stems up to 6 cm in diameter compared with 1 cm in diameter on C. procera (Crothers and Newbound, 1998). Thir appetite with gust, instead of Fruit In the United Arab Emirates, the black carpenter bee (Xylocopa ctenoxylocopa fenetrata), canary carpenter bee (Xylocopa koptortosoma aestuans), oriental wasp (Vespa orientalis), and scoliid wasp (Vobalayca flavifrons) are typical insects associated with C. procera. The grazing of leaf and flower was observed to some extent also with goats, sheep and cattle in the arid region of Cholistan rangelands in Pakistan [108Abdullah, M.; Rafay, M.; Hussain, T.; Ahmad, H.; Tahir, U.; Rasheed, F.; Ruby, T.; Khalil, S. Nutritive potential and palatability preference of browse foliage by livestock in arid rangelands of Cholistan desert (Pakistan). J. Vector Borne Dis., 2015, 52(2), 142-146. ; Hussain, M.A. Acaricidal effects of cardiac glycosides, azadirachtin and neem oil against the camel tick, Hyalomma dromedarii (Acari: Ixodidae).

Sci. Nairobi, Kenya: Regional Soil Conservation Unit (RSCU), Bekele-Tesemma A, Birnie A, Tengnas B, 1993. Plant Sci., 2010, 179, 348-355.

; Babu, S.K. Investigations have shown that Cd(II) salts are readily adsorbed by C. procera at both pH 5.0 and pH 8.0, with a maximum biosorptive capacity of 40 – 50 mg Cd(II) / g of plant material [222Pandey, P.K. Sci. Much of the here-mentioned activity can be attributed to the cardenolide content of the extracts as could also be shown by the molluscicidal activity of cardenolide extracts from C. procera against the land snail Monacha cantania [136Al-Sarar, A.; Hussein, H.; Abobakr, Y.; Bayoumi, A. Molluscicidal activity of methomyl and cardenolide extracts from Calotropis procera and Adenium arabicum against the land snail Monacha cantiana. Effect of automobile exhaust pollution on leaf surface structures of Calotropis procera L. and Nerium indicum L. Feddes Repertorium, 105(3-4):185-189, Kumar VL, Basu N, 1994. USDA-ARS, 2003. C. procera has been used for the monitoring of Pb in automobile-.

Aust. Heavy metals accumulation of some plant species grown on mining area at Mahad AD’Dahab, Saudi Arabia. Biocontrol Sci. ; Shahjahan, M.; El-Taj, H.F.; Iqbal, T.M.T. Larvicidal efficacy of latex and extract of Calotropis procera (Gentianales: Asclepiadaceae) against Culex quinquefasciatus and Anopheles stephensi (Diptera: Culicidae). Sci. Am., 1969, 220(2), 22-29. "[3], The plant is known to occur throughout the tropical belt and is also common in the West Indies (e.g. Monitoring of auto exhaust pollution by roadside plants. [] ].

Orem, Utah, USA: E.P.S. by Witt, A., Luke, Q.]. ; de Sousa, P.C.P. Dictionary of Economic Plants., 1959, ]. [] ]. World Agroforestry Centre, Kenya, Parsons, W. T. ; Cuthbertson, E. G., 2001. Pak. [] ], and it is the caterpillars which incorporate the sequestered cardenolides from the plants in their defense systems.

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