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Posted on December 27, 2007, in Food, Happenings and tagged christmas, dogs, London, presents, Queen, Stourhead. ALL DAY! Serves American. There were a lot of cooking smells in the air! Sports Pack Special - $44.99 12 slice pepperoni pizza & 20 wings Choice of domestic pitcher or pop; Fabulous Fish & Fries - Breaded or Battered 3 Comments: At 1:51 pm, ColourYourWorld said... Bugsy, I am sorry there is so much sadness around. I should mention the strange experience that was “The Queen’s Speech”, all the humans gathered to watch this human talking. Blogging since 24th June 2004. Change ). I wish my friends peace this Christmas. EVERYDAY! Then all the humans gathered together to have the Christmas meal. Incredible Burger Platter (1st Burger $11.95, 2nd Burger $6.50), Thursday! My condolences to you and your friends.

Then all the humans gathered together to have the Christmas meal. https://www.bugsyscraftkits.com. It was a bit strange being in someone else’s house. e boys from New York, it's like Saturday Night Live but with Gypsys, it's the best must watch SUBSCRIBE and see new videos every Monday night. I’d like to get my teeth on him. Click on one of the panels below to view our menu. All rights Reserved. I then met the rest of the family, who I was still not allowed to jump up at, but I was allowed to wag my tail a bit more. You can shop at BugsysCraftKits.com online with confidence. BREAKFAST UNTIL 2 PM - $6.95 2 eggs, choice of bacon or sausage home fries & toast, The Best Anywhere BBQ Spareribs! Fabulous Fish & Fries - Breaded or Battered. Christmas morning I had been promised a walk in one of the local parks, but it was pouring down with rain and as I don’t have a raincoat we just walked around the local houses and looked at their Christmas lights! posted by Bugsy @ 7:33:00 am 0 comments.

Beef is my favourite meal. I thought that it was rather boring until I heard in the background some Corgis giving “The Corgi’s Speech” a festive message for all doggies. Rated 3.7/5. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. and much love and hugs. Christmas morning I had been promised a walk in one of the local parks, but it was pouring down with rain and as I don’t have a raincoat we just walked around the local houses and looked at their Christmas lights! It's got a nice, "Cheers"-like atmosphere if you are into that sort of small-town thing, but I rarely had a good eating experience there. There were a lot of cooking smells in the air! )  with alcohol About Me Name: Bugsy Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia . Merry Christmas one and all. I had an evening walk to check if any of the neighbours had any spare food going. Although I think that they wanted to play with me! I like the looks of your yellow duck. I’m going to name this one duck. ( Log Out /  Merrrrrryyyyy Chhhhrriiiiiissstttmmmaaasss!!! Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. I had to sit quietly in the corner whilst all this eating went on. Prices exclude HST. 1 Comment. Glad you’re back home safe and sound! 1st Rack $25.99, 2nd Rack $8.50. posted by Bugsy @ 12:13:00 pm 3 comments. Because I am such a well behaved dog I treated them with respect and did not jump up at them. Monday!Famous Buffalo Style Chicken Wings ASK SERVER FOR DETAILS, Tuesday!Our Great Roast Beef on kaiser $9.95, Wednesday! Cost PHP1500 for two people (approx.

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