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Jared/Jensen. Dean won’t leave his brother alone to deal with the aftermath. Jared goes into labor right before Halloween (graphic birth totally welcome, it’s up to the author) and they take the baby[ies] home on Halloween day- dressed in appropriately cute baby halloween costume[s], tutu for a little girl or jersey for a little guy. Il organise la visite surprise du candidat républicain à Mexico, fin août, et conduit à la réconciliation de ce dernier avec la communauté juive, après un tweet accusé de relents d'antisémitisme. Just Give It Time by fatebegins on Ao3. He knew he was being a tease with that picture, knew he was sending a message only Jensen would understand but he didn’t think Jensen to be so cruel as to video call him with his big hard cock already leaking at the tip, in his hand, to tease him with what he’d do with him when he got home as he slowly fucked his fist; how he couldn’t wait to grab Jared up in his arms and pin him against the wall, how he was going to show of his strength, by lifting him up and wrapping those sexy legs around his face first, eating Jared’s pretty little hole out before fucking him so hard he wouldn’t be able to move, how that would only be the beginning…. Jared/Jensen.

Weecest. Summary: Post S10E22 The Prisoner. Well, he used too. There’s always been one constant in Jared’s life: he hates Jensen Ackles.

Scary Monsters by annie46fic on LiveJournal. They’re safe, under the sheets, Jared in Jensens lap... and they aren’t planning on stopping their dirty sex beneath the sheets anytime soon. Il est le fils du promoteur américain Charles Kushner et a hérité, alors que ce dernier a été emprisonné pour fraude fiscale, de sa « vaste entreprise de promotion immobilière[13] ». The sex in the first is ambiguous, explicit in the second. He’s kept his secret for so long, what happens when a stupid mistake causes it all to crumble down on him? Er erinnert ihn an seinen Freund und Kindheitsnachbarn Jensen, der vor siebzehn Jahren verschwunden ist. AU after the events of Devil’s Trap (1x22). Jared/a whole lotta folks(mainly Crowley). Sam/Dean. Dean returns to his time & place and must yet face a healed & fixed world while his brother remains damaged from Lucifer’s possession. Pins & Needles by Selecasharp on Livejournal. (no penetrative sex; mentions of past het relationships), The Day Love Began (and the World Ended) by firesign10 in Ao3. Jared is a 16 years old teenager. No, the download options are not cached, so you will have to do a little work of your own to copy and paste it into a document to be saved, but it’s there). J2 AU. But he didn’t. How to Speak Love by crackedbuthappy on LiveJournal. Les contacts de Kushner avec des responsables russes ont été examinés dans le cadre de l'enquête fédérale plus large sur l'ingérence russe dans les élections[58]. Come Back to Me by MorganaDW on AO3. I’d make dessert, but you you may leave your complaints at the door, i'd actually thought this would just be a couple sentences, If You’re Warm, Then You Can’t Relate To Me, this is all the writable porn my brains got; the rest are just perverted thought, no ‘dom’ guy likes to bend over that much.

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