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A primeira câmera broadcast 12G-SDI do mundo para a produção Ultra HD com visor de 10”, 12G-SDI, bocal de lente MFT, suporte para até 2160p60, intercomunicação, sinalização e muito mais. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Having said that, there’s no reason why a cheaper adapter can’t exist. O áudio da câmera é automaticamente embutido com o sinal de vídeo para a conexão com o mixer de áudio integrado do switcher de produção ao vivo ATEM. A Blackmagic Studio Camera inclui uma conexão de fibra óptica atualizável pelo usuário, permitindo que você use um único cabo fino umbilical para conectar as câmeras aos seus switchers de produção ao vivo. Image via Lewis McGregor. So if there’s a lens in it it stands to reason it must accomplish something specific. Other than that I had no other rig for shooting; you will probably want some rig if you are used to running and gunning.

We sincerely thank you, our loyal audience, for your unwavering support over the years. And there’s really no excuse for not having at least one prime because they also tend to be cheap without sacrificing quality. Cheap adapters are not machined precisely, so they don’t make up the flange focal distance accurately. I called support and found out that despite the information on their site, their manual, and even having the option in the menu, there is no ability to change the dynamic range. You are solely responsible for your decisions and actions. Advanced technology in a compact, rugged design The Blackmagic Studio camera features a compact and durable magnesium alloy body that is packed with innovative technology, making it the most rugged, portable and advanced studio camera in the world. So to really get the benefit of manual focus and zooms, you’ll find you’re always pining for the most expensive options. Now this is a more valid question. Some complain that the Voigtlander is a bit soft.

The right side of the camera has a door over the SSD recording media slot and a USB port for firmware updates and slow charging, but not transferring footage.

The Pocket 4K’s user interface will display both the preview monitor and the source monitor. Reviewed in the United States on January 4, 2020. horrible horrible horrible setup. Here’s a video about what speed boosters or focal reducers are, and my review of the Aputure Lens Regain (Amazon, B&H): What does a Speed Booster do differently? They were not designed for 4K work.

If you have access to a Web Presenter but haven’t used one before, PremiumBeat recently produced a video tutorial on how you can use one. Blackmagic Studio Camera 4K (STUDIOCAMERA4K) Blackmag

It isn't very accurate. The Blackmagic Design Studio Camera 4K 2 is an updated compact and lightweight broadcast camera designed for live production. Even more so, in the case of the Cam Link, as we’re feeding an HDMI cable into the dongle, you run the risk of snagging the cable and pulling the Cam Link. On the other hand, Sony E lenses cannot be adapted. The Olympus 12-100mm f/4 IS PRO (Amazon, B&H) is something. For telephoto lenses though, you really don’t have any options in Panasonic. Someone told me once a rental house in Chennai has them, so maybe you can make a few phone calls and find out. Zoom lenses are all about convenience. Reviewed in the United States on March 5, 2019. I use it for live streaming at church and also use it for studio videos. There are a number of devices on the market, and Blackmagic themselves have several to offer, such as Blackmagic Ultra Studio 4K Mini, the Web Presenter, the ATEM Mini, and now the ATEM Mini Pro. If I could only have three lenses, which ones would I pick?

It will never replace my ENG camera for ENG/EFP shoots.

Reviewed in the United States on June 29, 2019. There’s a limit to how wide you can go anyway, so the native lenses mentioned in the last article might be a better option overall. How do you use third-party lenses on the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K? The back has a five-inch LCD screen with the record, transport, and menu buttons below, an iris button on the upper left, and focus on the upper right. Dentro do seu corpo de liga de alumínio incrivelmente resistente e leve, você obtém um visor enorme de 10", intercomunicação, luzes de sinalização, conexões para microfones com alimentação fantasma e conexões SDI ou de fibra óptica instaláveis pelo usuário que permitem que você a conecte ao seu switcher com um único cabo!

Lastly, adding an optical element between the lens and the sensor will degrade image quality. Now with a 0.64x focal reducer, say, you get 0.64 x 95 or 61mm. I own Nikon lenses too. Seriously, you can’t beat this combo. First, you need to know what the flange focal distance is. And all of this for a fraction of the cost of their pro-level counterparts. The massive 10” high resolution screen has a super wide viewing angle and the large viewing area lets you see amazing detail so you can frame, focus, change iris settings, and make subtle adjustments, even when you’re live on air.

I really enjoyed shooting with the Production Camera 4K indoors, on a tripod. O design extremamente leve e compacto, o para-sol dobrável e as lentes intercambiáveis significam que você pode levar um rig inteiro de produção ao vivo multicâmera em um único case rígido! There's a problem loading this menu right now. There were no warranties, manuals or documentation in the Box. Whew! Sweet A few days later I tried again, in a canyon an hour before sunset, and had better luck. Cheap adapters walk and talk like the real thing, but they’re ruining your experience in ways you won’t know until it’s too late. Como a Blackmagic Studio Camera usa conectores padrão, você não precisa de cabos caros customizados! Third-party lenses are typically made for large-sensor cameras, so the lenses are heavier and bulkier. You will need to shave/saw them off (seriously, why bother?) It feels fine when you’re young, but once the problems start they’ll never go away. You'll need a shoulder mount, an HD-SDI viewfinder with an eye cup, a mic and mic mount, an external battery system, etc.

These are your picks: Zoom lenses are all about convenience.

These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Também estão incluídos um conector para fones de ouvido profissionais de aviação, entradas XLR estéreo para microfones e muito mais. Packing Packing describes the way in which the raw data is packed or arranged.

Controlling iris and focus are pretty simple.

I will stick with prime lenses after reading this. That’s it for lenses! Isto significa que, agora, todas as Blackmagic Studio Cameras e URSA Mini podem ser controladas remotamente via código Arduino e você pode desenvolver e criar suas soluções profissionais personalizadas de automação ou controle de câmera. awful!!!! O Ultra HD é o padrão broadcast do futuro e conteúdos 4K já estão sendo distribuídos aos consumidores atualmente através dos canais de vídeo da internet, como YouTube e Vimeo.

Not so sure whether to pair with adapter or native lenses, also the single focus for native lenses is the most features that i would like to have if i own this body….

Ultimately, the insides of the adapter will limit the final angle of view.

At a recent Blackmagic Design event here in Los Angeles, I got a chance to ask Blackmagic President Dan May why the company's cinema cameras don't seem so camera-like. The corners vignette badly when open or sometimes even stopped down. A Blackmagic Studio Camera inclui um bocal de lentes Micro Quatro Terços ativo que é compatível com uma variedade incrivelmente extensa de lentes e adaptadores. There’s hardly any edge sharpness to speak off. For this reason, I only recommend lenses for manual focus where the focus ring is good enough for professional use. © 2020 Access Intelligence, LLC – All Rights Reserved. A enorme tela de 10" de alta resolução possui um ângulo de visão superamplo e sua enorme área de visualização permite ver detalhes impressionantes para que você possa fazer o enquadramento, focalizar, alterar as configurações da íris e fazer ajustes sutis enquanto estiver ao vivo no ar. Blackmagic is amazing! Wide angle lenses have this problem, depending on how the focal reducer is designed. Mas, quando você quiser adicionar lentes grandes ou tripés profissionais estáveis, basta escolher entre uma vasta variedade de acessórios de terceiros.

The Blackmagic Studio camera lets you view program video from your live production switcher at the press of a button!

2) olympus 12-40 f2.8 A Blackmagic Studio Camera inclui tudo que você precisa para a produção ao vivo em uma única solução autônoma. But you have the option of G lenses if you ever need it.

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