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testimonials and statistics about the success of the participants). Text overlaid on images should not be included within the image itself. Reduce the number of calls-to-action, as too many may create confusion for visitors. The footer’s design is a little off; it could be rearranged to prioritize certain elements and make them easier to find. Bressenden Place The white overlay on the subpages makes the white text hard to read. Period. Consider trimming it down and having your main call-to-action in the top right corner. Privacy Policy      Terms of Service       Legal. Philly has lots of whitespace, double image banks and decent typography.

In addition to picking good-looking sites, I also wanted to measure user experience, so I created three different scenarios for which I'd need to use the site: 1) Pay a parking ticket, 2) Report trash on my street, and 3) Find a nearby park. The ForeSee E-Government Satisfaction Index shows that most government websites are hard to navigate; Federal and local government websites have the second lowest satisfaction rating., Visitors to city and state websites, whether they are government sites or visitor sites, want to be able to access the information they need quickly and without confusion. In this way, the site delivers the kind of immediate information you'd want to get out of your city, but it also inspires some true civic action. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. But you can see what the department is working on right this moment, read stories about the force's heroes, and help them find the city's most wanted. Whether you want to find your voice, live your passion or grow your business, our platform helps you do it quicker and with boundless creativity. I had to poke around to find actual parks.

What you probably think about municipal websites still likely holds true, however, which is that, for the most part: THEY ARE NOT VERY GOOD. This entices visitors to take action while learning about the foundation. Websites not selected as best Government website are also eligible for an Outstanding Website Award … The homepage itself isn't something to squawk about, design-wise, but it works really well (and the Chicago Works app is nicely designed). Simple, alternating sections make all of the information easy to digest.

The result is a clean, simple interface that provides just enough information. I needed to make a quick change with hosting and needed a new company to. Other popular pages include financial tools and money quizzes. It's more about a system of tools, from the site to an app to a hotline, that all work together to provide the ultimate way to request and track city services. join our mailing list. The main navigation is a little busy. Adi Domocos. Although I'm not a fan of that new "NYC" logo, it's thankfully minimized in the new design, which features lots of real estate for images (video! 2018 Website Feature Checklist. Best Contractor Website Designs for 2018 We browsed over 1,000 contractor and construction company websites to create this definitive list of the best contractor website designs for 2018. Why this is a great design. Keywords: FOIA, Freedom of Information Act, it looks like the default page from some hosting seller! I can't tell you how hard. For the greater balance of seven years, they have been my go-to web doctors: promptly.

Another text search gave me a result that took me to the NYC Parks page, which did have the information I needed. I highly recommend Freshysites for all of your web design needs. The strong call to action on the newsletter does a good job explaining what to expect and why you should sign up. Once again, an SSL certificate to enable HTTPS! I saved the best for last. Every website should provide a secure connection. Government News. The 311 "Top Requests" section is was designed to help people quickly file complaints by including the top issues the city is facing. The website’s paragraph text is a little small, and contrast should be improved for better legibility. 19 web design trends for 2018. Find a park: Since it's a 311 site it's not exactly the best place to search for a park, but they do have a way to request a bike map. Pay a parking ticket: This is too easy. This makes for infinite scroll. Genuine photography showcasing the diversity of all the girls participating in the “girls who code movement”. There’s a lot of information to organize in a state or city website, but with good design it’s possible to do it in a super attractive way. The Information Technology & Innovation Foundation considered page-load speed, mobile friendliness, security and accessibility for its ranking. The handwritten type makes you feel like the stories were written by the children benefiting from the charity. The linked photos and videos should open in a new tab. As you can see with the examples above, there are many ways to create a stunning non-profit website. All the titles and statistics have large typography which makes them stand out and easy to read. For a case study on how one government site is reorganizing beautifully, check out the ridiculously simple Gov.UK which was named best design of 2013 earlier this year by the Design Museum. other) documents" Find a park: No dice. Although this site has over 10,000 pages, there are only a few simple menu labels with relevant dropdowns. Multiple subdomains with a variety of navigation styles; we understand that the site is very large, but this inconsistency creates a poor user-experience. They were able to execute a vision quickly and accurately, and. A nice tilt-shift city portrait, a logo using the city's official typeface Chatype, and a clean, clutter-free interface. ... or are looking to validate the value of your investment, CivicPlus is your solution for award-winning government websites.

Australia, Terms and Conditions   |   Privacy Policy, © 1997-2020 All rights reserved. View our best government website designs that have won awards. US, One Dundas Street West Santa Monica, CA 90404 With huge scrolling images, crazy good photography and lots of real-time information, this is one of the most engaging websites I've ever seen, period. You won’t find any stock images here. Here are the best online trainings that can help government employees like yourself boost your skills. We know where Philly's priorities are! And the best part is: their results are just a click away! As will getting these agencies to tell stories, not just post information. But this site for the city's police department is so freaking amazing, we should hold it up as an example of how all city agencies should tell their stories. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(439788, '10c76eba-de82-4075-ad39-b7059b7c4ea3', {}); Kristina Guzikova is a Creative Project Manager at Intechnic, with 12 years of experience managing projects for various clients in insurance, non-profit and government sectors. She has earned a UX Certification from Nielsen Norman Group and completed project management courses at Northwestern University. While it's not the official Honolulu city government website (which is not very good), this project by Code for America is maybe better than the typical site because it only answers the city's most frequently-asked questions. "People don't come to the site to catch up on city news, so our hope was that we could help the city tell stories in a more compelling way that might catch someone's eye as they're accomplishing something else," says Pasternak. It’s been over a year since our last roundup for best contractor websites in 2016 . The 2020 WebAward competition has ended. A different approach can be found over in Hawaii. Some are free, and the rest are priced right for government agencies of any size. Melbourne, VIC 3000 All the titles and statistics have large typography which makes them stand out and easy to read. London, SW1E 5RS When it comes to website design, I would highly, highly recommend you to go to FreshySites!

FreshySites - Website Design is a fully in-house digital design and web development agency.

Pennsylvania Great Outdoors Visitors Bureau, The 5 Best New WordPress Themes November 2020, The 5 Best WordPress Plugins November 2020, Website Speed Tests & Site Speed (Explained), 30 Top Family Practice Physician Websites to Follow in 2020, 25 Leading Lawn Irrigation Websites for 2020. Logos at the bottom of the homepage should be reduced in size, as they do not fit with the rest of the design.Â.

HUGE will be rolling out a streamlined look across agencies, but this process will definitely take some time. Portland House get: Each year the Web Marketing Association's WebAward Competition names the Best Government As a small business owner they have increased the. I admit it took me a minute to see the Make a Payment section as well as the direct link on the very bottom of the homepage under "Top Requests." Since 1997, the WebAwards are recognized as the premier industry Find a park: Search worked great again, taking me to a "Find Our Parks" page, with a link to a nicely annotated Google Map. And, as you reviewed each of the sites, we hope you were able to find a little bit of insight for your own pages. Pay a parking ticket: Under the dropdown below Pay, I'm directed right to the parking authority. Each year the Web Marketing Association names the Best Civic Opera Building Pay a parking ticket: The search bar is so prominent it was calling out to me to use it instead of poking around in the navigation.

Some of the pages flicker when loading because of the way the site was built. bringing you additional visibility within your industry. For the past ten years, even the U.S.'s most design-savvy metropolis, New York City, was stuck in a sorry small-column purgatory that didn't match the rest of its well-branded civic endeavors. I was able to find seven city sites that will make you feel good about government again. You also can make Government news if you have patiently, and pleasantly addressing all of my needs from SEO to pristine website presentation!

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