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The department's leader, though saying he is proposing some cuts to help the city pay for Kirwan Education reforms and costs brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.

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We need, need, need for resources to be reallocated and reinvested in communities that have been divested for so long. “What we do know is there are programs… Baltimore Ceasefire, Safe Streets… that do work, that are starved of resources. Your email address will not be published. More social programs make people lazy.

In the budget, the mayor proposes giving BPD a $550 million budget.

These numbers do not include overtime costs, which routinely exceed projections.

In my last year working for the BPD, the operating budget was $481 million. Why waste police resources or worthless people who do nothing to contribute to society? Yet, people like you are brainwashed by the Democrat leaders and their fake media. “We’re out here today because we believe Baltimore City should defund the Baltimore Police Department by 50 percent, and invest those funds into areas the community needs,” Michaela Brown, of Organizing Black, said. There are struggling programs all over the city that produce results- spend money there! Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, Rapper King Von shot and killed outside Atlanta nightclub, Amazon rolls out rewards program that makes it easier for drivers to get work, As City Council works on budget this week, some call for defunding BPD. Members of the City Council are taking up the demonstrators' calls during a virtual budget hearing Friday evening to defund the police department. (WBFF) -- On Monday, members of the Baltimore City Budget and Appropriations Committee voted to defund the Baltimore Police mounted and … next thing you know you are like some other cities that went bankrupt.

Go ahead and defund the police lets see how that works out especially for those stupid white people. "It's a hopeful moment, and I hope that the people in charge of the country, the politicians who are supposed to represent us do that and listen to us because nobody wants more money than the police, and we want more money for the communities," said a demonstrator who identified himself as Ina. "Our message to our City Council and to anyone around the world who's in any position of power is that words are not enough.

Critics say the California measure is flawed. I was well educated not to use them and the drug dealers have not gotten a dime (or any power) off me and those like me. So what we're asking and demanding is that they put resources back into those things immediately. “Education or social support or things that could make there less of a need for police in Baltimore,” Jacob Ado said. Some less skilled tasks police now do could be more cost effective if done by people who are not trained police officers. CHECK OUT WBAL:Get all the latest Baltimore news, weather and sports. Good luck ,but can you say 600 murders. A new ranking of state youth justice systems by the group Human Rights for Kids declares California, North Dakota and Arkansas as the "best human rights defenders" and Alabama, Georgia, Maryland, Mississippi, Tennessee and Wyoming as the "worst human rights offenders.".


© WBAL-TV\SkyTeam 11 Defund the Police … "We need, need, need resources to re-invested into communities that have been divested from for so long," said Gaines. (, Amid calls to ”defund the police,” the federal judge overseeing the Baltimore Police consent decree said Thursday that “such reform options may exist in other cities, but not here,” the Baltimore Sun reports. Bredar highlighted the progress that has begun under Police Commissioner Michael Harrison, who arrived last year, while acknowledging obstacles including the coronavirus pandemic, which has delayed training on reformed policies and diverted police resources. Bredar said Baltimore leaders in 2017 chose the path of the federally enforced decree, and the city has a legal obligation to complete those reforms. Dumping more money into more social programs is useless. “They’re understanding what black people have struggled for, for over 400 years. Don’t fall for this communist lie that de funding police will make your communities safer. “We’re out here today because we believe Baltimore City should defund the Baltimore Police Department by 50 percent, and invest those funds into areas the community needs,” Michaela Brown, of Organizing Black, said. ©2020 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

You have, - Your Complete Criminal Justice Resource.

The poor will have to live in fear as the gangs and organized crime terrorize the citizens with no police protection. Putting their demands down on pavement, a nationwide cry now, painted in downtown Baltimore that says "DEFUND POLICE" painted onto Gay Street right outside of the War Memorial Building and City Hall. yes, I want to see how it works out for Trump, king of stupid white people, Dave when you you just say “white people ” you are racist. Hogan Says. What if Trump loses and refuses to concede? Built with the Largo WordPress Theme from the Institute for Nonprofit News.

Those who marched said they want to see reallocation of police funding to help with other programs in Baltimore.

Suspect wanted in connection with slaying of local radio host, Towson restaurants prepare for both indoor, outdoor dining this weekend, Baltimore will not enter Stage Two of coronavirus recovery plan, Fells Point roads to close, parking restrictions in effect this weekend, Family, friends remember Wes Unseld with smiles, READ THE FULL STORY:Demonstrators paint 'Defund Police' on Gay Street in Baltimore. We know that crime happens because people lack resources,” Ralikh Hayes, Deputy Director of Organizing Black, said. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Some protesters said they want to see that money go elsewhere. Nationwide calls to "Defund Police" reached Baltimore City as demonstrators painted a bold message outside of the War Memorial Building. "The normal is shifting, so folks have no choice but to sit and look and figure out what is happening now," said Taz Gaines, an organizer of the demonstration.

"This is a call for action and I want to say to my colleagues that now is the time to systematically assess how we invest our public dollars,” said City Council President Brandon Scott. Georgia officials defend poll worker forced into hiding over false viral video, Tucker: Ruling class wielded their power to influence election, Ned Ryun: Trump should ‘use every option’ to ensure fair vote count, Biden has leads in more states that would likely make him the President-elect: Wasserman, WSJ: Trump aides warn ‘no legal effort’ can help him catch up to Biden. Without police funding you will have no personal or private property protection. Moyers was honored as TCR's 2018 "Justice Media Trailblazer." City Council members met virtually to look at the $3 billion operating budget drafted by Mayor Jack Young for the next fiscal year and take a vote on Monday. This comes as members of Baltimore City Council met with the Baltimore Police Department for a multi-million dollar budget hearing that will get voted on Monday. They do not spring from the earth, someone buys them from gun stores & shows, yet we do not hold those people accountable when their “law abiding guns” fall into thug hands. Demonstrators paint 'Defund Police' on Gay Street in Baltimore, As experts worry Trump will refuse to concede if he loses the election, Biden's campaign asserts it will escort any White House trespassers out. “What we do know is there are programs… Baltimore Ceasefire, Safe Streets… that do work, that are starved of resources. Steve Kornacki joins MSNBC's Ari Melber during "The Beat" to break down the latest ballot count in Pennsylvania as the race between Biden and Trump narrows. Video: As City Council works on budget this week, some call for defunding BPD (WBAL TV Baltimore), Eying WH, bullish Biden campaign tells Trump trespassers will be escorted out, Kornacki: Trump not keeping the pace needed to catch Biden in Arizona, Breaking: Trump loses more ground in do-or-die Penn., MSNBC's Kornacki reports on MSNBC, New: Biden wins more votes for POTUS than anyone in history, This is the last chance for their Nevada votes to count, 'Loser': Trump headed for court losses in 2020 cases, per Obama’s SCOTUS lawyer, Breaking: Trump trailing in Electoral College and facing legal brick wall, Tucker: Democrats are the party of coastal elites and billionaires, Biden takes lead in Pennsylvania as state nears the end of its count, Eta death toll climbs in Central America as storm barrels towards Cuba and Florida.

Thanks for reading The Crime Report! The same fight for equality, fight for humanity, fight for equality,” Joe Knights said.

stop wasting money trying to solve the shootings of people who are drug users, drug dealers, gang members or convicted felons. Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. fire, ems, code enforcement would all go away as well as no business will stay without public safety. A study argues this has major implications for entrapment laws. Nancy Pelosi Could Become President Should Election Remain Uncertified By Deadline, Law Prof Says, Boxer Gervonta Davis Involved In Hit-And-Run Accident In Baltimore, Source Says, Maryland Prepared For Fall Surge In COVID-19 Cases As New Cases Reach Highest Level In Months, Gov.

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Demonstrators in downtown Baltimore left a message Friday for local leaders outside City Hall; protesters painted along Gay Street, “Defund The Police” in large lettering. Eliminate them and there would not be that many murders to solve. hope you all know that if police go away so do most of your other services, its lawless in Baltimore now and will only get worse. “We’re here to join together as one, not against one another,” Annu Singleton said. The California Privacy Rights Act approved by state voters this week allows individuals to opt out of website tracking and data sharing. This comes as protests across America continue following the death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man who died while in police custody in Minneapolis.

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