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amaranth or elephant head amaranth. The dates of many of these 'gems' are still doubtful. Why don't libraries smell like bookstores?

-6 A particular position of the hand.

Ano ang pinakamaliit na kontinente sa mundo? -5 A top; अभ्रामयदहो दारुभ्रमरं स कदाचन Śiva B.7.32.

डमरः 1 Riot, tumult, affray.

-आपगा, -तटिनी, -सरित् f. the heavenly river, an epithet of the Ganges; ˚तटिनीरोधसि वसन् Bh.3.123. Name Amara Categories. To do an exact match use “” example “śaktimat” will search for this exact phrase.

Plant a species of pine. Ks.

-कोशः, -षः N. of the most popular Sanskṛit lexicon called after the author अमरसिंह. What is the hink-pink for blue green moray? Many people believes that speaking negative creates negative energy and speaking positive creates a positive energy around them. चमरः [चम्-अरच् Uṇ.3.31] A kind of deer. 1.

-करण्डकः a small box containing bees (carried by thieves to extinguish light in a house by letting the bees escape); Dk.2.2. -कण्टकम् N. of the part of the Vindhya range which is near the source of the river Narmadā.

-रम् Giddiness, vertigo. भुरुंडी). -उद्देशः, -भूमि f. battle-field. Remember! Some people say that Names have a significant effect on the babies development and personality. You can also use the √ symbol, this is easily typed by typing \/ in SanskritWriter software. What is the meaning for amara in sanskrit? -2 N. of a Marut. -2 the Atimukta creeper. Plant garden night shade; Solanum nigrum, S. dulcamara. (where the next meaning is also suggested). To replace an individual character use ? -राजः N. of Indra. The name Amara is in the following categories: Ethiopian Names, Greek Names, Latin Names, Sanskrit Names, Unisex Names. Amara (अमर) is the name of a garden (ārāma) found witin Triliṅga: an ancient Sanskrit name of the Andhra country, accoriding to verses on the Annavarappāḍu plates of Kāṭaya Vema Reḍḍi.

He is believed to have written some works on grammar such as षट्कारकलक्षण his famous existing work, however, being the Amarakoṣa or Nāmaliṅgānuśāsana. -तरुः, -दारु 1 a celestial tree, a tree in the paradise of Indra; अमरतरुकुसुमसौरभसेवनसंपूर्णसकलकामस्य Bv.1.28. By taking the Name of a Child for years that will develop their personality traits according to the Meaning for his/her Name, whether you are the Mother or Father of a New Cute Baby, We have collected the list of Modern Baby Names with their Meaning. -2 A whirlpool, an eddy. King Vema, son of Anna-bhū… Copyright © 2020 Multiply Media, LLC. ; -pura, n., î, f. city of the gods; -prakhya,a. -आनन्दः 1 the Bakula tree. -2 The planet Jupiter. -2 The naval string; umbilical cord. These baby name lists are organised alphabetically. amarakoṣa: m. Name of the Sanskrit dictionary of amara-or amara-siṃha-. -2 Lac. चमरं चामरे स्त्री तु मञ्जरीमृग- भेदयोः Medinī.

id. -3 N. of a plant Euphorbia Tirucalli (स्नुहीवृक्ष; Mar. [मृ-पचाद्यच् न. -रः 1 A god, deity. Amara is a name that's been used primarily by parents who are considering baby names for girls. -रः, -रम् A chowrie most usually made of the tail of Chamara. Plant prickly amaranth, Amaranthus spinosus, A. viridis; 2. iron pyrites. When did organ music become associated with baseball? -अलकः a curl on the forehead.

; Mar. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. -अङ्गना, -स्त्री a celestial nymph, heavenly damsel; मुषाण रत्नानि हरामराङ्गनाः Śi.1. Bhaviṣya P. -जः N. of a tree, a kind of खदिर. -मण्डलम् a swarm of bees. wooed by immortals; -mrigî-dris, f. A psaras. -रा 1 The residence of Indra (cf. (â, î) immortal; m. god; -garbha, m. divine child; -guru, m. Brihas pati, the planet Jupiter; -tatinî, f. river of the gods, Ganges; -taru, m. a certain tree; -tâ, f., -tva, n. divinity; immortality; -dat ta, m. N.; -druma, m. tree of the gods, Pârigâta; -dvish, m. Asura; -paksha-pâtin, m. friend of the gods; -pati-kumâra, m. son of Indra (Gayanta); -parvata, m. N. of a mtn. These Names are Modern as well as Unique. -पदम् a kind of metre.

amaralokatā: f. "state of the abode of the gods", the bliss of heaven : amaramālā त.] -री 1 A shoot, sprout (मञ्जरी). Plant yellow amaranth, Barleria longifolia, B. prionitis. -4 A house-post (स्थूणा). like an immortal. These two meanings are the best-known, but Amara is also a Sanskrit name meaning immortal and a Mongolian name meaning peaceful. Nick names can be used to shorten the official name. The Reḍḍis (Reddy) were an ancient Telugu dynasty from the 14th century who brought about a golden age of the Andhra country. Up.4.4.25. -पुरम् 1 the residence of the gods, celestial paradise.

अमरता त्वम् The state of the gods, immortality. -2 A lover, gallant, libertine. भ्रमरकः [भ्रमर स्वार्थे क] 1 A bee. sometimes of Śiva and Viṣṇu also, -आचार्यः, -गुरुः, -इज्यः, 'preceptor of the gods', epithets of Bṛihaspati. According to the plates, their captial was named Addaṅki (Addaṃki) which resembled Heaven (Amarāvatī)by the beauty of its horses, the donors and the women.

-6 A species of pine. Undying, immortal, imperishable; अजरामरवत् प्राज्ञो विद्यामर्थं च चिन्तयेत् H. Pr.3, Ms.2.148. Plant Amaranthus tricolor, A. gangeticus. Plant purple amaranth; Amaranthus blitum.

-8 N. of Amarasiṁha, see below; of a mountain.

-3 The womb. Type root: and a word to do a root search only for the word. -विलसितम् 1 the sporting of bees. Does Jerry Seinfeld have Parkinson's disease?

m. (î, f.) yak (bos grunniens); m. n. yak's tail, used as a fly whisk, one of the insignia of royalty: -vâla, m. N. of a prince. -Comp. -बाधा molestation by a bee; Ś.1. -प्रभुः one of the 1 names of Viṣṇu. m. [coming together: √ ri] concourse, confluence (V.); conflict, strife, battle, with (saha; rare in V.; C.); N. (C.): -karman, n. battle; -kshiti, f. battle-field; -git, m. (victorious in battle) N. of a prince. like an immortal; as if immortal; -sadas, n. assembly of the gods; -sarit, f. Ganges. By default our search system looks for words “containing” the search keyword. -कः, -कम् 1 A lock of hair or curl hanging down on the forehead. Ano ang mga kasabihan sa sa aking kababata?

-3 A potter's wheel. -री The same as अमरा.

About us | Privacy Policy | Contact us © 2020 a. passing for or thinking oneself a god. If you are 13 years old when were you born? भ्रमर [भ्रम्-करन्] 1 A bee, large black bee; मलिने$पि रागपूर्णां विकसितवदनामनल्पजल्पे$पि । त्वयि चपले$पि च सरसां भ्रमर कथं वा सरोजिनीं त्यजसि ॥ Bv.1.1. -अधिपः, -इन्द्रः, -ईशः, -ईश्वरः, -पतिः, -भर्ता, -राजः &c. 'The lord of the gods', epithets of Indra; प्रेमदत्तवदना- निलः पिवन्नत्यजीवदमरालकेश्वरौ R.19.15. -5 N. of several plants; इन्द्रवारुणी, वटी, महानीली, घृतकुमारी, स्नुही, गुडूची, दूर्वा.

for example śakt?m will give all words that have something in place of the ?. -4 A young man.

Pagkakaiba ng pagsulat ng ulat at sulating pananaliksik? How much does does a 100 dollar roblox gift card get you in robhx? called अमरसिंह an ancient grammarian mentioned in the कविकल्पद्रुम by बोपदेव. -अभि- लीन a. with bees clung or attached to; तिरश्चकार भ्रमरा- भिलीनयोः सुजातयोः पङ्कजकोशयोः श्रियम् R.3.8. -2 A ball for playing with. -दत्तः Name of a lexicographer, of a prince. -गुरुः 1 Bṛihaspati.

The Name will be with the Baby through the rest of their Life. -माला N. of a lexicon. -2 देवदारु -3 the wish-yielding tree. -Comp. amarakoṭa: m. "fortress of immortals", Name of the capital of a Rajput state. id. m. [wandering, hovering], bee: -ka, n. humming-top: -bhrâmam bhram aya, cause to spin like a humming-top; -ka randa, m. small box of bees (which are let go at night by thieves to extinguish lights in houses); -bâdhâ, f. molestation by a bee; -vilasita, pp. These Names are Modern as well as Unique.

If you want a system software for typing easily in देवनागरी or IAST you can download our software called SanskritWriter. -लोकः the world of the gods, heaven; ˚ता heavenly bliss; तेषु सम्यग्वर्तमानो गच्छत्यमरलोकताम् Ms.2.5. -2 Petty warfare between villages. Plant false amaranth, a leafy vegetable; Digera muricata. -रत्नम a crystal. a. -5 Gold. -3 A humming top. īśvaraḥ, parameśvaraḥ, pareśvaraḥ, paramātmā, devaḥ, amaraḥ, vibudhaḥ, animiṣaḥ, ajaraḥ, cirāyuḥ, sucirāyuḥ, bhagavān, sarvasraṣṭā, dhātā, vidhātā, jagatkartā, viśvasṛk, bhūtādiḥ, parabrahma, brahma, jagadātmā, ham, skambhaḥ, sūkṣmaḥ, sarveśaḥ, sarvasākṣī, sarvavid, śvaḥśreyasam, śabdātītaḥ, dharmagranthaiḥ akhilasṛṣṭeḥ nirmātṛrūpeṇa svāmirūpeṇa vā svīkṛtā mahāsattā।, amara, akṣaya, anaśvara, śāśvata, akṣara, anaṣṭa, avināśī, akṣayya, acyuta, abhaṅga, yuddham, saṃgrāmaḥ, samaraḥ, samaram, āyodhanam, āhavam, raṇyam, anīkaḥ, anīkam, abhisampātaḥ, abhyāmardaḥ, araraḥ, ākrandaḥ, ājiḥ, yodhanam, jamyam, pradhanam, pravidāraṇam, mṛdham, āskandanam, saṃkhyam, samīkam, sāmyarāyikam, kalahaḥ, vigrahaḥ, saṃprahāraḥ, kaliḥ, saṃsphoṭaḥ, saṃyugaḥ, samāghātaḥ, saṃgrāmaḥ, abhyāgamaḥ, āhavaḥ, samudāyaḥ, saṃyat, samitiḥ, ājiḥ, samit, yut, saṃrāvaḥ, ānāhaḥ, samparāyakaḥ, vidāraḥ, dāraṇam, saṃvit, samparāyaḥ, balajam, ānarttaḥ, abhimaraḥ, samudayaḥ, raṇaḥ, vivāk, vikhādaḥ, nadanuḥ, bharaḥ, ākrandaḥ, ājiḥ, pṛtanājyam, abhīkam, samīkam, mamasatyam, nemadhitā, saṅkāḥ, samitiḥ, samanam, mīऴ् he, pṛtanāḥ, spṛt, spṛd, mṛt, mṛd, pṛt, pṛd, samatsu, samaryaḥ, samaraṇam, samohaḥ, samithaḥ, saṅkhe, saṅge, saṃyugam, saṅgathaḥ, saṅgame, vṛtratūryam, pṛkṣaḥ, āṇiḥ, śīrasātau, vājasātiḥ, samanīkam, khalaḥ, khajaḥ, pauṃsye, mahādhanaḥ, vājaḥ, ajam, sadma, saṃyat, saṃyad, saṃvataḥ, śatrutāvaśād anyarājyaiḥ saha saśastrasenābalena dharmalābhārtham arthalābhārthaṃ yaśolābhārthaṃ vā yodhanam।, yatra ayuddhe dhruvaṃ nāśo yuddhe jīvitasaṃśayaḥ taṃ kālam ekaṃ yuddhasya pravadanti manīṣiṇaḥ।, devaḥ, devatā, suraḥ, amaraḥ, nirjaraḥ, tridaśaḥ, suparvā, sumanāḥ, tridiveśaḥ, divaukāḥ, āditāyaḥ, diviṣat, lekhaḥ, aditinandanaḥ, ṛbhuḥ, amartyaḥ, amṛtāndhāḥ, barhirmukhā, kratubhuk, gīrvāṇaḥ, vṛndārakaḥ, danujāriḥ, ādityaḥ, vibudhaḥ, sucirāyuḥ, asvapnaḥ, animiṣaḥ, daityāriḥ, dānavāriḥ, śaubhaḥ, nilimpaḥ, svābābhuk, danujadviṭ, dyuṣat, dauṣat, svargī, sthiraḥ, kaviḥ, hindudharmānusārī yaḥ sarvabhūtebhyaḥ pūjanīyāḥ।, purāṇaṃ kathayati amṛtapānena jīvaḥ amaraḥ bhavati।, pāradaḥ, rasarājaḥ, rasanāthaḥ, mahārasaḥ, rasaḥ, mahātejaḥ, rasalehaḥ, rasottamaḥ, sūtarāṭ, capalaḥ, jaitraḥ, rasendraḥ, śivabījaḥ, śivaḥ, amṛtam, lokeśaḥ, durdharaḥ, prabhuḥ, rudrajaḥ, haratejaḥ, rasadhātuḥ, acintyajaḥ, khecaraḥ, amaraḥ, dehadaḥ, mṛtyunāśakaḥ, sūtaḥ, skandaḥ, skandāṃśakaḥ, devaḥ, divyarasaḥ, śreṣṭhaḥ, yaśodaḥ, sūtakaḥ, siddhadhātuḥ, pārataḥ, harabījam, rajasvalaḥ, śivavīryam, śivāhvayaḥ, dhātuviśeṣaḥ, kramikuṣṭhanāśakaḥ ojayuktaḥ rasamayaḥ dhātuḥ।, vṛkṣādiṣu vartamānā latā yasya mūlaṃ tathā ca parṇāni na santi।, kalahaḥ, vādaḥ, yuddham, āyodhanam, janyam, pradhanam, pravidāraṇam, mṛdham, āskandanam, saṅkhyam, samīkam, sāmparāyikam, samaraḥ, anīkaḥ, raṇaḥ, vigrahaḥ, samprahāraḥ, kaliḥ, sphoṭaḥ, saṃyugaḥ, āhavaḥ, samitiḥ, samit, ājiḥ, śamīkam, saṃspheṭaḥ, kasyāpi viṣaye parasparaviṣaye vā prayuktaṃ dūṣitaṃ jalpanam।, ātmaghātaḥ, ātmavadhaḥ, ātmahananam, ātmavyāpādanam, prāṇatyāgaḥ, dehatyāgaḥ, jīvitatyāgaḥ, jīvotsargaḥ, ātmadrohaḥ, kāmyamaraṇam, ātmahatyā, bhramaraḥ, dvirephaḥ, madhuvrataḥ, madhukaraḥ, madhuliṭ, madhupaḥ, aliḥ, alī, puṣpaliṭ, bhṛṅgaḥ, ṣaṭpadaḥ, kalālāpakaḥ, śilīmukhaḥ, puṣpandhayaḥ, madhukṛt, dvipaḥ, bhasaraḥ, cañcarikaḥ, sukāṇḍī, madhulolupaḥ, madhumārakaḥ, indindiraḥ, madhuparaḥ, lambaḥ, puṣpakīṭaḥ, madhusūdanaḥ, bhṛṅgarājaḥ, madhulehī, reṇuvāsaḥ, kāmukaḥ, kaliṅgapakṣī, mārkavaḥ, bhṛṅgarajaḥ, aṅgārkaḥ, bhṛṅgāraḥ, kīṭaviśeṣaḥ, pratikusumaṃ bhrāmyan kṛṣṇakīṭaḥ।, vṛkṣaśāyikā, vṛkṣamarkaṭikā, parṇamṛgaḥ, camarapucchaḥ, mūṣakasadṛśaḥ śvetakṛṣṇavarṇāṅkitaḥ tathā ca mṛdulomayuktaḥ pucchavān jantuḥ yaḥ vṛkṣe vasati।, tarkuvat khelanakaṃ yaṃ bālāḥ sūtrasañjitaṃ kṛtvā kintu sūtrasya antaḥ haste eva dhṛtvā bhūmau nikṣipya paribhrāmayanti।, bālāḥ krīḍāsthāne paribhramakhelanakaṃ khelanti।, sīsam, sīsakam, nāgam, vapram, yogeṣṭam, trapuḥ, vaṅgam, kuvaṅgam, piccaṭam, śirāvṛtam, tamaram, jaḍam, cīnam, bahumalam, yāmuneṣṭhakam, paripiṣṭakam, tāraśuddhikaram, dhātuviśeṣaḥ -kṛṣṇavarṇīyaḥ dhātuḥ yasya paramāṇusaṅkhyā dvayaśītiḥ asti।, svargaḥ, suralokaḥ, nākaḥ, tridivaḥ, tridaśālayaḥ, suralokaḥ, dyoḥ, dyau, triviṣṭapam, mandaraḥ, avarohaḥ, gauḥ, ramatiḥ, phalīdayaḥ, svaḥ, aparalokaḥ, amaralokaḥ, indralokaḥ, devalokaḥ, devanikāyaḥ, paruḥ, puruḥ, ṣaḥ, sukhādhāraḥ, saurikaḥ, haḥ, hindumatānusāreṇa saptalokeṣu tat sthānaṃ yatra puṇyātmā nivasati।, devatvam, daivatvam, divyatā, devatānubhāvaḥ, devabhūyam, devasāyujyam, amaratā, amaratvam, tridaśatvam, devatāyāḥ devatvaṃ tasyāḥ satkarmaṇāṃ kāraṇāt eva asti।, devadāru, śakrapādapaḥ, paribhadrakaḥ, bhadradāru, drukilimam, pītudāru, dāru, dārukam, snigdhadāru, amaradāru, śivadāru, śāmbhavam, bhūtahāri, bhavadāru, bhadravat, indradāru, mastadāru, surabhūruhaḥ, surāvham, devakāṣṭham, rajjoḥ ākārasya sā nalikā yasyāḥ ekaḥ bhāgaḥ garbhasthasya śiśoḥ nābhinā saṃyujyate aparaśca garbhāśayena।, garbhāvasthāyāṃ garbhasthaḥ śiśuḥ garbhanāḍyā eva poṣakatattvān prāpnoti।, rudrākṣaḥ, tṛṇameruḥ, amaraḥ, puṣpacāmaraḥ, vṛkṣaviśeṣaḥ, svanāmakhyātavṛkṣaḥ āyurvede asya vātakṛmiśirortibhūtagrahaviṣanāśitvādi guṇāḥ proktāḥ।, yaḥ naraḥ rudrākṣasya bījaṃ bhaktyā dhārayet saḥ śivalokam avāpnuyāt ।, kāśmirarājye vartamānaṃ hindūnāṃ tīrthasthānam।, amaranāthe śrāvaṇamāsasya paurṇimāyāṃ haimasya śivaliṅgasya darśanaṃ bhavati।, yodhanam, vimardanam, araraḥ, pratidāraṇam, prayuddham, prahāraḥ, sampātaḥ, āskandanam, āyodhanam, viśasanam, samaraḥ, samūhasya dvayoḥ vā kalahasya tāḍanasya vā kriyā।, ketakaḥ, ketakī, indukalikā, tīkṣṇapuṣpā, dīrghapatraḥ, pāṃsukā, amarapuṣpaḥ, amarapuṣpakaḥ, kaṇṭadalā, kanakaketakī, kanakapuṣpī, droṇīdalaḥ, karatṛṇam, krakacacchadaḥ, gandhapuṣpaḥ, dalapuṣpā, dalapuṣpī, cakṣuṣyaḥ, cāmarapuṣpaḥ, chinnaruhā, jambālaḥ, jambulaḥ, dhūlipuṣpikā, nṛpapriyā, pharendraḥ, valīnakaḥ, viphalaḥ, vyañjanaḥ, śivadviṣṭā, sugandhinī, sūcipuṣpaḥ, sūcikā, strībhūṣaṇam, sthiragandhaḥ, svarṇaketakī, hanīlaḥ, halīmaḥ, hemaketakī, haimaḥ, kṣupaviśeṣaḥ- yasya savāsikasya puṣpasya patrāṇi krakacasya iva tīkṣṇāni santi।, adhunā udyānasthasya ketakasya puṣpaṃ vikasati।, cāmaram, prakīrṇakam, auśīraḥ, camaram, cāmarā, camarī, vālavyajanam, romagucchakam, cāmaram rājñāṃ vā devānāṃ mūrtīnāṃ vā upari viloḍyate।, yuvā, taruṇaḥ, vayasthaḥ, prāptayauvanaḥ, yaviṣṭhaḥ, navakaḥ, navīyaḥ, nūtanayauvanaḥ, yuvaśaḥ, yuvānakaḥ, yuvībhūtaḥ, vatsaḥ, vatsataraḥ, vayodhaḥ, vayobālaḥ, pratinavaḥ, pratyagraḥ, pratyagrarūpaḥ, śarkuraḥ, bhramaraḥ, dhārākadambaḥ, prāvṛṣyaḥ, pulakī, pulakiḥ, bhṛṅgavallabhaḥ, meghāsaḥ, priyakaḥ, nīpaḥ, prāvṛṣeṇyaḥ, kalambakaḥ, dhārākaṭmbakaḥ, meghāgamapriyaḥ, bhramarapriyaḥ, śiśupālakaḥ, rameśaḥ utplutya utplutya dhārākadambasya patrāṇi chettuṃ prayatate।, sampūrṇāyāṃ paṇyavīthyām anviṣya api samarabehistāmraṃ kutrāpi na prāptam।, asya samarabehistāmrasya avarohaṇam kiñcit kaṭhinaṃ pratīyate।, ekaḥ vartulaḥ khaṇḍaḥ yaḥ kīlakasya sāhāyyena bhramati।, bhramarakaḥ svasya ādhārāt nirgamya dūre kṣiptaḥ।, amarapuṣpaḥ, amarapuṣpakaḥ, ikṣugandhā, ikṣuraḥ, pādapathasya ubhayataḥ bahavaḥ amarapuṣpaḥ santi।, amaratā, anaśvaratā, ānaṃtyam, nityatā, akṣayatvam, avināśinatvam, amartyatā, amartyabhāvaḥ, amaratvam, anaśvaratvam, ānaṃtyatā, nityatvam, akṣayatā, avināśinatā, amartyatvam, amaratāyāḥ hetunā asurāḥ api amṛtaṃ pātuṃ icchanti।, prasiddhasya saṃskṛtagranthasya amarakośasya racayitā।, amarasiṃhaḥ amarakośasya racanāṃ khristābdasya caturthe varṣe cakāra।, madhyapradeśasya vindhyācalaparvataśreṇyāṃ vartamānaṃ hindūnāṃ tīrthasthānam।, narmadānadyāḥ śoṇanadyāḥ tathā johilānadyāḥ prabhavaḥ amarakaṇṭake asti।, brāhmaṇaviśeṣaḥ devālaye sthitvā yaḥ devān pūjayati devālayasya adhiṣṭhātā vā।, amaradvijasya kathanānusāreṇa sarve āhutim ayacchan।, bhramaravilāsitāyāḥ pratyekasmin caraṇe krameṇa magaṇaḥ bhagaṇaḥ nagaṇaḥ ca bhavati।, janmāt prabhṛtiḥ maraṇād paryantam jīvanam।, madhyapradeśarājyasthitāyāḥ vindhyaparvatamālāyāḥ parvataviśeṣaḥ।, asmin grīṣme ṛtau vayam aṭanārtham amarakaṇṭakam agacchāma।, samarathasya ullekhaḥ bhāgavatapurāṇe asti, samaravarmaṇaḥ ullekhaḥ rājataraṅgiṇyām asti, dagdhamaraṇasya ullekhaḥ śāraṅgapaddhatyāṃ vartate.

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