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“We’re getting absolutely nothing to accommodate our student growth. Education staff met with all 63 public, separate and Francophone school jurisdictions Massive layoffs are expected to result — up to 20,000 substitute teachers, educational assistants, non-essential support staff and bus drivers will all face layoffs immediately. It also means school boards with rapidly growing student populations, like in Edmonton and Calgary, will have even tighter restraints on their finances next year when they don’t receive funding to match the number of new students they’ll have. They were in rebellion against their parents. 5. continued under funding or budget cutting of services I am a Teacher assistant in Alberta and I work daily helping teachers support their students learning needs online. Leave now start a new life . Sorry to say there are more new lows to come from Kenney in the next 30 days. Star Newspapers Limited and/or its licensors. As the price of Alberta oil plunges even more, making it even too costly to draw from the ground, Kenney will dream up even more ways to keep pumping money into that dead industry. Since the budget was released on Oct. 24, Calgary’s public and Catholic school boards have yet to release information about whether they face shortfalls similar to Rocky View and Edmonton Public this year as a result of the provincial budget. Geez … from Wexit to “let the feds pay for it”!

2. Copyright owned or licensed by Toronto Star Newspapers Limited. And those who don’t like that, as Craig Chandler so bluntly put it years ago, they can leave. It will reinforce the misery of the victims to this latest sado-austerian spasm to realize that the majority of their AB neighbours would probably re-elect this government, albeit with a somewhat reduced majority. “The minister has just passed the buck to the federal government and told education workers, ‘good luck out there, there are programs you can access.’. The Kenney Government used school closings resulting from the COVID-19 epidemic as the excuse. . Does no one in the complaisant press even notice that harper, kenney and scheer have all lived like leeches off the public purse their entire lives?

I am a relatively new widow with one 17yr. Edmonton Public School Board Trustee Bridget Sterling (Photo: David J. Climenhaga). (That’s sounds very Trumpian.)

He a piece of work with absolutely nothing that resembles that claim. In the meantime, Dennis said the CBE is working on more short-term solutions to relieve classrooms, but none have been announced yet.

While normal people would regard this sort of behaviour as anti-social and irresponsible, they embraced it as part of their mission in the war against the evils of security, stability, and civility. Shameful stuff from a closeted Alberta leadership. Which other businesses should advance the safety of Albertans through layoffs and/or cuts in payments to contract suppliers at this time?”, Edmonton Public School Board Trustee Bridget Sterling tweeted to Ms. LaGrange: “This is incredibly cruel. The UCP and Education Minister Adriana LaGrange have been under fire for cutting funding to public education. It is coming out of other budgets.

It’s time for the ROC as many Albertans like to describe us to be cut loose from the ‘constraints’ of accountability and responsibility. The CCSD serves more than 58,000 students in Calgary, Airdrie, Cochrane, Chestermere and Rocky View County. {* traditionalSignIn_emailAddress *} Rebel against what?

permissions/licensing, please go to: They’ve live for one thing and one thing only: to burn; burn it all down. For shame.”, Michael Janz, another Edmonton Public School Board trustee, agreed, tweeting: “My fear for the future is that this government won’t hire back the people they have laid off, as an attempt to cut investments in education and avoid the headlines of future job losses. Once it becomes clear to Alberta that there’s nothing left, and the robust economy will not restored for a very long time, if ever, they will leave. For conservatives, life is a constant gang fight – their gang against all other gangs.

old and one 18 yr. old. Edmonton, Alberta.

It’s been a saving grace and a little normalcy for them, especially after all day routines have been turned upside down. We are seeing 13,000 more students and a $136 million cut in funding @albertateachers, — jason schilling (@schill_dawg) February 10, 2020.

Kenney will just declare the storm is over and we don’t need them anymore. Clearly the health minister should resign. I just think this is in the cards for Alberta. Massive layoffs coming there as well.

Edmonton Public School Trustee Michael Janz (Photo: David J. Climenhaga). CUPE Alberta President Rory Gill (Photo: David J. Climenhaga).

. They should change the name of your provincial legislature to “JASON’S GYP JOINT” I guess he thinks his manufactured “gawd” will solve everything and all Albertan’s will follow him into Alberta’s sunset phase.

To order We need them. “It’s a very surprising event,” he told

The only thing saving Alberta from complete dystopia is the fact that it has a federal police force, or as I’ve been saying for years, it would be Emperor Jason by now. If Alberta is so “straight” as you say, why then are we being lead by Kenney? This funding does nothing to fill those schools with books, desks, technology, staffing, teachers, playgrounds and resources,” Silva said via email. However, talking advantage of this pandemic and the cancellation of the school year assures that more cuts can be implemented by stealth. The Funding and Assurance Framework detailed in this manual is the product of intensive work by Alberta Education staff and invaluable input from school authorities across Alberta over the past six months. If we as a country bail out a company, then we own it, not the former owners – that’s capitalism at street level. Included in Friday’s announcement was funding for a critically needed new high school in north Calgary, that the CBE hopes will relieve pressure caused by its rapidly growing student population. “With more than $200,000 in fines handed out over a “kamikaze” campaign that had the sole purpose of getting him elected as party leader . “This is a recipe for a massive brain drain. Usually, if the parents in question were stable, tolerant, and kind, their mad conservative offspring were determined to destroy anything or anyone that represented anything that their parents would like, like stable social institutions. They will leave and go to places where they will be safe with people just like them. And yet you are putting thousands of workers onto aid programs at a time when they need their government the most.”. Kenney never misses a chance to insult, belittle or hurt anyone who is paid from the public purse.

And shame on you Jason Kenney. The United Conservative government is set to unveil a new public school funding model for Kindergarten to Grade 12 Tuesday morning.. Well, this will give Matt Wolf, the premier’s “issues management” guy, something to scream about. Cognitive dissonance. The government expects that sum to be $128 million, the CBC reported. The recently approved budget is moot. I will make one off the wall prediction. On Friday morning, the provincial government announced they’d provide $397 million in funding for 15 new schools, alongside six replacements and modernizations for four other schools. The covid crisis will be the justification to sell it. If humans are flawed, then let them profit from it. Yup, that’s Canada’s number one problem right now and the country should hop right to it. With this government, the worst is yet to come for the public sector. Add this one to the growing number of examples for all Albertans, when you are in need the only help you are getting is from the Trudeau government. They didn’t vote for cuts to education, and they would rather see additional investments made to schools.”.

Kenney’s response and that of his ventriloquist puppet LeGrange it to kick you in the teeth. The man is barmy, nothing new there.

This corona virus has exposed conservatives as complete dolts all over North America, and when it runs its course of three infection spikes in true pandemic fashion 18 months from now and the country is in economic ruin like everywhere else, it doesn’t seem likely to me that people are going to embrace utter dorks for leaders. They will cut even further, claiming it as an emergency. But the results of that engagement won’t go into effect until 2022. North of the 49th, Alberta has always tried to live the American dream. Educated, compassionate folks should get past any sentimental attachments they might have to the province, and prepare to vote with their feet. However, Albertans should brace themselves for even more cruelty to come from Kenney.

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