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Fog : Aknot Mangalore Aknot Korben Dallas desktop view. Anybody else want to negotiate? Priest, you and those before you have served us well. Aknot wants! :

| :

The Fifth Element (1997) Clifton Lloyd Bryan as Mondoshawan, Mangalore Aknot, Airport Guard The Fifth Element (1997) Lee Evans as Fog. : From the motion picture The Fifth Element and soundtrack. Priest

[Corben walks into the room and shoots Aknot between the eyes. It starred Bruce Willis , Milla Jovovich , and Gary Oldman . Korben Dallas

I hope you enjoy it! Official Sites

Mondoshawan Zorg (uncredited), Korben's Mother That's the leader. Korben Dallas Mondoshawan But war is coming. Korben Dallas

Fog | Mondoshawan Company Credits (uncredited), Diva's Singing Voice Release Dates :

It stars Bruce Willis, Gary Oldman, and Milla Jovovich. A music video for the song Aknot! You still have time!

The only hope for mankind is the Fifth Element, who comes to Earth every five thousand years to protect the humans with four stones of the four elements: fire, water, Earth and air. Zorg Wot? There he meets Leeloo, a "sand-girl" who has the "beauty of youth" despite being over 2,000 years old. Aknot was shot in the head by Dallas, and his second in command, Akanit, blew himself up with a bomb to kill Zorg.

[looking at General Munro]  Four on the right, two on the left. In 300 years, when Evil returns... so shall we. Korben Dallas : Release Dates Aknot Korben Dallas : We need to find the leader, Mangalores won't fight without the leader. One more shot, and we start killing hostages! Look it's easy. The Fifth Element (1997) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. : : Aknot : One more shot, and we start killing hostages!

Click to go to Dallas joins forces with her to r…

Filming & Production He began writing the script when he was 16, though the film was not released in cinemas until he was 38. Korben Dallas Fog

I think a little compensation is in order. A bronze coloured cast of Aknok’s skull from the sci-fi fantasy film The Fifth Element.


: How many are in there? Fog (uncredited), Glamorous Japanese Girl Official Sites

[looks around the corner and counts the Mangalors in the room; draws back quickly].

(voice) (uncredited), second assistant director (as Fred Garson), art department draftsperson (as Camille Bratkowski), first assistant set decorator: Mauritania, stand-by carpenter: second unit (uncredited), constructor (uncredited) / stand-by carpenter (uncredited), painter (uncredited) / props (uncredited), sound engineer: Mauritania (as Pierre Excoffier), sound designer (as Mark Mangini) / sound supervisor (as Mark Mangini), supervising adr editor / supervising dialogue editor, sound effects editor (as David Whittaker), sound re-recording mixer: French version (uncredited), special effects technician (as Michael Durkin), special effects technician (as Robert Malos), special effects technician (as Peter Notley), animatronic fabrication designer (uncredited), visual effects art department production assistant, motion control supervisor (as Jeff Baksinski), visual effects draftsperson (as Camille Bratkowski), visual effects production office assistant, scanning and recording operator: Digital Domain, first camera assistant: visual effects unit (as Richard J. Davenport), director of photography: miniatures, Digital Domain, digital effects supervisor: Digital Domain, visual effects production coordinator: Digital Domain, digital artist / digital effects compositor: Digital Domain, supervising visual effects director of photography, digital artist: Digital Domain (as Darren Michael Poe), visual effects electrician (as Douglas Stratton), visual effects coordinator: Digital Domain, digital effects producer (as Tamara L. Watts), digital artist (as Tonia Young-Bilderbeck), visual effects producer: pre-production (uncredited), digital compositor: title sequence (uncredited), computer and video effects supervisor (uncredited), miniature effects coordinator (uncredited), visual effects senior staff: Digital Domain (uncredited), digital artist: main title sequence (uncredited), digital artist: Digital Domain (uncredited), film scanning and recording supervisor (uncredited), miniatures producer: Vision Crew (uncredited), visual effects supervisor: Hollywood Digital (uncredited), visual effects producer: Hollywood Digital (uncredited), motion control camera intern: Digital Domain (uncredited), project manager: Viewpoint Datalabs (uncredited), visual effects camera assistant: Magic Camera Co (uncredited), visual effects story board artist (uncredited), production controller: Digital Domain (uncredited), second assistant camera: daily work (uncredited), post-production coordinator: Italy (uncredited), location manager (as Andrew MacDonald-Brown), conductor (as Eric Serra) / music arranger (as Eric Serra) / musician (as Eric Serra) / orchestrator (as Eric Serra), Habilleuse Caissiere secretary: Mauritania, stage production assistant (as Kim Cybulski). | My lord, if you take the weapon, we will be defenseless when the evil returns. (as Keith Martin), Zorg's Man : [Mangalores hoist their guns with a roar]  Filming & Production The Fifth Element (French: Le Cinquième élément) is a 1997 English-language French science fiction action film directed, co-written, and based on a story by Luc Besson. Korben Dallas : We need to find the leader, Mangalores won't fight without the leader. Vladimir McCrary, Actor: The Fifth Element. : Written and directed by Luc Besson . Technical Specs, [Mangalores hoist their guns with a roar]. Besson con… :

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Aknot is the leader of the Mangalores, who is injured in an explosion when one of the Mangalores presses the red button on a gun Zorg gave them, prompting them to seek revenge. Official Sites Four stones!

| Hurry! Measures 33cm (13”) high x 22cm (8.75”) wide x 30cm (12”) deep. Mangalore Aknot The wall is closing! (as Dave Fishley), Ground Crew I wonder. Technical Specs, See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro, Flying Cop / Mondoshawan

| This item comes with a Prop Store Certificate of Authenticity.

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