advantages of constitution

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This sovereignty is accompanied by parliamentary acts that allow parliament to impeach government officials, declare a lack of confidence in the government, and even appoint successors to the throne. This generation saw no contradiction between the two.

Below are the merits of a written constitution: One of the major advantages of a written constitution is the fact that it can be easily consulted. These characteristics correlate significantly with geography, and state laws in a federation can be adapted to local conditions in a way that is difficult to achieve through a national government. It is easy to refer to it when there is dispute and it helps to prevent the arbitrary and dictorial tendencies of rulers since boundary of their powers are known and they can be challenged and stopped. Now absolute monarchy remains in theory in England and in practice the powers of the monarch have become limited. This is basically to aid researchers and legal scholars in their research works on the types of constitution. In the UK, what counts as the law is what develops from practice.

Most countries have a written constitution while the UK distinctly possesses an unwritten constitution. These traits only emerge over time and consequently exert great significance to common law, allowing judges to make constitutional judgments without the overshadowing of a written text on what is right or wrong. Evidence comes in the form of the limited number of amendments since 1787. Written constitutions usually spell out the organs of government, their powers and duties and their relationship.

Modern times necessitate the changing of laws in order to accommodate news trends, perceptions, and beliefs.

(c) Though legally supreme, they must remain content while prescribing certain general principles to let the trained minority manage the details of the business of the Government”. This brings us to another advantage of a written constitution, which is that it reduces the clash of functions of the arms of government. Furthermore, there are risks to the flexible nature of the unwritten constitution. Since the rights and obligations of the government are also contained in that single document known as the constitution, citizens will always know when their rights have been breached and they will always bring actions in the court. Pek (2008) emphasizes that even though there are parts of the UK constitution that are codified, it is not enough to classify it as written, since there has been no collective conferring by the people. You can view samples of our professional work here.

This makes it difficult for dictators and tyrants leaders to change the constitution to whatever they want.

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