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Inmate Account. When you receive a phone call from an inmate, you will hear a pre-recorded message that will identify the facility the call is coming from and name of the inmate whom is calling you. Inmates are provided access to telephones subject to limitations and restrictions to ensure the security and orderly management of the facility, and to protect the public. Select the facility below to select option. DEBIT: Debit calling puts the inmate in control of their phone account.

Funds deposited into an AdvancePay prepaid collect calling account can only be used to call the phone number of the person who deposited the funds.

See DOC Policy 450.200 Telephone Use by Offenders for details. You may also Contact ConnectNetwork for customer service assistance.

The first option allows you to search for your inmate by typing in the correct First and Last name of the inmate. Money Orders should reference Site ID 150, and include your 10 digit phone number. Money Orders should reference Site ID 150, and include your 10 digit phone number. 2. You can set up a prepaid phone account for an inmate … The inmate phone services vendor has changed from GTL to Securus.

All inmates are assigned an Inmate Personal Identification Number (IPIN).

ConnectNetwork Customer Service: (877) 650-4249


Inmates may not use the telephone system to continue or initiate criminal activity.

Starting on the main ‘Dashboard’ screen, you will need to select the Add Inmate button located at the top of the ‘My Inmates’ section.

They will be able to purchase debit minutes from the commissary, which they can then use to call friends and family members. In addition to the phone call rates above, there are also transaction fees for each deposit. 1. Friends and family may provide funds so that an inmate may: *Prepaid calls to anyone on the inmate's Personal Allowed Number (PAN) list.

The easy way to send money Setting up an account is free and the rates for sending money are competitive. Prior to searching for an inmate(s), you must select the facility in which the inmate(s) is(are) currently located. There is no application or verification process that must be completed in order to be eligible to receive phone calls from an inmate.

To continue with the process of adding an inmate(s) to your account, you will need to click the ‘Search For Inmate’ button. Money Orders for a ConnectNetwork PIN Debit phone account must include the inmate's six digit DOC ID number. If it is a collect call and you don't have a ConnectNetwork account, you will be prompted to create one. Once you have selected the correct facility, you will be given three different search options to use to locate your inmate.

To add funds for PIN Debit calls, you must create a ConnectNetwork account. The second inmate search option allows you to lookup the inmate using the Booking ID of the inmate (if known). Add money to an Inmates commissary or phone account. See the ConnectNetwork Help Center if you have questions about phone services, your account, payment, and/or billing. Add money to a Prepaid Collect Account or deposit fund onto an Inmate Phone Account online or Call 1-800-943-2189 (International Call 903-247-0069) [Account Holders Login] Add money to NCIC account. Inmates must enter their IPIN to initiate a phone call and are responsible for all calls made using their assigned IPIN. Home Correctional Staff About Us. The DOC currently contracts with ConnectNetwork by Global Tel Link for inmate phone services.

Let’s dive in.

PO Box 122430 4. See the ConnectNetwork AdvancePay page and/or the ConnectNetwork Help Center for specific instructions and troubleshooting information. Evergreen, … Deposits to an inmate's trust account, as well as probation, community corrections, and background check payments are provided by TouchPay Holdings, LLC d/b/a GTL Financial Services, which is also the owner and manager of this website. ConnectNetwork PIN Debit: After 20 minutes have passed or the available funds balance reaches zero, the phone call will automatically disconnect.

Any violation of DOC Policy 450.200 Telephone Use by Offenders may result in the loss or suspension of telephone privileges.

Money orders for ConnectNetwork PIN Debit or AdvancePay prepaid collect calling phone accounts can be mailed to the address below.

ConnectNetwork's PIN Debit prepaid phone service enables friends and family to deposit funds into an inmate's phone trust account, which allows the inmate to call any phone number on their Personal Allowed Number (PAN) list. Below are the phone call rates for the Department of Corrections (DOC). Money Orders for a ConnectNetwork PIN Debit phone account must include the inmate's six digit DOC ID number.

Denver, CO 80291-1722, i.e., MoneyGram, Western Union, credit card processing, Fund Prepaid Collect Calls to one specific phone number, Fund an inmate’s phone account for calls to any allowed phone numbers, Contact ConnectNetwork using their online email form, Copyright © 2020 Washington State Department of Corrections, Exact fee from third-party transmitter passed through directly to customer with no markup, $1.19 fee per call, plus cost of the call, The minimum amount that can be funded to an AdvancePay account is $10.00, The maximum amount that can be funded to an AdvancePay account is $200.00, The “Site ID” for all Washington Department of Corrections facilities is 150, AdvancePay transaction fees and calls will be charged according to the, If you do not have a credit card to fund an AdvancePay account, you may, Funds sent via money order may take several weeks to clear before the phone account can be credited, The minimum amount that can be funded to a PIN Debit account is $10.00, The maximum amount that can be funded to a PIN Debit account is $200.00, Money deposited to an inmate's phone trust account using PIN Debit becomes inmate's property, PIN Debit transaction fees and calls will be charged according to the, If you do not have a credit card to fund a PIN Debit deposit, you may.

In this article, we’ll go through some of the most popular methods of adding money to an inmate’s phone account, allowing you to decide which one will work best for your purposes.


Only inmates may initiate phone calls. (NMLS #967396). You may also Contact ConnectNetwork for customer service assistance. How to register Set up a prepaid phone account for inmates.


To use AdvancePay, you must create a ConnectNetwork account. Inmates with hearing and/or speech disabilities, and those inmates who wish to communicate with parties who have such disabilities, will have access to a Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD). To fund an inmate’s PIN Debit account, you’ll first need to create a ConnectNetwork account. Both parties will hear a message at two intervals during the phone call to alert how much time remains (1 minute, 30 seconds). Registered users of, who have confirmed their account , will need to follow the instructions listed below to add an inmate to their account. PO Box 911722

Once you have located your desired inmate, please be sure to select the ‘ADD’ button to the right of the name to ensure the inmate is added to your account. Inmate Account. Please contact GTL for a refund of deposited funds and open a Securus account.

All department prisons facilitate the use of ConnectNetwork phone services.

Bahamas Terms Tariffs State List Español. 3. Incarcerated Individual phone accounts are designed for Incarcerated Individual calling and not for the transfer of monies between the friends, family and Incarcerated Individual. Money Orders should reference Site ID 150, and include your 10 digit phone number.

These accounts are managed through ConnectNetwork. Inmate Communications. Payments and Money Transfers post to the facility by the next business day.

Custom call features (e.g., 3-way calling, call forwarding) are not permitted.

Enter the state where the jail is located, or enter your phone number (Searches for the last call an inmate … To continue, please enter your date of birth to confirm you are over the age of 18. Money Orders for a ConnectNetwork PIN Debit phone account must include the inmate… TouchPay Holdings, LLC d/b/a GTL Financial Services is wholly owned by Global Tel*Link Corporation. Go to the ConnectNetwork inmate phone services page for information about receiving calls, prepaid phone accounts, and rates, or see the Frequently Asked Questions page.

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