2017 national budget

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Meanwhile, the Internal Revenue Allotment for local governments received a 13.59% increase at P486.89 billion ($10.28 billion) from 2016's P428.62-billion ($10.18 billion) allocation. The country’s. It defines the priorities of the government that will be seriously pursued, in order to realize the leadership’s pledge and commitment to the people. The Reserve Bank and National Treasury have initiated work on a more comprehensive Financial Markets Review under the leadership of former Deputy Governor James Cross, to build on the Review conducted in 2014. The programme will remain open until the end of August. Everything from investing like Warren Buffett to the Audiobiography of Cyril Ramaphosa. (READ: Next president limited by Aquino admin budget for 2 years – Briones).

It also redistributes substantial resources from the urban economy to fund services in rural areas. The budget is highly redistributive to poor and working families. In the NEP, the budget on oversight management on national security concerns is about P2.76 billion ($58.19 million). 12855 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<39BBA35BAD4C484FB5733919DC614AC0>]/Index[12844 32]/Info 12843 0 R/Length 76/Prev 1059186/Root 12845 0 R/Size 12876/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream

The new deficit target inceased to 3% of GDP. (See table above).

The DBM explained that money will be used primarily for intelligence activities related to the president's war against drugs, criminals, and corruption. Over two thirds will come from a R28bn increase in tax; the other R10bn from reduced spending. while the amount is lowered to P1.3 billion ($27.36 million) for 2017, following the rehabilitation plan. The 2017 Budget reflects a balance between maintaini ng our spending commitments, particularly in higher education, health and social protecti on, and ensuring the long-term health of the public finances.

A further R5bn has been added to the R32 billion set aside higher education allocations. On the campaign trail, President Rodrigo Duterte promised higher salaries for uniformed personnel, massive infrastructure upgrades, and easing traffic in Metro Manila.

A dedicated market conduct regulator is proposed in a Bill being put before Parliament.

R4.4bn will be raised through an increase to 45% in the marginal tax rate on income above R1.5 million. While global growth is slightly better, geo-political and economic uncertainties have increased. Projected revenues amount to R1.41 trillion, up 7%.

Three new banks have been granted provisional licences, including the PostBank, and two new stock exchanges.

Next president limited by Aquino admin budget for 2 years – Briones, 2017 Budget of Expenditures and Sources of Financing.

Among those promised are the pay hike for cops and soldiers, sustaining the Conditional Cash Transfer program, and infrastructure upgrades. Before writing about politicians, she covered budget, labor, and transportation issues. Provinces are making progress in cutting costs with spending on non-essential goods and services fell in real terms (after adjusting for inflation) by 7.1% in 2014/15, 6.1% in 2015/16 and is anticipated to decline by 4.5% annually over the medium term. endstream endobj startxref In sum, the proposed budget for the health sector is at P144.3 billion ($3.04 billion), 15.4% higher than 2016 figures.

Government spending has risen from 31.5% of GDP in 2013/4 to 32.8%. Personal income tax generated R15.2bn less than expected; VAT was R11.2bn below target; and in customs duties the shortfall was R6.5bn. Box M40, Accra - Ghana GA-144-2024 +233 302-747-197 info@mofep.gov.gh

(To see the 2016 and 2015 budgets, click the other tabs.). Annual interest payments on debt now amounts to R169bn. The offshore tax amnesty has received disclosures of R3.8 billion in foreign assets, which will yield tax revenue of about R600 million. Public procurement will amount to about R1.5 trillion over the next three years. In the 2016 budget, these are lodged under the National Health Insurance Program of the government.

Working with the Department of Basic Education on cost-effective standards for building design, the average cost of new schools has been reduced from R70 million for 7 500 square meters to R34 million. The budget department announced that sans the hosting expenses, the financial plan for the President's offices will grow by only P1.71 billion ($27.37 million) from 2016's P2.86 billion allocation ($60.22 million).

Spending on basic education next year will be over R240 billion, or 17.5 per cent of the consolidated budget.

Living up to Duterte's promises, the country's total infrastructure spending for 2017 will increase to P860.7 billion ($18.18 billion), equivalent to 5.4% of the GDP.

Initially, Duterte promised last July to implement "incremental" salary increase for soldiers by August.

Where large firms are awarded tenders of R30 million or more, 30% of the contract value must go to small or black-owned enterprises, where feasible. Will promised programs be funded in the coming fiscal year? It is the highest proposed by any administration so far. General public services – which include allocations for general administration, public order and safety, other general public services, and subsidies to local government units (LGUs) – are to be given P581.84 billion ($12.27 billion).

We need to prioritise our spending better, implement our plans more effectively and make a greater impact. It is forecast to rise to 29.8% in the year ahead.

Which government agency gained the most in the proposed 2017 national budget? The Office of the Chief Procurement Officer currently manages 71 transversal contracts covering over 23 000 items worth R61bn. The Obama administration's proposed budget for 2017 proposed spending $4.2 trillion and raising $3.6 trillion in tax revenue. Apart from knowing where taxes go, the national budget reveals whether campaign promises will be sustained. Technical Notes on The 2017 Proposed National Budget; Guide to the Two Tier Budget Approach (2TBA) 2017 People's Budget. It has achieved: Last week Pravin Gordhan met members of the board of South African Airways and earlier with the SA Post Office to discuss turnaround plans.

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